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Best 20 Virtual Phone Number Providers In Australia

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Paras Kela
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: February 9, 2024

Since you’re reading this, it is safe to assume that you’re looking for the best Australian virtual phone number or the best VoIP provider Australia. It is likely that this is the first time you’re buying a virtual number, or you’ve tried a vendor that charged you more than it’s worth

Whatever your reason is, we know you want a reliable Australia phone number provider that consistently delivers the best possible call quality, has a wide range of features and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. 

In this article, we will explore the features that one should look for when choosing the best virtual phone Australia, the benefits of the virtual phone system, and the top 20 best virtual phone number Australia. 

What Is An Australian Virtual Phone Number?

It is simply a phone number that is not directly linked with a phone line or tied to a specific location. Unlike traditional phones, virtual phone numbers allow you to make and receive calls through the internet, eliminating the location constraint.

CallHippo Australian virtual phone number

Moreover, unlike typical phones, virtual phone numbers can be used to make or receive calls on any phone, including VoIP desk phones, cell phones, or softphones. You can choose which device should receive the call and change it at any time.

The flexibility of the best virtual phone number Australia also allows you to add more than one device for a single virtual number. That is, if the call is not answered on device A, it will be transferred to device B, and so on. 

What are The Type of Australian Virtual Phone Number?

Australian Virtual numbers are standard landline numbers that do not need a physical connection to function. These numbers are hosted by the VoIP phone number service providers of Australia. 

Types of virtual phone number

What are The Benefits of Virtual Mobile Number of Australia?

Be it a small business or an enterprise; the virtual mobile number will help you create a professional and local presence and build trust among your clients. Besides, you can also use a virtual Australia mobile number to receive SMS and MMS at a significantly lower cost.

In addition, there are several other noteworthy features of the best virtual phone number Australia as described below.

A. Call & Video Conferencing

The call & video conferencing feature of the Australia virtual phone number will significantly impact your business operations. It makes it simple to organize virtual meetings with your team or prospects in Australia.  

B. Auto Attendant (Automated Attendant)

Auto-attendant feature of virtual phone system

The Australia virtual business phone number’s automated attendant feature allows you to segregate callers based on their complaints type. The feature enables callers to get connected to the right team or agent without having to jump from one department to another.

C. Maximum Uptime

Another key benefit of the Australia virtual mobile number is its higher uptime. Since the communication is done over the internet, there is almost little possibility of an outage or failure caused by natural disasters or other circumstances.

D. Campaign Analysis

Australia virtual number is critical to analyze your marketing or sales campaign. The insights will help you in better understanding the flaws in your strategy and taking appropriate actions. 

E. Voice Quality

One of the most noticeable characteristics of Australian virtual phone numbers is their crystal clear voice quality. Unlike traditional phone numbers, which can have poor voice quality due to signal interference, virtual phone systems offer excellent quality.

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Expert Advice

" An Australian virtual phone number empowers you to establish a local presence in different regions. This, in turn, can help build rapport with prospects, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate your business operations."

Top 20 Best  Australia Virtual Phone Number Providers in 2023

With so many options available, choosing the best virtual phone number Australia can be a challenging feat since there are several factors to consider and several questions to answer before choosing the best VoIP provider. To help you with your searching woes, we’ve compiled a list of the best VoIP provider Australia in 202.

1. CallHippo

CallHippo is a renowned and fastest-growing virtual phone number provider in Australia. Trusted by more than 5000+ brands globally, CallHippo offers multiple types of virtual phone numbers including Australia local phone numbers as well as Australia toll-free numbers. 

CallHippo Australia phone number

What are CallHippos Features?

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Real-time Reports
  • Secure & Compliant Software
  • In-depth Data Analysis Across Channels
  • Secure Endpoints and Fraud Detection
  • Global Reach In Over 50 Countries
  • CRM & Other Tools/Services Integration


  • You can set and measure calling targets.
  • CallHippo Provides Excellent customer support.


  • Pricing can be less

What is CallHippo’s Pricing? In addition to 3 fixed plans, CallHippo provides enterprise pricing plans based on the clients’ requirements. The 3 pricing options are as follows:

A) Bronze Plan: $16/User/Month (Ideal for startups)

B) Silver Plan: $30/User/Month (Ideal for small business)

C) Platinum Plan: $45/User/Month (Preferred for SMB sales & Support)

protip image

Finding the best virtual phone number provider in Australia can be a daunting task, with numerous options to consider and evaluate.

End your search by signing up with CallHippo, one of Australia's leading virtual phone number providers. Benefit from advanced features, seamless integration, and exceptional customer support tailored to your business needs.

