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Rohit Rajpal

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green tickDate: November 11, 2022

Phone calls are one of the most valuable and highest-quality sources of leads. 43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone. But do you know which of your marketing campaigns are driving the maximum calls? Do you know which campaigns to optimize for higher returns? 

Call tracking software can answer these questions. Check this guide that will help you understand what is call tracking.

Call tracking software allows you to map everything, including call source attribution, call statistics (call length, conversion rates, etc.), and phone conversations. The metrics received from call tracking software helps you optimize further campaigns so that you are not out of your game plan. However, not all call tracking systems are equal. You need to carefully choose the right one as per your needs. To make things easier for you, we have created a list of the 19 best call tracking software. 

1. CallHippo

With features like caller insights, call logs, and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), CallHippo makes it easier for you to track calls. Its keyword-level attribution monitoring on calls and text messages makes it one of the market’s top call tracking software in the market.


Product Highlights: 

  • Helps analyze what campaigns are driving calls and conversions.
  • Provides complete details about the callers (their number, device, location, new or repeat, time, and duration of the call). 
  • Allows you to record calls, so you know what your callers’ concerns are and how your sales representatives are performing. 


You will have to contact CallHippo for a custom quote. 

2. Retreaver

Retreaver is yet another great call tracking system that provides a birds-eye view of inbound calls. With call data tagging and tracking, Retreaver helps better understand the customer journey. 


Product Highlights:

  • Check which campaign is driving the call, if the caller had interacted with your brand before, which agent attended the call, and the final outcome.
  • Spot common questions or requests, so you can better prepare your team for them. 
  • Give your agents necessary details about the caller, such as the product or service a customer is calling about and the offer they are interested in before the call is connected. 


Retreaver’s pricing starts from $25/month. The more the number of incoming calls, the more the pricing. 

3. Delacon

Delacon is one of the best call tracking software in our list. It displays call analytics across marketing channels and provides in-depth reports, so you know what happens before, during, and after the call. 


Product Highlights:

  • Allows you to analyze conversations, spot keywords, and categorize calls using AI.
  • Helps ensure that the right person answers the calls at the right time. 
  • Offers dynamic numbers that let you follow and track website visitors throughout their browsing sessions. 


Delacon’s pricing starts from INR 750 (and a one-time setup fee of INR 10,000). 

4. WhatConverts

As the name suggests, WhatConverts is a complete call tracking software that reveals the marketing campaigns that drive leads. You can also check the keywords the prospect used to find you.  


Product Highlights:

  • Converts call to texts with call transcription, so you can analyze the entire call without listening to the entire recording. 
  • Allows you to qualify incoming calls as leads as soon as the call ends. 
  • Integrates with 1000+ applications, including Zoho, Google Ads, Salesforce, and WooCommerce. 


WhatConverts offers three plans based on the usage requirement:

  • Plus Plan ($30/month): One account, 6 local numbers, and 335 local minutes.
  • Pro Plan ($50/month): One account, 15 local numbers, and 625 local minutes.
  • Agency Plan ($200/month): Unlimited accounts, 67 local numbers, and 2855 local minutes.

5. 800response

What makes 800response the best call tracking software is its real-time call tracking and monitoring features. This ensures you have the latest information on the incoming calls. 


Product Highlights:

  • Helps understand why callers are contacting you to create better marketing campaigns.
  • Provides call summary reports in one place (campaign summary, daily & hourly call summaries, and zip code & county call summaries). 
  • Allows you to export call data to your CRM. 


800response’s pricing starts from $250 per month. 

6. CallSource

CallSource is the perfect call tracking system for businesses in the appointment-heavy industries, such as hospitality, healthcare, home services, and consultants. 


Product Highlights:

  • Helps identify which calls are potential customers. 
  • Alerts you when a customer fails to book an appointment, enabling you to re-contact them and increase conversions. 
  • Empowers you to identify how your agents are handling your potential customers. 


CallSource has not made its pricing public. You will need to contact the provider for a custom quote. 

7. CallFire

CallFire is a complete VoIP solution that allows businesses to purchase local and toll-free numbers that they can use on advertisements. You can even track calls from SMS campaigns. 


