“We are in the midst of a VoIP communications revolution,” says Jeff Pulver, chairman of Pulver.com and publisher of Voice on the Net (von) magazine. “IP communications is disruptive communications in the most positive sense, and it will dramatically enhance the ways in which we communicate.”

Have you ever wondered what restrains your well-built e-commerce company from reaching its targets? The answer is the absence of virtual phone systems or VoIP technology. The use of virtual phone numbers in the e-commerce industry is like the use of a magic wand that can improvise the efficiency and productivity of your business. But how?

Here is a complete tutorial on the usage of virtual phone systems to give a 360-degree hike to your e-business. With the introduction of e-commerce phone systems, your business is sure to embrace the benefits of :

  • seamless integration
  • remote access
  • long-term financial gains
  • team collaboration
  • improved customer retention
  • and a tremendous increase in operational efficiency and corporate productivity

Today, broadband phone services or internet telephony are the trendsetters across the globe. They provide the best customer service experience to the customers irrespective of geographical boundaries or time frame. Worldwide the VoIP calling market is to touch the $183.7 Billion mark by 2027. This internet-based calling system has a global presence and is easy to customize as per the need of the business. 

Benefits Of Virtual Phone System In The E-Commerce

Therefore, the VoIP phone system is much helpful over and above the conventional calling system based on the below-mentioned parameter.

1. Cost-effective

Research shows that e-companies who invested in VoIP saved big bucks by making a shift from a traditional calling setup to a virtual calling system. Instead of shedding money for every calling minute (in the case of traditional phone lines), the company requires to make a single one-time investment at the time of VoIP setup. This means long-term financial benefits.

2. Call forwarding

Are you still regretting the last time, when you missed your prime client to your competitor because you could not attend his call on time? If yes, not any more. With the introduction of virtual phone numbers, your calls get forwarded to the responsive lines or personal phone numbers without any delay. This means that your customer benefits from your round-the-clock and across the globe presence, resulting in improved customer retention and engagement.

3. VOIP Call recording

If you wish to train your customer support team with the best case studies, then a virtual phone system will work wonders for you. The calls between you and customers can get recorded for future references. You can use these recordings as realistic examples during the training sessions for effective results.

4. Automated greeting

How you greet others, determines the tenure and quality of relationships soon. Considering this fact in mind, the e-commerce phone systems are easy to customize to greet every caller in a personalized manner. Apart from this, the callers are often serviced with pleasing music, until a human interface comes in to discuss the concern in detail. 

5. Automated attendant

Benefits Of Using A Virtual Phone System In The E-Commerce

As you know, the e-commerce industry is not bound by time. The customers demand the presence of the customer support team, as and when needed by them. So, to duplicate the presence of human support during non-working hours, VoIP technology makes use of an interactive voice response system. This feature reduces the dependency on human staff and also meets the demand of certain basic business communication requirements. 

6. Ease of hosting business conference calls

Virtual phone number helps the business in many ways in day to day activity. Ease of conference calls is one of the prime advantages of e-commerce phone systems. Business professionals can have a call with more than hundreds of people at one single point without worrying about meeting space or location. Also, VoIP conferencing is cost and time-effective with access to both audio and video calls. 

7. Improved CRM

With the presence of a virtual phone system, the CRM team can have a clear and updated track record of interactions with the customer at any point. Also, the company can update their customer about the service status at regular intervals, thus ensuring proper customer engagement.

8. Toll-free service

Your customer seated in a different state or country might need to connect with you over-call but will not do so from the fear of incurring the heavy cost of telecommunication. So, to safeguard the call expense on mutual sides and to add on to the trust of the customer, the businesses must opt for virtual phone numbers. The use of VoIP systems provides toll-free numbers, which don’t cost your client a single penny. Apart from this, your business ads with toll-free numbers will drive in more sales and prospects. 

9. Remote access

Considering the running pandemic situation of 2020-2021, the usage of virtual phone systems has become a necessity for every business. VoIP calling ensures to remain connected to the widespread network of customers, all the time, without any delays, even from the remotest of the location. Virtual phone numbers are available at a much reasonable price as well. 

Today the need and reach of online shopping have also raised the benchmark of expectations for customer service. So, if your business is experiencing a setback because of the lack of full-fledged call support to your clients, then immediately look for the best virtual phone number providers. Explore the best of options like CallHippo present in the market and match them to suit the needs of your business before finalizing on anyone. 

Finally, we would love to hear from you about your chosen virtual phone system and how it transformed your business for all good. Please mention this in the comments below.

Updated : July 14, 2021


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