For the ninth time, Switzerland maintains its position for being the most competitive nation in the world followed by the United States and Singapore. The main reason for the country to maintain its position for this long is innovative power, strong education system, and flexible labor market said the World Economic Forum in its Global Competitiveness Report for the year 2017-2018

Switzerland’s labor market, innovation strategies, and sophisticated business environment are why it tops the list for business owners in the USA to spread their market internationally – making it one of the best places to do business. International numbers let you expand business globally while you are in the US itself.

Are you looking to expand your business in Switzerland?

Is deciding on a location enough?

Selecting a location and complying with the rules and regulations is not enough. You need people who will buy from you. Your business is a business when it has profits which are possible only if people know you exist. You need to spread the word. Also, you will have your stakeholders and business partners with whom you will have to connect every now and then.

However, making international calls using traditional US phone numbers will cost you a hefty amount. But what if we told you that you could operate in Switzerland without being physically present there or even investing a significant amount. Yes, it is possible, with the advancement in virtual technology. You can get a virtual phone number, a virtual address and create a local presence without ever having to step your foot there. Curious? Check out our guide for setting up a virtual office for more. VOIP is one such cost-effective solution with tremendous advantages. In addition, it has numerous features compared to the old PSTN exchange lines.

One such innovation in the VOIP world is Virtual Number. These are location independent numbers. Instead of tying to a location, they are tied to a person or user. You can purchase Virtual Numbers that have local area codes for any city-state or country even if you don’t have a specific office address there. So, get a Switzerland virtual phone number and operate your entire business over the phone. It will give you a feeling that you are making calls locally bypassing heavy long-distance charges.

A Switzerland Virtual phone number will also help you build a sense of trust among your consumers. When they receive a call from a local area code they believe that you are close by and not hundreds of miles away. Also, most of the time people are reluctant to receive calls with a different country code thinking it to be a spam one.

Also, virtual phone numbers are convenient on the part of the consumers. When you give your International customers the ability to reach you at a nominal rate, they are more likely to reach you in case of any urgent requirement or queries. This way you improve the odds that they will call you.


A basic idea about Telephone System in Switzerland

Dialing numbers to call someone in Switzerland can be a little confusing initially. Switzerland Phone number consists of area code which is 2 digits long followed by a seven-digit number. You will have to dial a zero in the front of it say for example 01 for Zurich and 022 for Geneva even if you are calling to a number with the same area code.

Step-By-Step Procedure to call Switzerland from the USA

Step1: Dial USA exit code. Wondering what are these exit codes? These are series of digits entering which indicates that you are exiting the country. The exit code for the USA is “011” which means if you want to place a call to Switzerland you will start by dialing the “011”

Step2: Now dial “41” as this is the country code for Switzerland. This will help the international telephone carriers understand which country the International call should be directed.

Example: “011 41 xx xxxxxxx”

Step3: For Switzerland, the area code is two digits long and is mandatory only while making calls to landline numbers. The table below will help you with area codes in Switzerland.

Switzerland area codes

Switzerland area codes

So, if you want to call someone in Zurich with a landline number 1234567 to please dial

“011 41 43 1234567”

If you want to call a mobile number in Switzerland using the Virtual phone system, instead of area code you will need a mobile code. They vary on the basis of service providers.

  • Sunrise (TDC Switzerland): 76
  • Swisscom Used by Migros: 77
  • Orange SA Orange: 78
  • Swisscom: 79
  • Note that one additional Swiss mobile code, 74, is used for other miscellaneous mobile providers.

If you are attempting to call a mobile number whose service provider is Swisscom you will dial

“011 41 79 6789123”

One last piece of advice

Swiss people are very particular about their sleeping habits. They prefer going to bed early so that they wake up early and start their work as soon as possible. Have a look at your watch before calling to Switzerland, Uninvited calls after 9 p.m. might be considered as rude. So, Feel free to call your friends, family and business associates using Switzerland’s virtual phone number.

Want to get your business rolling in Switzerland? We are here to help. Check out our comprehensive list of the best virtual phone number providers and see which service provider fits your needs the best.

Got more questions? Pen them down in the comments below, and our team of experts will get back to you.


Updated : August 5, 2021


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