Product Highlights:

  • Allows you to create custom notifications that provide important call information via email or mobile device. 
  • Offers a holistic view of your advertising performance and spending. 
  • Lets you whisper messages to agents while they are on a call to increase the chances of conversion.


CallFire offers five plans:

  • Pay as you go (6 cents per minute/text)
  • Lite ($99/month): 2500 minutes/text
  • Startup ($199/month): 5500 minutes/text
  • Grow ($299/month): 10000 minutes/text
  • Pro ($599/month): 20000 minutes/text

8. Invoca

Invoca is an AI-powered call tracking platform that can help advertisers make smarter decisions by providing much-needed visibility into the campaigns, keywords, and ads that drive high-value calls. 


Product Highlights:

  • Allows you to qualify and route calls based on factors like geolocation, time of call, product interest, and more. 
  • Provides insights into conversation data, uncovering new customer patterns and behaviors. 
  • Helps monitor call quality so you can optimize your ads for more conversion and revenue. 


Invoca has not made its pricing public. Feel free to contact the company for a custom quote. 

9. VoiceOps

Looking to enhance your agents’ performance? VoiceOps could be the perfect call tracking system for your business. However, VoiceOps is ideal for only three industries: lending, insurance, and travel. 


Product Highlights:

  • Allows you to track campaigns and keywords that drive calls. 
  • Transcripts everything that happens in a call so you can use the data to train your agents. You can also leave feedback for agents directly on the transcript. 
  • Lets you find specific phrases within a call, such as competitor mentions, customer objections, etc. 


You need to contact the company for a tailored quote. 

10. DialogTech 

Formerly Ifbyphone, DialogTech offers features like call attribution, call scoring, call routing, and call management. It also has an advanced call filtering technology, allowing you to categorize calls by source, keywords, caller location, and conversion tags. 


Product Highlights: 

  • Allows you to insert trackable virtual phone numbers into your online and offline ads to track how effective each source is. 
  • Lets you track caller’s path through your website, including what drove them to your site, the entry page, the content they viewed (and for how long), and the page they called from. 
  • Allows you to use local numbers to establish a local presence and attract more customers. 


DialogTech offers tailored pricing based on your requirements. Feel free to contact the company. 

11. AvidTrak

AvidTrak is yet another great call tracking software that tracks calls from different channels, such as Search, Social, Display, and Print. You can even record phone conversations of all the incoming calls. 


Product Highlights:

  • Call whispering allows you to provide necessary information to the agent to increase the chances of conversion. 
  • The conversion path report shows which web page(s) engage your audience and drive calls. 
  • Record phone conversations of your incoming calls to coach your agents. 


AvidTrak’s pricing depends on your geographic location. For instance, if you are located in the US & Canada, there is a $2 fee for local and toll-free numbers. If you are in Australia, you will have to pay $7.5 for a local number.

12. CallView 360

Track customers’ demographics, call volume, and record calls with CallView 360. You can even create custom notifications on your call tracking, so you don’t miss any information. 


Product Highlights:

  • Delivers customized call analytics reports regularly to your email. 
  • Lets you integrate the call tracking software with any external software via its open API framework. 
  • Provides helpful insights into your customers’ interests, intent levels, and call success ratings. 


You need to contact the company for a tailored quote. 

13. Ringba

Ringba, provides businesses complete control over their call flow and improves their return on investment. Besides, there is no contract, feature gatekeeping, or price gouging. 


Product Highlights:

  • Helps ensure maximum yield across all your advertising channels with intelligent call routing.
  • Lets you view, group, filter, sort, manipulate, and export your data in real-time. 
  • Allows you to pre-qualify potential clients using IVR (Interactive Voice Response) builder. 


Ringba offers two plans: 

  • Basic ($0 per month): Local tracking ($0.065/minute), local numbers ($3/month), and call recording ($0.01/month)
  • Premium ($99 per month): Local tracking ($0.045/minute), local numbers ($2/month), and call recording ($0.005/month)

You can also contact Ringba for a custom quote.  

14. Phonexa

Phonexa is an all-in-one marketing platform with features like lead distribution, detailed call reports, and predictive modeling. You can even perform an in-depth analysis of internal and external marketing campaigns. 


