Today, cloud systems have changed the way businesses across the globe run. Cloud phone services are a great example of how cloud-based communication systems have made processes easier and are highly beneficial for businesses. With a cloud-based phone number, business number service is more affordable and flexible nowadays. Cloud phone systems also ensure that your data is stored in a secure server that you can access anytime over the internet. They are generally provided by third-party providers. Since everything is stored digitally, it saves a lot of expenses and makes things a lot faster as well. This allows you to communicate well with your customers: thus, delivering optimum customer satisfaction. Cloud phone number systems are the way to go with the technological advancements.

What exactly is a cloud phone number?

It is a virtual phone number that operates using the Internet. Cloud phone numbers do not need any hardware or on-site technology to work. It operates via the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP whose only requirement is a stable internet connection.

Types of cloud-based phone numbers:

  • Hosted 800 numbers
  • Hosted DID numbers
  • Universal International Freephone

The type of phone number a business should avail depends on their needs and operations.

Let’s take a look at each kind of virtual phone number:

Hosted 800 numbers:

These business phone numbers are toll-free, free-call, ITFS, or freephone numbers. These numbers allow the callers to contact the company without having to pay for a long-distance call rate. Calls made to an international toll-free number can be easily forwarded to mobiles, landlines, or VoIP phones. These numbers, however, can’t always be reached from international callers which can be a problem for businesses with operations in multiple countries or with customers from other countries.


Hosted DID numbers:

These virtual phone numbers come with the attached local area code. This allows the callers to reach you at the same rates as that of a local call. The DID numbers are gaining popularity among businesses that are trying to establish a local presence in any particular region. 

Universal 800 numbers: 

Universal International Free Phone Numbers are toll-free numbers that can be called from multiple countries. The UIFN service is regulated by the International Telecommunication Union and is only accessible from countries that participate in the program. There are about 50 countries that are a part of this program currently. The restrictions for using these numbers are different in different countries.

A lot of you may wonder, why are most businesses shifting to cloud-based phone systems.

Let’s take a look at some of these features:

  • Message management: Managing messages, voicemails, and a lot more are on these cloud-based phone systems. These things aren’t possible on traditional landlines.
  • Call forwarding: Cloud-based phone systems allow you to easily and quickly forward calls to your support team, customer service, or anywhere else as per the requirement.
  • Business SMS: You can easily send and receive messages on your number.
  • Voicemail: The cloud-based phone systems allow you to record voicemail, read voicemails online, and a lot more.
  • Phone options: It gives you various phone options, which in turn,  increases the speed and efficiency of your service. You can make calls using mobiles, tablets, etc.



How much do cloud phone numbers cost?

The cost of virtual phone numbers vary from country to country and depend on the type of business phone number chosen and the expected call volume. There are various cloud phone number system providers who offer different rates based on your location and requirements. You can do some research and receive quotations from different service providers and choose the one that suits your bill perfectly. But before that, make sure to be thorough with your research regarding the kind of number you need and your expected call volumes. Knowing these would help you to make decisions better and also help the service provider to provide you with the right kind of service, and at the right price.

The price of hosted 800 numbers can start from as low as $7-8 for countries like Hong-Kong, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. While the rates can be even starting from $4-5 for the United States and Canada. 

The cost of hosted DID numbers depends on the location and expected call volume. Business phone numbers in countries like Canada, Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom, are available for prices as low as $4-5.

The more calls you expect to make reduce your average per minute call charges in all cases.

How to deal with Cloud number providers?

You need to be thorough with your requirements whenever you approach a cloud phone number provided to ensure that you get the best deal. Know the type of number that would suit your business needs the best. The reputation of the provider is also a key aspect that needs to be kept in mind as going for cheaper options may end up costing you more. 

A reputed and established company will provide you with reliable services which your business needs.

So, keep a few things in mind like the most cost-effective package you are getting from amongst several vendors and the features each of the providers are offering. Another important thing you need to keep in mind is which provider offers you good call quality and consistent customer support.

These factors need to be weighed carefully before choosing the cloud phone number provider.


So, go ahead and analyze your needs, do some research regarding the providers, and strike a good deal which can help transform the way you communicate with customers.

Cloud phone numbers are the way to go as traditional methods like landlines are slowly becoming obsolete. So, invest in the service which is essential to enable smooth business communications at all times.

Updated : July 21, 2021


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