2. Dialpad

The next best virtual phone number Australia on our list is Dialpad.  Powered by AI, Dialpad is one of the best VoIP providers Australia out there. Its voice intelligence collects action items, provides coaching, takes notes, and evaluates customer mood in real-time.

Dialpad virtual phone number Australia

( Source: dialpad )

What are Dialpads Features?

  • Conversation insights
  • Call transfer & Call routing
  • Peer-to-peer HD video
  • Contact Management
  • Voice & IVR Recognition
  • On-premise Gateway (OPG) solutions
  • Omnichannel support
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey


  • Excellent customer support team to handle issues
  • The phone app is very easy to use.


  • The desktop application sometimes freezes.
  • When you move your connection from wifi to cellular, sometimes disconnect the call.

What is Dialpad’s Pricing? Dialpad offers three primary pricing plans as listed below. The more premium the plan, the more features it includes.

A) Standard Plan: $15/User/Month,

B) Pro Plan: $25/User/Month,

C) Enterprise Plan: Customized pricing

In addition, the company provides a variety of other customizable plans based on the clients’ requirements. Click here for a more in-depth look at all of the pricing options and offerings.

3. Ooma

Ooma is a well-known business phone system in Australia that is preferred for telephony by small, medium as well as large organizations. You can choose from cloud phone systems, hosted PBX solutions, and VoIP. What makes it one of the best virtual phone providers in Australia is its API integrations that allow you to integrate all your existing business tools, thereby streamlining your workflows.

Ooma virtual phone number provider in Australia

( Source: Ooma )

Ooma Features:

  • Call management
  • Virtual call center
  • Employee directory
  • Call logging and call routing
  • Virtual extensions
  • Employee directory


  • Provides exceptional customer service
  • Easy and quick setup


  • No International free calls
  • Could be even more affordable

Pricing & Plans: Ooma offers multiple customized pricing and plans and add-on services based on clients’ requirements. Visit the website to know more.

The 12th spot on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia is occupied by 3CX. Let us take an inside-out view of its advantages, devise support, trial period, and pricing plan.

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4. 8X8

The 4th guest on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia is– 8X8. 

If you want to buy the best phone number for small or medium businesses, go for 8X8. Known for its exceptional customer support features, 8X8 provides HD-voice calling and allows you to communicate with your customers more efficiently and quickly. 

8X8 VoIP provider

( Source: 8×8 )

What are 8X8 Features?

  • Integration with a range of apps/services
  • Wait time announcement
  • Group intercom paging
  • Call transfer, call waiting, and call parking
  • Predictive outbound dialer
  • Inbound call management
  • Advanced reports and analytics
  • Enterprise level security


  • It provides 30 Days of free trial.
  • Excellent call routing feature.


  • Not good customer support.

What is 8X8 Pricing? The company offers three pricing plans as listed below. The more premium the plan, the more features it includes.

A) 8×8 Express: $12/User/Month, B) X2: $24/User/Month and, C) X4: $44/User/Month

5. 3CX

3CX is one of the best hosted PBX solution providers. Cloud provides more flexibility, while on-premise systems offer better control over your operations. 3CX is more than just a virtual number provider in Australia.

3CX VoIP provider in Australia

( Source: 3CX )

3CX Features:

  • IVR and dial groups
  • Meeting management
  • Unified communication
  • Personalized greetings
  • Call recording and call routing
  • API integration
  • Survey management


  • Get some custom support on some issues.
  • Very easy to configure and setup, with clear instructions


  • Fewer Integrations compare to other products.

Pricing & Plans: 3CX offers three primary plans outlined below:

A. Standard Plan: Free

B. Pro Plan: Start at $20.83/User/Month

C. Enterprise Plan: Start at $25.25/User/Month

Intermedia takes the 13th spot on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia. Let us review its features, devise support, trial period, and pricing.

6. Freshdesk

Freshdesk (Formerly known as Freshcaller) is also one of the best Australia virtual mobile number app, enabling medium-sized enterprises and startups to conduct customer care operations effectively. Besides, just like other providers, Freshdesk requires only a computer and internet connection to function, with no additional hardware investment required.

Freshcaller Australian VoIP number

( Source: freshworks )

What are The Features of Freshworks?

  • Simultaneous call handling
  • Call quality monitoring
  • Agent call scripting
  • Web callback service
  • A completely customizable system
  • Highly reliable and secure
  • Customer interaction history


  • Ease of tailor made reports download quickly.
  • Provides omnichannel customer support
  • You can track your agents performance.


  • Dashboard Customization
  • You need to refresh the page sometimes to see the updates.

