The nature and scope of telecommunications are changing. Virtual telephony has created a splash in the field and organizations all over the world. Online phone numbers are harnessing the power of online phone numbers to drive productivity to an all-time high!

VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a radical technology that enables any device – mobile phones, computers or laptops connect with each other over a high-speed internet connection. It is a stable, reliable, and cost-effective channel of communication that provides apex HD sound quality.

The internet has transformed the way of modern organization function, and VoIP is a revolutionary invention that has simplified the communication function. Your business should get a business phone system, irrespective of the industrial domain or size. You could be a budding new venture, mid-sized enterprise or a large giant multinational, cloud phone systems will surely streamline your business communication and it will help to improve performance parameters in all fields.

Investing in an online phone number is a global trend these days. A report by Transparency Market Research has revealed that by 2021, the international VoIP phone service market is projected to peak at $136 billion and reach a subscriber base of nearly 348.5 billion. This clearly shows how fast VoIP technology is progressing, and how major industrial sectors have accepted it as a transformational telecommunication platform.

What is A Virtual Phone System?

In 2021 and beyond, we can expect lots of change in the field of communication networks. The use of traditional copper wired telephone systems will decline further, and internet-powered telephone systems will be used in all major sectors such as retail, health, e-commerce, banking, medical, and infrastructure. It is only obvious that this technology is bound to grow by leaps and bounds.

However, it is vital for organizations to be aware of these upcoming trends in the year 2021, and smoothen the transition:

Embrace 5G: Every year seems to come with advanced levels of telecommunications, hence 2021 is no different. Business organizations can get ready to embrace 5G, which is the latest model of cellular technology. Since the internet has exploded in all communication networks, with the advent of 5G users can expect supersonic fast speed at extremely low costs. It will be around 100x times faster than 4G technology, have low latency, and will give employees a remarkable sense of mobility. 5G is definitely going to be a major game changer in 2021. However, since it is a highly sophisticated and emerging technology, adoption rates may be slow in the beginning but will rise once people realize the immense benefits of 5G technology.Cloud-Telephony--What-To-Look-Out-For-In-2020-middle

Integration of All Communication Channels: Online phone numbers are the most advantageous platform when it comes to having a unified communication system. It allows the seamless integration of multiple communication channels so that there is no interruption of work. Business phone systems also allow for video calls in real-time video calling and three-way audio conferencing so that team members can contact clients in any part of the continent. There are many other useful features such as caller ID, voicemail, call recording, call forwarding, call planner. This ensures that businesses can enhance operational efficiency and increases collaboration between all team members.

Artificial Intelligence All the Way: We are already accustomed to automated assistants such as Siri and Alexa. Similarly, we can expect a huge increase in the use of artificial intelligence in 2021. Most companies will get a business phone system to get benefit from automated chatbots and voice response to improve client service. These productive virtual helpers can replace human beings and perform their manual tasks using less time, cost and energy. AI-enabled applications will also help managers analyze all customer interactions to find out potential problem areas, and help in training support representatives better to provide an excellent experience.

Get Mobile: Mobility is the prime requirement in 2021. Organizations want employees to work on their smartphones so that they can make personal and business calls through one device. This makes life very simple for call agents – they do not need to carry many phones and can make personalized interaction with clients from any geographical location. There is no such requirement to stay restricted to office premises, even if your team members are on the move they can easily stay connected to the main office. It is highly reliable, and as long as there is no failure in the internet connection, VoIP phone systems will continue to provide apex quality HD audio calling.

Business phone systems will also help organizations function seamlessly from new foreign markets. For example: If an organization has its headquarters in London, but has expanded operations to France, all it will have to do is purchase a France phone number. Getting a France virtual phone number will enable a business venture to compete with local rivals, and enhance the credibility of a foreign organization. It is a smart way to forge a rapport with overseas clients, and increase customer service by providing them with a medium to contact support representatives at any time of the day.

Increased Remote Work: Remote work is a popular job arrangement that is bound to increase in 2021. In the times to come, most organizations are going to make the switch to remote workplaces.  If you want to attract and retain the top talent in the market, it is imperative to provide them with work-life balance, and flexible deals. Since VoIP capability has increased to the highest levels, the mobile office has gained acceptance as workers are able to keep in touch with the parent organization at all times. Employees can effectively collaborate on projects, share documents, and take client’s calls from any geographical location in the world. Remote work arrangements will also keep your workforce motivated, and lead to a gigantic increase in job engagement levels.

A surge in UCaaS: In the previous decade, most business firms were relying on traditional wired phone systems and email for all communication. However, nowadays companies have realized the importance of investing in a cloud-based phone system as it is secure and cost-effective. Not only do unified communications as a service (UCaaS) offer a wider and more compatible communication network, it also can be managed by an independent third party. This leads to higher productivity, output, and reduces the long term costs.

Use of In-App Communication: In 2021, we can expect to witness a rise in the adoption of in-app services, which will be critical to the smooth growth of remote work capabilities. Any organization would not want its team members to waste time and deal with the frustration of switching between work applications. Hence to solve this issue, future VoIP innovations would include the integration of voice-over-internet-protocol service with video calling and conferencing. This will make it easy for geographically distant workers to communicate, and the range of built-in applications will focus on enhancing productivity.

It is time to future proof your business and be prepared for sudden explosive changes in the field of telecommunications. You need to remain proactive by investing in the best virtual phone solution for your business. Economical, scalable, and highly versatile, online phone numbers can be a stepping stone for your business organization to attain commercial success.

Make sure to go through these upcoming trends so that you know what to expect from VoIP phone service vendors. Be clear about your business requirements and choose a phone system that is customized to suit your needs in the long run. It will be the best decision for your organization that will increase all performance parameters and gives your business speed along with the agility to surge ahead of the competition!

Updated : July 22, 2021


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