Managing your customers is a vital task for any small business – it is after all rightly said that customer is king! Organizations that constantly fail to create strong bonds with their customers and keep them engaged often suffer from dwindling profit rates.

Research conducted recently has shown that 82% of clients will leave the endorsing organization because they think or feel that you do not care about their opinions.

Today’s business arena is a highly competitive field – companies often struggle to find the right way to form meaningful and lifelong relationships with customers. Seamless communication, great service, and round the clock support are some measures that can go a long way in keeping your customer base delighted with your organization.

So, is there any comprehensive solution that can help organizations manage streamlined communication along with effective customer engagement? Virtual phone number CRM integration is a holistic platform that can help your business instantly enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer service.


CRM integration with virtual telephony automates sales processes and allows your team members to anticipate customer needs in real-time. The cloud-based virtual phone system can pump up your organizational output by huge levels, and help your company save tons of time and money in the long run.

So, if you are still confused about virtual phone number CRM integration, think no more and invest in a quality service provider such as CallHippo, which is the market leader in virtual phone services. Here are some amazing benefits that your organization can accrue through getting a cloud-based virtual phone number:

Real-Time Calling Information

Every call or interaction with a customer is a potential opportunity to close a sale – CRM integration with virtual phones can help to record vital data during phone conversations with clients to get better insights. Virtual phone number CRM integration is the best way to maintain an up-to-date and consolidated database of all calling activity at one centralized location, thereby helping to improve the customer-calling experience to great heights!

Analytics and Reports

CRM data is super essential for organizations to analyze client purchase behavior, craft accurate marketing strategies, and build effective campaigns. Cloud-based virtual phone numbers are a powerful tool, comes with pre-built reporting, and market analytical features that can help to gain a holistic view of data. This information can be shared with the marketing and sales departments so that they can take better quality business decisions. So, if your organization wants to capitalize on advanced and state-of-the-art reports, CRM integration with your virtual phone number if the only way to go!

Automation of SalesForce

CallHippo integrates cloud-based virtual phone number systems with CRM suites to make sure that your sales function remains fully automated – kicking up productivity and efficiency levels! It becomes super easy to maintain contact information, ensure timely follow-ups and track leadership development with the help of mechanized CRM databases. Real-time information allows team members to monitor the status of customers, and helps them to close sales deals – CRM integration can surely help your organization get on the fast track to success immediately!

Increased Operational Efficiency

Virtual phone number CRM integration completely eliminates the manual workload of entering data and helps to reduce a huge work staff as all time-consuming tasks are automated. CRM integration can help managers quickly locate contact history, check prior conversations, and offer clients valued offerings according to their expectations. It reduces chances of human error, and drives team morale/engagement, thereby ensuring that your business has a productive and motivated workforce!

Better Customer Experience

Providing a superior customer experience is the key to success for better organizational performance! Cloud-based phone virtual phone numbers help to anticipate a consumer’s needs in real-time and allow agents to provide top-class support facilities to prized costumers. Virtual phone number CRM integration also allows team members to personalize messages and customize product offerings according to customer requirements, as they have complete access to previous phone integrations. To provide the best possible experience to your client base through VoIP CRM integration!

CRM virtual telephony is the successful future of technology and can help to convert your business fortunes positively. So communicate smart and in the right way with your customers to make a bang and keep them engaged in your organization!

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