Being a marketer, it must be quite challenging for you to find and connect with the right users for your products and services. While in your brand promotion strategy, you work on advertisements; SEO; content, email marketing, and other such activities to connect with your audience, it is equally possible that you might attract the wrong audience too. However, there are certain root-level strategies that you marketers can implement in order to filter out the wrong ones and focus on getting high-quality leads for your business. One of them is Call Tracking. You will be now wondering how call tracking is going to work and help my business. Well, we have all the answers.

Importance of call tracking for businesses

Under wide-ranging marketing activities, often you tend to use your phone numbers as calls-to-action so that people who need what you offer can contact you directly and quickly. And when you start receiving calls from those campaigns, the next step is to perform an analysis. This is when Call Tracking comes into the picture. In addition to the basic information such as the location and query of the caller, there are numerous other parameters associated with those calls that can give you deep insights into how well your campaigns are converting.

Evidently, the importance of tracking the telephone calls you receive lies in the fact that these callers are the high potential hot leads as compared to the rest of your targeted audience.

They are already interested in and require your products or services. Moreover, receiving a call and its associated details gives you a precise working contact point of the lead.

In addition, it helps you decipher the results of your marketing campaigns and efforts. Having established the vital importance of calls, it is indispensable for any business to tracks the calls they make and receive. If you are wondering, why the users would turn to calls while making a purchase; here is the logic.

Primary methods to use call tracking in your existing marketing strategy

Depending on the type of business you run, you target audiences across the board. Basically, your marketing strategy includes billboard ads, magazines, newspapers, online ads, website, email campaigns, and such likes. Over and above, your phone number is flashed everywhere. Then how would you identify the source that converted the call? The answer is, by using different trackable numbers for different sources. Additionally, there are several touchpoints you can begin call tracking with.

1. Keyword Level Tracking

Your phone number is displayed at a possibly infinite number of places. To name a few, you have your own website, landing pages, social media, yellow pages, online business directories and so on. You might as well receive a good number of calls from that. Hence, before everything you need to solve for what search brings them to your page and what search query returns them your contact number. Once you have figured out what words they used while searching, you can have access to high performing keywords that you must compete on. Additionally, you can even know what keywords are not driving calls and thereby stop spending our advertising money on them. Sounds like a good plan to optimize your call-acquisition campaign? It indeed is.

In terms of SEO and PPC, if you rely big way on Google AdWords, you can even figure out how effectively the organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is performing and driving calls.

2. Tracking Email Campaigns

Test and test until you find out if your email campaigns are the ones that fetch you multitudes of phone calls. Here are a few questions that you can use to find it out.

  •  Are you putting traceable phone numbers in the email itself?
  •  Are you directing the reader to a landing page where you are displaying a number with ‘call us now’ call to action?
  •  Did the caller say that he/she called you after reading an email you sent them?

You would need systems to process this data and come to the right conclusion for how good your emails are doing in order to make the reader dial your number. All you need to do is to perform rigorous testing. You can,

  •    Run A/B tests,
  •    Run real-time scans,
  •    Keep a watch on the lead activities in your CRM,
  •    Identify what triggers calls most,

There could be more to the right testing process as per your data and business nature. Towards the end, if you are able to find out the right trigger, you can create a winning strategy, allocate more resources to execution and simply drive more business.

3. Analyzing With Google Analytics

Your advertisement campaigns can be best measured when you have all the right analysis tools. Google Analytics is one of them. Using multiple traceable phone numbers in your campaigns would help you identify how well they are performing.

In addition to that, Google Analytics will offer you more insights on the sources of calls, organic visits, goal conversions and more that you may use to revamp your marketing strategy. Basically, the idea is to know where the telephone inquiries are coming from.

4. Improving On-Call Experience

When people are interested in calling you, it becomes your liability to designate smart agents who can convert the sales calling lead. This is why call tracking needs to be combined with quality enhancement attributes in order to make the leads call you again.

Precise call routing is your ability to quickly transfer the call to the right person who can address the caller. Implement integrated systems that enable your team to communicate internally and pass calls between one another rapidly.

Call attending aptitude: Your team needs to be well trained to handle calls. They should know when to expect a call from a prospect when to call back and follow up, prospects background details, level of interest and all the adjoining important information. This would simply lead to effective communication and quick call conversions.

Call recording can be used to reflect on how the agent performs on call, his strong and weak points. More importantly, recordings can be used to know what needs to be improved in the team’s call handling skills. They can even be used as a reference while training the team on communication expertise, identifying leadership potential, and the best ways to answer the lead’s queries.

Managing calls: You need to ensure that each call you receive gets a response. To achieve that you can ensure accurate call distribution among the teammates, and even set up an autoresponder message for the caller. This is a must when you aim to deliver impeccable customer service and calling experience.

Call labeling would help you identify hot prospect callers who are highly interested in your products and services as well as the spam callers.

Consequently, marketing is a vast domain whose effects are well spread over sales, business development and brand of your organizations. Phone calls are an important instrument used by consumers needs to be paid attention to by marketers today’s marketers.

Benefits of adding call tracking in your marketing strategy

Call tracking keeps a track of your marketing campaigns. In it will give access to the crucial data that drives business and a whole bunch of benefits. Such as,

  •  You can determine which of your marketing campaigns is generating the most call inquiries
  •  Know which of your phone number receives more calls
  •  For SEO and SEM, you can find out what keywords work best and target audiences accordingly
  • All those which help you optimize your marketing budget and drive more high-quality caller leads
  • Direct calling can give faster closures
  • The time to communicate with the prospect reduces as compared to emails
  • Smart sales reps can considerably impress the caller lead and build long-lasting customer relationships
  • You can spend less on long and complex remarketing campaigns as well as lead nurturing programs and focus more on inbound callers
  • Bridge the gap between web analytics and telephony

Bringing it all together

Call tracking and analytics in themselves are growing as a separate branch of marketing learning these days. Tracking the calls you receive gives you a better idea of how your targeted audience is interacting with you. Hence, as a tech-savvy business, you need to invest in call tracking. All you need to do is to integrate a call tracking software with your marketing tools that would help you identify customer behavior, your website visitors who convert into callers, and how your marketing channels are performing.

All in all, you must track the calls you receive, as well as make your telephone channels easily accessible by the calling leads. Let your clients and prospects reach you over a quick call and connect with you in real-time. This is a guaranteed formula that would result in increased conversions and thereby higher ROI.

Updated : July 14, 2021


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