What is the Pricing of Freshworks? Freshworks offers four pricing plans as listed below. The more premium the plan, the more features it includes.

A) Free Plan: INR 0/User/Month (0 Free Minutes)

B) Growth Plan: INR 999/User/Month (Free up to 2000 incoming minutes/Month)

C) Pro Plan: INR 2799/User/Month (Free up to 3000 incoming minutes/Month)

D) Enterprise Plan: INR 4999/User/Month (Free up to 5000 incoming minutes/Month)

7. Five9

Five9 is an AI-based call center solution that is available on the cloud. This virtual Australian mobile number provider offers omnichannel tools for managing inbound and outbound calls along with features such as automatic call distribution, predictive dialer, chat, and more. Five9 allows you to create great customer experiences on multiple channels and offers intuitive self-service options to customers through IVR.

What are Five9’s Key Features?

  • Practical AI
  • Dynamic Real-time Dashboards
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Multiple Dialing Modes
  • Historic Reporting
  • Omnichannel Communication


  • Highly-scalable
  • Reliable call-routing


  • Implementation takes time
  • Documentation is hard to understand

What is Five9’s Pricing? Five9 offers 3 pricing plans, which are as mentioned below.

  1. Core: $149 per month
  2. Premium: $169 per month
  3. Optimum: $199 per month


The fifth item on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia is– AVOXI.

AVOXI is a well-known and considered as the best Singapore and Estonia virtual phone number provider, providing superior coverage across 170+ countries, allowing businesses to communicate with customers at any time and from any location. This cloud-based platform combines telephony, messaging, and contact center functions into a single solution.

AVOXI australia phone number

( Source: avoxi )

What are AVOXI Features?

  • Real-time reporting
  • Third-party integration
  • Call routing, Call Monitoring, and Call recording
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Knowledge base management
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Voicemail Transcription


  • Its has a very good clarity of recording and phone connection with clients.
  • Provides Virtual sms number of Australia


  • The admin portal is less user friendly.

What is AVOXI Pricing? Besides three fixed plans, AVOXI also provides enterprise pricing plans based on the clients’ requirements. The three pricing options are as follows:

A) Launch Plan: $0/User/Month

B) Contact Plan: $19.99/User/Month

C) Engaged Enterprise Plan: $39.99/User/Month

9. Nextiva

Nextiva is an Australia virtual phone number provider that allows businesses to connect securely to their customers and prospects. This popular cloud communications platform offers a host of solutions for every business size, allowing them to automate tasks, collaborate remotely, and serve customers through better insights. 

What are the Key Features of Nextiva?:

  • Useful Integrations
  • Multi-site Support
  • Easy-to-use Analytics Tools
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Survey Response Creation
  • 24×7 Multi-Channel Customer Service  


99.99% Uptime

Professional implementation of service plans


Expensive SMB plans

Steep learning-curve

What is Nextiva’s Pricing? Nextiva offers three pricing plans, which are as below.

  1. Essential: 14.95 per user/month
  2. Professional: $20 per user/month
  3. Enterprise: $26.95 per user/month

10. MiCloud Connect By Mitel

Built on Google Cloud, MiCloud Connect offers a reliable virtual mobile number that’s reliable, secure, and is HIPAA compliant. MiCloud Connect provides more features than just an Australian virtual phone number. It enables you to bring your team together with messaging, conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and more.

Mitel Features:

  • Activity-based routing
  • Case management
  • Data warehouse integration
  • Direct agent routing
  • Group intercom paging
  • Mobile twinning
  • Omnichannel contact center


  • A great call quality.
  • Very good Chat feature.


  • Not easy setup
  • UX can be improved for Iphone users.

Mitel Pricing: Mitel provides customized pricing plans based on the clients’ requirements.

Internode takes the 7th spot on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia. Let us review its features, devise support, trial period, and pricing.

11. Internode

Internode turns Australia into a local call zone, allowing you to make unlimited calls to any phone number in the country. However, you’ll need to buy the Internode broadband service to make calls possible.

Internode virtual phone system in Australia

( Source: Internode )

Internode VoIP Features:

  • $0 setup and no long-term contract
  • Advanced voicemail
  • Local numbering
  • Online toolbox
  • Incoming caller ID
  • Corporate VoIP solution
  • Easy to implement & use


  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • Provides good customer support.


  • Not that much useful features.

Internode Pricing: Internode provides multiple customized pricing plans based on the clients’ requirements.

The 8th spot on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia is occupied by TPG. Let us look at its advantages, devise support, trial period, and pricing plan.

12. TPG

TPG is yet another best virtual phone number providers in Australia. It offers flexible call routing options tailored to your business’s unique needs. However, it only provides Australia toll-free numbers (13, 1800, and 1300 Australia phone numbers).

