Are you trying to understand where your leads are coming from?

Want to know more about why and when people are calling you?

Looking out for smart ways to convert leads quickly?

Well, you need to get down and track business calls to know the exact parameters that are working for your customers! It can help you understand how your campaigns are working and analyze important call metrics.

If you find yourself hesitant to invest in call tracking software, read on to find out why it’s the future and how it can positively impact your revenues.

What will you learn from this blog? 

  • Understand the concept of call tracking.
  • Learn about the various benefits of call tracking software and how it can impact bottom-line performance.

We live in an era where businesses need to take the extra mile to gain a competitive edge. The way you communicate with your customers can make or break your business!

While there are many channels through which your customers can get in touch with you, phone calls are highly popular and preferred. Organizations need to increase customer satisfaction by providing seamless two-way communication and forging genuine relationships with customers.

60% of customers prefer phone calls to contact businesses. This means that you need to pay attention to your calling strategy and invest in sophisticated tools to provide a smooth experience to leads and existing customers. Call tracking is just what you need to gain insights into your campaigns and optimize results.

What Is Call Tracking?

Before we delve deep into the benefits of call tracking, let’s understand what it means. Simply put, call tracking is the process of collecting and analyzing phone call data. It enables you to track calls and know which campaign or advertisement directed customers to make the call. 

Call tracking gives you real-time information on caller intent, and you can attribute calls to specific social media campaigns, marketing promotions, or website displays. It can help companies optimize their media and communication budget to get maximum conversions.

Reasons To Invest In Call Tracking Software

Phone calls are essential for your business growth – a lot more than you think! Did you know that phone calls convert 10 to 15 times more often than website leads?

Marketers need to track the source of their calls to attribute and calculate accurate conversions related to specific campaigns. If you are not tracking calls, you are surely losing revenues and the chance to provide better personalized service to customers. Research reveals that by not tracking calls, businesses can miss up to 80% of conversions. Marketers will not get to know the actual budget they need to allocate for advertising and promotion; neither will they know if customers are calling due to their efforts.

Of course, there are countless ways to promote your brand. Website banners, hoardings, social media activity, billboards, and online marketing campaigns are just a few examples – how do you get to know what’s working and what’s not?

Here is where revolutionary technology comes into play! Call tracking can increase all key performance indicators and provide a stellar calling experience to customers. Here are five important reasons to invest in call tracking software for your organization:

1. Analyze Which Keywords Are Driving Calls

reasons to invest in call tracking

Keywords help in driving customer engagement and motivate leads to pick up the phone and make a call! You may have many keywords on your website or advertisements to promote your brand; however, you also need to understand which ones are most powerful in converting leads to sales.

Call tracking helps in increasing the ROI of campaigns by analyzing the keywords by allotting dynamic numbers. It allows you to determine which source calls are coming through accurately! This can provide you with in-depth granular insights and work keywords to your advantage! 

2. Identify Trends In Customer Behavior

call tracking

If you are looking to serve customers better, you must understand what motivates them to behave the way they do! With call tracking, you can gauge and measure various key metrics such as average call length, time, and day of the call, landing page performance, and the number of phone calls.

Data that you analyze and pick up through call analytics can help understand customer behavior and buying trends. You can arm your sales and support team members with real-time customer information to provide personalized service. This can help them in establishing a solid rapport with clients and increase the conversation rate exponentially!

3. Determine Return On Investment On Marketing Budget

As a marketer, you need to be cautious about your budgetary resources and not overspend on advertising or promotions. So how can you get the best results with limited finances at hand?  Call tracking is the answer! It lets you know which channel or platform drives the maximum calls and conversions.

This enables you to plan your marketing campaigns wisely and spend money only on promotions that will give you results. Whether it’s a social media ad campaign, PPC advertisement, or an organic search, you will know the exact source of customer calls. You can compare spending vs. revenue and optimize your marketing budget to yield maximum profits!

4. Know When To Call Your Customers

If you want to retain customers and build a loyal audience base, make sure to get in touch with customers at the best time! You certainly do not want to make calls at an inconvenient time when there is little chance of getting a positive response. 

Call tracking can help you analyze the most suitable day and time to call customers. Modern call tracking tools can sift through volumes of historical data and gauge what time of the day is most preferred by customers, and gives you the best probability of eliciting a conversion. This can help sales agents or support representatives in scheduling calls and planning their workday efficiently.

5. Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Call tracking enables you to take reporting to the next level! You can monitor real-time call data for intelligent decision-making. It allows you to capture in-depth information about call and message history, demographic data, past conversations, and purchase preferences. 

Call tracking software provides greater visibility and helps you score calls for quality to improve customer conversations. You can also record calls to gain insights into your customers’ calling experience. This enables you to train staff members better to provide exceptional customer service through phone calls!

The Final Word

The current business landscape is highly competitive. You cannot afford to squander money on marketing campaigns that are not generating positive results. 

Call tracking can help you evaluate phone call data and improve your marketing strategies. Here is the list of the best call tracking tools available in the market. So invest in call tracking software at the earliest opportunity. It will be a transformational decision for your business and increase all key bottom-line results!

Updated : July 14, 2021


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