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For many businesses these days, site traffic and sales have become interlinked. The greater the visits, the higher the sales. It’s the reason for the surge in the popularity of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing. If your business has been experiencing a dip in its sales, it is likely that site traffic may also have dipped. 70% of companies meeting their revenue goals attracted 10,000+ visitors to their website every month, according to Hubspot’s Demand Generation Benchmarks report.

With the rise of emails and text messaging in business, one might undermine the importance of telephonic conversations. But the truth is that for most organizations in the business of selling, a majority of sales closures continue to take place over the phone.

Beyond optimization, how can a business increase its site traffic, and thereby its sales? There are plenty of offline methods of varying degrees of complexity. We’re going to focus on a single, simple online remedy: Dynamic Number Insertion.

Dynamic Number Insertion-CallHippo

Must read if you have international customers:

What kind of businesses can benefit from Dynamic Number Insertion on their website? Any business which displays a number on its website and conducts business over the phone, which is what most businesses do. The scope is quite wide, and if you’re looking for unlikely solutions to increase your site traffic, this might just be one of them.
Dynamic Number Insertion is a tool which can boost your earnings as well as your site traffic.
Yet, for all its value, it is an elegantly simple solution which does not involve more than a few clicks.

Here’s how you can implement Dynamic Number Insertion on your website.

  • If you’re a CallHippo user, Dynamic Number Insertion will be easy. All you have to do is look for the Integrations tab, which will have Dynamic Number Insertion featured as one of the integrations available.
  • The next step is generating the Dynamic Number Insertion JavaScript code. From the integrations tab, you will be redirected to the page where you can select the countries for which you require a dynamic number for. Once you have selected the countries, a special Dynamic Number Insertion JavaScript code will be generated.
  • This code is the key. Paste the Dynamic Number Insertion JavaScript code on your website and voilà! Your website will now reflect the dynamic number based on which country your website visitor is visiting from.

Now you can start taking advantage of the unique Dynamic Number Insertion JavaScript code generated for your website. And if you’re not a CallHippo user? Well, you should be! This is only a fraction of what we have to offer, check out the wide array of business virtual phone number features we offer!

Dynamic Number Insertion-CallHippo
Coming back. How can you make full use of the simple yet powerful Dynamic Number Insertion JavaScript code that you have now embedded in your website? You don’t have much to actively do now, for the code will do the work for you. 

  • Displaying Local Phone Numbers

    As the name suggests, dynamic numbers change on the basis of the geographical address of your website visitor. If you’ve enabled a dynamic number for a specific country, any visitors from that country will see a number that follows the usual number pattern of their country. Irrespective of where you’re actually running your business from, your customers will see their local numbers reflected on your website.
    What does this do? It encourages potential clients from your target countries to reach out to your business. If they are interested in your product/service and see a local number on your website, they will not be hesitant to call you for fear of racking up a huge phone bill on an international call.
  • Phone Call Tracking

    Phone call tracking is the direct link between boosting site traffic and dynamic numbers. When a customer uses the dynamic number to call your business, the phone call tracking code will help you ascertain which country she is calling from. Through the phone call tracking feature,  you have knowledge of where the most potential clients are calling from. Accordingly, you can focus your marketing efforts and target them towards the specific countries you’re getting the most calls from. Through phone call tracking you can be well on your way to establishing a strong global presence.

  • How To Enable Your Dynamic Number Insertion Javascript Code?
  • Log in to CallHippo account.
  • Go to the Integrations tab.
  • Apps>Click on Country based DNI
  • You will be directed to DNI setup page.
  • You will see your available numbers in “Country” and “Phone Number” column.
  • Select the country/ies “Display in Country” column> Click on Submit.
  • Go to Copy Code tab click on “Copy to Clipboard”
  • Now you have the Dynamic number insertion javascript code; Embed it in your website.

Dynamic numbers help your business phone system to enhance site traffic and encourage new leads your way. Whether or not you’re in need of new leads, give CallHippo’s Dynamic Numbers a try!

Updated : May 28, 2021


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