TPG Australian virtual phone number provider

( Source: TPG )

TPG Features:

  • Sequential ring
  • Call forwarding and call waiting
  • Auto-attendant
  • Do not disturb
  • Call Parking
  • Unlimited calls to mobiles in Australia
  • Speed dial codes


  • Multiple customer support channels


  • Plans are too expensive compared to what you’re getting

TPG Pricing: TPG provides multiple customized pricing plans based on the clients’ requirements. Also, they have a minimum of a 12-months contract.

Rebtel holds the 9th position on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia. Let us review its features, devise support, trial period, and pricing.

13. Rebtel

Rebtel is a calling service provider that allows you to call any number in Australia for a pocket-friendly price. However, unlike others in this list, Rebtel doesn’t offer advanced features, making it ideal for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses.

Rebtel business phone number Australia

( Source: Rebtel )

Rebtel Features:

  • Pay-as-you-go subscription
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free app to app call
  • Detailed reports on conversations
  • Easy setup and signup process
  • Affordable international calling rates


  • Easy to use and easy to set-up.


  • Poor call quality.
  • Too many additional charges.

Rebtel Pricing: The company provides multiple customized pricing plans based on the country you want to call.

GoToConnect takes the 7th spot on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia. Let us review its features, devise support, trial period, and pricing.

14. GoToConnect

GoToConnect allows you to customize its phone system as per your business’s unique requirements. Being a cloud phone system provider, GoToConnect enables you to use your desk phone, computer, or mobile app to handle business calls. In addition, you can get a virtual business phone number of your choice or port your existing one.


GoToConnect Features:

  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Face to face collaboration
  • Top-notch performance and reliability
  • Enterprise-grade protection
  • Call management
  • Advanced ring strategies


  • Very effective screen-sharing feature.
  • Very consistent and quality service


  • Freezing Web application.
  • Fewer integrations.

Pricing & Plans: GoToConnect offers three primary plans outlined below:

A. Basic Plan: $24/User/Month

B. Standard Plan: $29/User/Month

C. Premium Plan: $39/User/Month

The next guest on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia is– Ooma. Let us review its features, devise support, trial period, and pricing.

15. Intermedia

Intermedia is an all-in-one cloud communication platform that lets you offer support across channels. So even when you buy Australia virtual numbers, you get access to voice, email, and chat queues to provide an omnichannel experience to all your customers.

Intermedia virtual phone system Australia

( Source: Intermedia )

Intermedia Features:

  • Fully integrated phone system
  • Call monitoring and call recording
  • Voice quality enhancement
  • Incoming calls reporting
  • Real-time data backup
  • Custom integration support


  • Audio and Video quality are very impressive
  • Live Chat is always quick and helpful


  • Not a smooth working on Firfox

Pricing & Plans: Intermedia offers multiple customized pricing and plans and add-on services based on clients’ requirements. Visit the website to know more.

Exetel holds the 14th position on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia. Let us review its features, devise support, trial period, and pricing.

16. Exetel

Exetel is Australia’s one of the largest internet service providers. It has over 120,000 active VoIP endpoints on its network. It offers an unlimited call plan with 100 DID numbers, a 12-month contract, unlimited local and national calls, and unlimited calls to 13/1300 numbers.

Exetel VoIP system features

( Source: Exetel )

Exetel Features:

  • Call forwarding and call routing
  • Do not disturb
  • 3-way call conference
  • Detailed conversion reports
  • Contact center
  • Easy to setup and configure


  • Provides Very good features compared to other tools.


  • Provides very slow customer support.

Pricing & Plans: Exetel offers multiple customized pricing plans based on business type, i.e., small, medium, and enterprise. Visit the website to learn more.

The last name on our list of the best virtual phone number Australia is– Line2. Let us review its features, devise support, trial period, and pricing.

17. Line2

The last one on our list of best Australia virtual phone number providers is Line2. This doesn’t mean it isn’t great. It is, in fact, as great as others on our list. It has all the features you’ll ever need for professional communication.

Line 2 virtual number provider in Australia

( Source: Line2 )

Line2 Features:

  • IVR/Voice recognition
  • Call recording, call routing, and call logging
  • Virtual call center
  • Call list management
  • Employee directory
  • Web conferencing


  • Provides 60 Days Free trial.
  • Good call quality


  • Only suitable for small businesses.