Product Highlights:

  • Organize, route, and strategically transfer leads based on custom filters. 
  • Helps understand market trends, making it easier for you to create campaigns that can generate higher ROI. 
  • Lets you listen to all the inbound calls for quality assurance. 


Phonexa offers four pricing plans:

  • Free ($0/month): Two users, call price ($0.03-0.07 per minute), 60 days report storage, and more. 
  • Lite (Starts from $100/month): Five users, call price ($0.03-0.07 per minute), 180 days report storage, and more.
  • Premium (Starts from $300/month): Ten users, call price ($0.03-0.07 per minute), 365 days report storage, and more.
  • Enterprise (Starts from $500/month): Unlimited users, call price ($0.03-0.07 per minute), 1100 days report storage, and more.

15. RingDNA

RingDNA helps improve your sales team’s performance. It provides AI-powered guidance and insights for marketers to boost their campaign’s performance. 


Product Highlights:

  • Provides in-the-minute guidance based on real-time behavior and best practices learned from billions of sales interactions.
  • Helps shorten the sales cycle with curated performance insights that scale strategic planning. 
  • Sends alerts on revenue-critical sales conversations.


You need to contact the company for an accurate pricing. 

16. CallerReady

Whether you need local or toll-free numbers for your advertising campaigns or a custom IVR, CallerReady has it all. It attributes all your call data with ads to help you understand what works best. 


Product Highlights:

  • Allows you to route the calls based on location, IVR, and prioritized distribution. 
  • Helps tie the offline phone call conversion to the click that drove the call and the keyword that drove the click. 


The company has not made its pricing public. You need to request them for a tailored quote. 

17. Exotel

One of the leading call tracking software, Exotel, makes it easier for you to measure the marketing ROI of different channels, including Google Ads, local listings, billboards, and print ads. 


Product Highlights:

  • Lets you assign different virtual numbers to your listings and offline advertisements, enabling you to measure the effectiveness of each channel. 
  • Routes the call to the right agents based on your call flows. 
  • Provides real-time information related to the incoming calls, such as caller information, call duration, etc. 


Exotel offers three pricing plans:

  • Dabbler ($200): 6 months validity, $120 credit (which can be used for making calls), can be accessed by 3 employees. 
  • Believer ($500): 12 months validity, $350 credit (which can be used for making calls), can be accessed by 6 employees. 
  • Influencer ($1000): 12 months validity, $850 credit (which can be used for making calls), can be accessed by any number of employees. 

18. CallRail

CallRail offers an easy to understand dashboard that consists of complete details about the caller, such as their name, the number of interactions, first called on, initial source, keywords, and call transcript. 


Product Highlights:

  • Empowers you to make smarter marketing decisions backed by data. 
  • Provides a comprehensive understanding of your local search performance. 
  • Allows you to filter calls by call highlights, keywords, agent, time & date, and source.


CallRail has four pricing plans: 

  • Starting at $45/month: 10 local numbers and 500 local minutes. 
  • Starting at $60/month: 10 local numbers and 1000 local minutes.
  • Starting at $120/month: 25 local numbers and 2500 local minutes.
  • Starting at $255/month: 50 local numbers and 6000 local minutes.

19. Convirza

Convirza is an intelligent call tracking system that helps evaluate campaign effectiveness with its real-time AI call analytics. You can easily find the web pages, keywords, campaigns, and ads that drive the maximum revenue. 


Product Highlights: 

  • Understand caller intent and behavior with the help of AI. 
  • Use call recordings to improve your sales agent’s capabilities. 
  • Understand your customer journey with multi-touch call attribution.


Convirza offers two plans:

  • Starter ($29/month): 10 phone numbers and 600 minutes
  • Professional ($199/month): 20 phone numbers and 2000 minutes

Wrapping Up

Call tracking plays an important role in marketing as it gives the necessary data they need to improve their campaign’s effectiveness and return on investment. The 19 call tracking software mentioned in this article are the best ones available in the market currently. 

Do you use call tracking software? Which one? How is your experience with it? Let us know in the comments.

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