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May 23, 2024

5 Free Call Tracking Software in 2024 | How to Select the Best?

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5 Best Free Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software helps businesses track their marketing campaigns by monitoring and analyzing incoming phone calls. Companies can use this data to improve consumer interaction, optimize marketing efforts, and make well-informed decisions. Here’s a list of 5 free call tracking software that businesses can use.

How we select and analyze these tools?

After extensive research and analysis, we have curated a list of free call tracking software. These software are carefully selected based on usability and satisfaction scores, including features, ease of use, customer support, ratings, and reviews from SoftwareSuggest, G2, and Capterra. Our aim is to assist businesses in identifying the most suitable software to streamline their operations.

1. CallHippo

callhippo dashboard

CallHippo is a top provider of free call tracking software that meets the communication requirements of small and startup businesses. With virtual phone lines in more than 50 countries and the ability to fit multiple users on a single number, it makes international calling for sales, marketing, and support teams easier. It is accessible through online and mobile apps.

CallHippo’s advanced analytics tool provides real-time insights into caller details, call quality, duration, and call recording for managerial review. Features like user availability status, flexible working hours, and time zone display make international calling operations easier.

With CallHippo’s seamless communication guarantee, organizations can stay in control of client engagement and never miss a call.


  • Customize voicemail and greetings effortlessly
  • Easily forward calls to any device or location
  • No complex hardware or technical setup required
  • Direct callers to the right department with IVR
  • Real-time analytics for insights on call patterns
  • Record calls for compliance and training
  • Seamlessly integrate with CRM and help desk tools
  • Leave pre-recorded voicemail messages with voicemail drop
  • Conduct virtual meetings with conference calls
  • Engage callers with custom on-hold content
  • Boost outbound call efficiency with a power dialer
  • Handle incoming calls offline with call forwarding
  • Efficiently handle high call volumes with queuing
  • Monitor and join calls with call barging
  • Manage incoming calls by blocking or permitting numbers
  • Transfer ongoing calls between team members
  • Analyze customer emotions with call analytics
  • Set up automatic responses for missed calls
  • Switch calls between softphone and desk phone
  • Analyze customer emotions with call analytics
  • Automatically route calls to extensions with an auto attendant
  • Access virtual numbers in 50+ countries

What People Say About Us

Chaimaa E.
The audio quality is superb, the calls are clear, and the connectivity is excellent. As it immediately logs calls straight into my CRM, I prefer it to other providers.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot’s call tracking software offers a customized approach for companies looking to closely track and evaluate their phone conversations. It uses contact property and interaction data from HubSpot’s CRM to help prioritize and organize sales calls.

Training elements like call transcriptions, keyword search functions, call commenting choices, and extensive call analysis tools are examples of enhanced managerial capabilities. These free call tracking numbers allow sales staff to make calls straight from their web browsers, guaranteeing seamless VoIP or desk phone access at the touch of a button.

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub is an easy-to-use and intuitive email builder.
  • HubSpot's feature to trace asset usage, like emails or lists within workflows, makes troubleshooting easy.
  • The platform offers extensive campaign performance metrics, enabling daily review and optimization.
Amr S.
With HubSpot's powerful automation features, almost any process can be made more efficient. Its extremely efficient workflow system integrates a wide range of crucial marketing tools fluidly and effectively.
  • The customer service team needs improvement.
  • The billing and contract departments respond in unhelpful ways, forwarding pointless emails without addressing the main problems.
  • The pricing is way too expensive.
Pranshu K.
There is no mitigation provided by automatically raising prices in response to more marketing interactions. Their complex processes appear designed to take advantage of clients financially. In the long run, these unethical strategies run the danger of alienating devoted customers, even though they might produce short-term profits.

3. RingCentral MVP

With RingCentral MVP’s unified communications solution, customers can manage voicemails, faxes, SMS, and business calls from any place. It is one of the free inbound call tracking software that serves businesses of all sizes and promotes improved communication between partners, clients, and staff.

Due to the platform’s rich feature set, personal devices may now be used for business purposes. It allows for the easy management of the entire phone system from PCs or mobile devices anywhere in the world. In addition to using the company directory, users may allocate phones to manage users, extensions, and groups. They can also access voicemail and send and receive faxes.

  • The software is easy to use and install for office and remote employees.
  • This call tracking solution has excellent call quality.
  •  Users can seamlessly use the same phone number on a physical desk phone and laptop.
Thomas D.
The platform's user-friendly interface made the setup and management of our phone system a breeze. Especially, crystal-clear conversations with clients and coworkers were guaranteed by the excellent call quality. In addition, the wide range of features, such as voicemail transcription and call routing, greatly improved our productivity and efficiency in operation.
  • The reporting feature needs a lot of improvement.
  • After a task is assigned, it quickly gets lost in the heap of messages that are posted after the assigned task notification.
  • It's necessary to have the RingCentral application open to accept calls.
Raj S.
Getting through to the customer service line with simple questions was really difficult.

