A caller ID tool as the name suggests is an identification tool used to distinguish callers. The person being contacted can view the caller’s phone number and in most cases a name, through a console from where the communication is established, in this case, a voice over internet protocol service. Many telecommunication companies provide the caller ID tool as an added value service rather than having it built in the telecom service.

A VoIP caller ID works similarly as any traditional caller ID service that is found in telephone connections but works much better than them as they are advanced versions running on the internet. 

A VoIP caller ID is better than the traditional number because it shows the CallHippo number if you do not wish to share your phone number. The ability to modify your caller ID settings in CallHippo is mainly provided for the people who want to hide their identity for confidential reasons. This feature is a double-edged sword as it is suitable for sales and marketing, but at the same time might give credence to potential risk and abuse.

A “Truth In Caller ID Act” was initiated by the U.S. Congress in the year of 2006. This bill initially aimed at preventing telecommunication services from providing false or misleading information through a caller ID. Due to some disagreements during the end of the 109th Congress, the bill expired. It wasn’t until December 22, 2010, when President Barack Obama signed the bill into effect after many attempts and revisions. 

CallHippo VoIP Services

CallHippo’s business caller ID app helps you to connect with clients differently. You can set up your support center within 3 minutes with many useful features, including caller ID tools, smart call forwarding, call conferencing, and much more. Once you start using the CallHippo VoIP service, you will have access to the caller ID tools, both for making and receiving calls. The CallHippo VoIP caller ID service, available for smartphone is also one of the best caller ID service provider due to the many amazing features that are available within it. It serves the purpose of a great business caller ID app

VoIP caller ID- CallHippo

The basic outbound & inbound calls from any device using the CallHippo service will work in the following way :

  • An outgoing call will display your CallHippo number as the VoIP caller ID to the recipient. If the receiver has saved your number beforehand, the caller ID displayed to them will be shown as whatever name they have kept your number as on their device.
  • For an incoming call, you will also be able to see their CallHippo number(if they have a CallHippo virtual number) as the caller ID or the number they are calling from will be visible, and if you have previously saved this number on the device, then it will show the respective name.

Features Provided by Callhippo

The CallHippo business caller ID and the desktop service are considered as one of the best caller ID services because of a host of useful features & caller ID tools that they provide

Smart Call Forwarding and you can keep your number private instead of sharing to every single client.

Smart Call Forwarding

This feature lets incoming calls be forwarded to your number/ your registered number that was required to create your CallHippo account. This feature has more advanced settings that enable you to do either of the following :

  • Firstly, it lets you see the number of the customer who is calling.
  • And second, it allows you to see your CallHippo number so that you can identify that the call is being redirected to your personal number from your CallHippo number.

These 2 extra features can be turned on/off within the caller ID settings in CallHippo. Follow these easy steps to enable the above-mentioned settings :

  1. Login to your CallHippo account on a desktop.
  2. Go to Dashboard.
  3. Select the Number Settings.
  4. Enable the ‘Show CallHippo number on forwarded device’ option.
  5. You need to remember that Smart Call Forwarding feature needs to be enabled to access these features.

To get the best caller ID app Sign up today with CallHippo.

Updated : June 6, 2022

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