Ever since digital communications were introduced, Public Switched Telephone Networks happened to be the main technology for voice communications all over the world. And the main purpose of using the internet was data services. However, in recent years, the internet is also being used for calling purposes, and apps like Whatsapp, Skype, and Ringo are being used for VoIP calling. A huge number of businesses have been facing huge expenses by using traditional systems. The solution to the problem is VoIP calls, and companies are thus switching to the new system in huge numbers. 

How VoIP calls are improving the scenario

It has been observed that approximately 31 percent of the businesses make use of VoIP Phone systems because of its cost-saving and productivity-boosting features. Also, a considerable amount of money has been saved by businesses with the effective use of VoIP for communication. For example, Dell has managed to save $39.5 million while reducing carbon pollution with the help of its mobile workforce. Also, a number of small businesses have been able to save about 40 percent on local calls by shifting to VoIP. The average savings after choosing VoIP has been calculated to around 50-75 percent. 30 percent reduction in conferencing expenses has been achieved for most of businesses through the use of integrated voice and web conferencing. Statistics also include that a business can save around 45% as compared to traditional services using VoIP.

Quality VoIP of calls 

Even a few years ago, the quality of cloud telephony was not up to the standard. Today, the increase in internet speed and advancement in technology has enhanced quality. The level of reliability and stability has also increased. Hence, the only case where VoIP is likely to cause you problems is if you are in a place where the internet is not easily accessible or there is no provision for electric charging. Otherwise, VoIP Phone systems can be an excellent option for any business, allowing costly calls at a reduced price. 

Comparison in price between VoIP and traditional landline system

VoIP is much cheaper than the traditional systems, as in the case of the latter; copper wires are used, thereby increasing the charge considerably. VoIP Phone systems, on the other hand, transmit your voice in the form of data and just uses the existing internet connection for the purpose. The cost involved is thus less. The price charged is very reasonable and along with this, the internet fee needs to be paid. In the case of landline, you will need to pay for the base unit and some extra charges with it, depending on the number of users. 

The costings 

Though the official cost involved in availing VoIP connections for your business is somewhat low, the exact price may vary depending on a lot of factors. Be it the price of ownership or infrastructure or operational costs and equipment; the price may vary. We, therefore, suggest you to weigh the different factors that contribute to the selection of a Business phone system before zeroing in on the choice and thus save a whole lot of money for yourself. 

How the different expenses get reduced by using VoIP phone systems

Long-Distance Calls- For business purposes, one often needs to connect across countries and make long-distance calls. The traditional business phone system used to charge a significantly extra fee for the same. However, in the case of VoIP, the distance hardly matters, and both short-distance and long-distance calls cost almost the same. 

Also, for the connection between multiple countries, it is easier to use VoIPs and create numbers fast. This depends on the regulations in the country under consideration. Creating the number is quite easy and takes just a few minutes. This is one of the reasons why the globally-distributed businesses are shifting fast to VoIP Phone systems.

Subscriptions and Licenses- Everyone looks for a flexible plan when it comes to business communication, as taking a permanent decision might affect a business in the long run. A subscription-based model would thus come in handy, and businesses often look for monthly plans. You can check what works for your company and modify your plan accordingly. So, no need to buy annual licenses anymore! You just need to pay for the value that your phone offers you. 

It also needs less physical setup, and hence, exploring what your team needs are easy.

Switch over to VOIP

Less Physical Components: In the case of the traditional Business phone system, a number of hardware components are required. Additionally, you need to install handsets all around the office. This incurs a huge cost as well as involves a lot of hassles. VoIP, on the contrary, does not need any such setup, and calls can take place even from laptops or cell-phones.  

Low Maintenance Cost: Maintenance is quite easy, as it does not involve any physical hardware. Breaking of phones, shorting of electric sockets, and other such problems lead to a loss of time for the staff members.   

Less Space: Since a lesser space is needed for using VoIP phone numbers, the office looks more compact and clutter-free. In today’s age of modern offices, people often go for a shared space for working. Reduction in space is thus highly preferable, and data-calling can make that happen!

Integrability: Another great advantage of Cloud Telephony is that you can integrate special apps with your phones, which is impossible in the case of traditional systems as landlines are mostly used for them. 

Scalability: These are highly scalable with respect to the modification in the workforce of the organization. 

It is thus evident from the above discussion that the cost highly reduces with the use of VoIP as compared to the traditional system. 

Possible types of communication 

The different modes of communication that are possible using VoIP calls include-

  • PC to PC
  • Phone to Phone
  • PC to Phone
  • IP Phone to IP Phone
  • IP Phone to Phone

Ways to connect to a provider

One can adopt many different ways to connect with a provider, a few of them being-

Analog Telephone Adapter, Softphone, Ethernet, and Wifi.

Reasons for using VoIP for service managers and improved customer experience

In both small or big companies, service managers use VoIP to improve the customer experience and reduce service time. 

It can also ensure great customer experience, thanks to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This again involves two things- quick payment and easy contract and managing the monitoring of call. Other notable features include no call queues and integration of Customer Relationship Management. 

It is thus imperative that any business, big or small, to use Cloud Telephony instead of the traditional systems. VoIP Phone Systems not only save the business-owners’ money but can also reduce hassles and bring far-reaching positive changes in business communication. 

Updated : May 6, 2021


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