The global VoIP services market is projected to be worth $190 billion by 2024. Needless to say, VoIP and other internet-based communication service providers, old and new, will be looking to get a piece of the pie. As one of the premier VoIP and telephony services providers in the market today, CallHippo is focused on providing quality services. It is also continuously engaged in product improvement and innovation. This, we believe, is one of the primary factors which helps a company survive in such a competitive landscape.

As we ring in 2019, CallHippo would like to acquaint its users with its convenient new features call forwarding, call transfer, call queuing, and so on. We hope that these new features serve as useful functionalities to existing and new customers.


Let’s examine CallHippo’s new features in detail.

1. Call Transfer

A call transfer system is a vital element of any telephonic communication system today. For any business, be it an SMB or a huge corporate enterprise, calls have to be transferred constantly. With traditional telephone systems, it becomes an annoyance to transfer calls. It is tedious and the person on the other end can get tired of waiting and hang up.

CallHippo’s VoIP system already makes it easier for you to make and receive calls. Now it makes call transfer effortless as well.
For businesses that deal with a large number of customers or have a dedicated customer service helpline, this feature will actually help you to engage and retain customers.

CallHippo’s call transfer system allows you to:

  1. Transfer calls to a member extension
  2. Transfer calls to the relevant department
  3. Transfer calls to voicemail

You can opt for either warm or cold transfer. The former involves talking to the new agent to whom the call is transferred. In the latter, the person transferring the call does not have to inform the intended recipient of the transfer.

CallHippo’s call transfer system enables you to retain customers, simply by showing that your team is paying attention. In many cases, it might be possible that a customer might call asking for support but he might call the wrong department. The call can be transferred in no time to the relevant department. Similarly, if the customer service executive who receives the call is unsure about a particular topic, he can connect the customer with a team member who does, without wasting any time. CallHippo makes tedious call transfers and bored customers a thing of the past.

2. Call Queueing

A Call Transfer System alone might not be enough to keep a long line of callers online. But a beeping ‘busy’ tone is music to nobody’s ears. Go for call queueing instead. You might simply have more customers than your entire customer service team can properly deal with. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t call. It’s better to use a call queue and keep them online.

CallHippo’s Call Queuing feature allows you to convey to the customer that their query will be dealt with shortly when a customer service agent is not immediately available. Instead of simply hanging up, the customer will be prompted to wait for a few more seconds when he hears that there are just X more callers before him. The call queueing feature ensures that the customer is not bored or annoyed by the wait. You can play engaging/soothing music, or custom messages including promotions and offers, in order to make the wait less dull. It signals to him that his call is important to the company.

With the call queueing feature, your business can reduce the number of missed calls and the volume of voicemail messages received. It is especially useful for call centers which have been set up for customer service. You can manage a high call volume even if you have limited staff members. More importantly, it makes sure that the quality of service or customer experience is not compromised.

CallHippo Features

3. Three-Party Conference

CallHippo finally has a robust call conference feature. Call conferencing makes it easy for various team members or stakeholders to collaborate on a project. Agents in different locations can get connected on the same call and have a discussion or meeting without having to be in the same location physically. The call conference feature allows team members to be productive no matter where they are in the world

The call conference feature provides a seamless calling experience to all the parties involved. Cut down on travel costs, time wastage as well as lost productivity with the call conference feature. It’s a  vital feature for businesses that have a number of remote workers or off-site team members. You no longer have to be stuck to your premises in order to conduct business efficiently, you can manage your team from overseas with the help of CallHippo’s suite of new features.

4. Call Barging

An excellent tool for supervisors and trainers, CallHippo’s new Call barging system allows the person monitoring the calls to become a part of the conversation. It could be used for a number of reasons:

  1. A customer calls in with queries regarding a new product or promotional scheme that the agent is not sufficiently acquainted with. A supervisor can barge in on the call in order to give the right information.
  2. Trainers can check how well a trainee is adhering to the standards of quality during the live call, and give feedback on his performance later.
  3. In case a customer is upset or if the situation seems to be escalating, the administrator or supervisor can barge in and defuse the situation.

The call barging system helps give assurance to the customer that they are being taken care of by the entire team, and not just a single agent who just happened to take the call. Supervisors can train more effectively, and ensure that tense situations do not escalate into pandemonium. It solidifies trust for the brand in the mind of the customers, reassuring them that they are in safe hands.

In Conclusion

CallHippo’s new features are worthy additions to its already excellent repertoire. Empower your business in different countries with these new offerings in 2019. Improve your project outcomes, manage your teams better, and ensure that your communications systems actually deliver what they promise.

Updated : March 19, 2021


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