Pricing & Plans: Line2 offers three pricing plans as listed below:

A. Starter Plan: $14.99/Month

B. Growth Plan: $19.99/Month

C. Business Plan: $24.99/Month

18. Aircall

Aircall is a premium cloud-based call center solution that allows you to boost productivity and analyze agent performance. It seamlessly integrates with a range of productivity, helpdesk, and CRM tools which facilitate smooth global communication. This Australia virtual phone number platform offers real-time analytics and is accessible via both desktop and mobile apps. 

What are Aircall’s Key Features?

  • Activity Dashboards
  • Access Controls & Permissions
  • Auto-dialer
  • Assignment Management
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Conferencing
  • Call Screening
  • Live Chat


  • Good support team
  • Simple user-interface


  • Software incompatible with most Bluetooth devices
  • Connection often gets lost

What is Aircall’s Pricing? Aircall offers three pricing plans to users, which are mentioned below:

  • Essential Plan: $30 per user/month,
  • Professional Plan: $50 per user/month,
  • Custom Plan: Price on request.

19. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a professional VoIP solution allowing contact centers to streamline their client communication. This Australian virtual mobile number solution helps manage both outbound and inbound calling and allows contact centers to monitor and manage high call volumes.  CloudTalk integrates with several popular CRMs and offers top-notch data security.

What are CloudTalk’s Key Features? 

  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • IVR & Voicemail Support
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Scheduling Callbacks


  • Integrations with several popular CRMs
  • Internal phone number tags
  • Call Masking


  • Mobile app is unreliable
  • Poor customer support

What is AirCall’s Pricing? AirCall offers four pricing plans, which are mentioned below.

  1. Starter: $25 per user/month
  2. Essential: $30 per user/month
  3. Expert: $50 per user/month
  4. Custom: Price available on request

20. Optus Loop

Optus Loop is a cloud-based Australian virtual mobile number provider that helps small businesses and startups with end-to-end calling solutions. It can manage high call volumes effortlessly and allows teams to communicate internationally with minimal hardware requirements. 

What are the key Features of Optus Loop?

  • IVR & Voice Recognition
  • Contact Management
  • Call Recording
  • Web App
  • Voice Recognition


  • API Support
  • Android App


  • Limited features
  • Support available via Email only

What is Optus Loop’s Pricing? Optus Loop only has one pricing plan.

Basic: $40 per month

So these are the top 20 virtual phone number providers in Australia. As we can see, each of these providers offers a unique set of services in addition to the basic features. Moreover, they also have distinct pricing plans and customized offers for their clients. For these reasons, it is essential that you conduct a thorough examination of each of them before making your final decision or choosing the best virtual phone number Australia.

VoIP providers market size 2014-2024

( Source: Statista )

However, if you are still confused about buying an Australian virtual phone number, read the part below where we have outlined the importance of virtual phone numbers. We are confident that after reading that part, you will be fully convinced of the benefits of virtual phone numbers and will start working on getting one right away!

The Importance of Best Virtual Phone Number Australia

What is the main watchword of every business? Of course, to churn out the maximum revenue with minimum investment! And this is precisely what a virtual phone system promises to its clients.

With a peanut-sized investment, it churns out the maximum investment. So whether you are looking out for ways to mow down your international calling bills or around-the-clock customer support, business phone systems do it all.

You can understand the effectiveness of the best virtual phone number Australia or the VoIP phone number in subduing the operational cost with the help of the below-mentioned facts.

  • A recent case study of PC World confirms that businesses that were using 30 traditional phone systems in their offices were successful in saving around $1,200 in a month after switching to VoIP.
  • A report on Dell’s switch to VoIP system released in 2016 revealed that the company managed to save $39.5 million in total over its operational cost post shifting to VoIP.

Apart from saving a lot of operational costs, it saves a huge chunk of money on your office relocation cost as well. For example, when shifting your office, taking all those traditional wired phone systems is nothing less than a migraine. In addition, when all the connections are dismissed, you are likely to miss important phone calls as well.

How to buy CallHippo australia virtual phone number?

You can take a breather if you are using VoIP-driven Australia virtual phone numbers. The virtual phone system provides you all-inclusive connectivity irrespective of your location. 

You can easily use the call forwarding feature to divert the calls to any other available number. Thus, chances to miss any call are also bleak. Moreover, you can easily make and receive calls without any location constraint with a virtual number.

That’s all! We are optimistic that this information has persuaded you of the need to find and invest in the best virtual phone number Australia.

The Bottom Line: Having an Australian virtual phone number is crucial when operating a business in Australia. It enables you to communicate with your customers at local rates, even if you are located outside of the country. We recommend purchasing a virtual number from one of the 5 providers listed above. However, make sure that their features meet the requirements of the company. We suggest you opt for CallHippo since it is the most feature-rich, cost-effective, and best virtual phone number provider in Australia.

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