4. CallFire

CallFire offers a variety of call center features to track business engagement and optimize outbound campaigns. Its primary functions include text messaging, call tracking, IVR, cloud call center, voice broadcasting, and developer API integration.

CallFire combines notes and client history into a single interface and integrates with spreadsheets and CRMs with ease due to its cloud call center features. In addition to facilitating call recording, prepared voicemail playback, custom script integration, and limitless call transfers, the platform also offers real-time reporting.

  • The website has easy-to-use navigation that guarantees quick connection when making calls.
  • The easy online setup and login process is very useful in remote work settings.
  • This tool is the best for enabling robocall campaigns because it is quick and incredibly effective.
Tiffany P.
CallFire provides a simple, efficient, and very powerful solution.
  • Changing our short code was a letdown, especially after users had been using it for so long.
  • The VOIP system is unable to route calls to specific individuals who do not have a direct phone number.
  • It was difficult to schedule the interface for both recorded calls and IVR settings.
David W.
Poor quality support was given, and calls were dropped far too frequently.

5. CallTrackingMetrics

For contact centers and agencies, CallTrackingMetrics is a complete system for call monitoring and marketing attribution. With the goal of capturing the customer journey, call management, conversion monitoring, and comprehensive analysis through real-time analytics, this cloud-based platform offers a wide range of skills.

Through the seamless integration of contact center and call monitoring features, it provides an extensive platform for customer experience management, enabling organizations in all industries to improve tailored client interactions.

  • The customer care team is excellent and frequently follows up with issues and updates.
  • The reporting dashboards are excellent and they are very customizable.
  • The software offers seamless third-party integrations.
Verified User in Marketing and Advertising
Looking for an advanced call tracking platform that would work well for the lead generation website I oversee, I came across CTM, and it was far beyond my expectations. Their extensive selection satisfied every need I had and then some. The support agents were fluent in English, and the call flow and the onboarding process were really impressive. The outstanding customer service and skillful management of sales and general queries made a significant impression.
  • With the exception of high-traffic toll free numbers, most calls to multiple other lines terminate abruptly or are automated spam calls.
  • Sometimes, the audio quality during call monitoring sessions is poor, making it difficult to understand what people are saying to one another.
  • The first setup process seems lengthy and complex, especially for people or organizations with limited technical know-how.
Grant R.
Essential functions like voicemail and simultaneous calling are absent from the lower-tier plans, and you have to upgrade to get them. Furthermore, even though I ported phone numbers out of CTM, I was still charged since I forgot to release the numbers in CTM after the transfer. I voiced concerns about being charged for numbers that were no longer with CTM but were told that this was their policy and that I was to blame for not giving them up.

How to Select Call Tracking Software?

When assessing a free call tracking software, it’s essential to take into consideration a number of key features:

1. Dynamic Number Insertion

Look for software that makes it easier to provide distinct phone numbers to various marketing campaigns or channels so that you can precisely trace the sources of leads.

2. Call Analytics and Reporting

Choose a software system that provides thorough call analytics, including caller information, call traffic, call duration, and recordings, to properly assess campaign effectiveness and gain insight into customer behavior.

3. Integration Capabilities

Provide a unified view of customer interactions, improved lead attribution, and simpler workflows by ensuring a seamless interface with current CRM, analytics tools, and marketing platforms.

4. Conversion Tracking

Look for tools that allow you to monitor and evaluate incoming calls and link them to particular campaigns or sources, increasing conversion rates and fine-tuning sales tactics.

5. ROI Tracking

Choose the best among the tracking companies that reliably correlates call data with revenue received to measure the efficacy of campaigns for better resource allocation, sales alignment, and training.

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Step 3: Start Calling

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Step 4 Track Calls

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By utilizing free call tracking tools, businesses can monitor and analyze incoming calls at an affordable rate. These tools offer valuable data on how well marketing initiatives perform, which helps to improve strategy for greater customer interaction. These apps are free, but they have significant benefits like call attribution and lead tracking that help businesses of all sizes make better decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs with free call tracking software?

Some free call tracking software may have hidden costs, such as limited features, usage caps, or additional charges for upgrades.

How can I integrate call tracking data with other marketing analytics tools?

You can integrate call tracking data with other marketing analytics tools through APIs or third-party integration platforms.

Is my data secure with free call tracking software?

While free call tracking software may offer basic security measures, it’s essential to research thoroughly for reliable data protection.

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