If you think of a versatile, reliable and economical communication system, there is no doubt that virtual phone numbers will be the first thing that comes up in your mind! A currently buzzing trend worldwide, VoIP phone systems have gained popularity worldwide in recent times. In fact, we can expect a real explosion in VoIP technology as its global subscriber base is expected to rise to 72.2 million by the end of 2020.

While virtual phone numbers are ideal communication solutions for a diverse spectrum of industries. Even VoIP is ideal for educational industries, eCommerce industries, health care industries, etc. The financial services sector definitely is one specific domain that can benefit from this radical technology. The financial services sector includes banking, insurance, credit unions, investment firms, and stock brokerages – it is currently experiencing a boom, in fact, India is experiencing a growth of nearly 8.5% in the financial services sector.

Getting a competitive thrust is vital in any business domain, and a VoIP phone number for financial services is the perfect way to get that advantage. Good communication practices play an important role in customer experience, process accuracy and industry compliance, hence an office phone number for financial institutions is an absolute corporate necessity.

Why You Need A VoIP Phone Number For Financial Services

There has been a sudden advent in the use of technological tools in the financial sector. Many venture capitalists, brokers, bankers, and insurance agents are having an increased reliance on communication software that helps in the automation of routine tasks. Office phone numbers for financial institutions can improve operational efficiency and employee productivity. They are also a very cost-effective platform and can result in a financial saving of over 75% on phone bills through economical call plans.

Financial organizations such as banks, insurance, and brokerage firms need to be in continuous contact with their customers. Investing in a VoIP phone number for financial services is the best way to keep the lines of two-way communication open with customers, and serve them in a superior manner so as to build loyalty and long term engagement. Virtual phone systems facilitate smooth and seamless customer interaction, thereby leading to better revenues and profitability for financial service providers.

So if you have a startup in the financial sector or are an influencer in a big multi-national finance organization, make sure to take the right call and invest in a virtual phone number. Office phone numbers for financial institutions can bring about these amazing advantages for your company:

Greater Accessibility:

Virtual phone systems are a comprehensive way to boost the accessibility of support staff members. Since getting a VoIP phone number for financial services will forward calls to available support representatives, your customers will not need to wait in long queues to solve their problems. So there is no requirement for clients to wait for office working hours, as they will be able to receive superior quality service at any time of the day. Your financial services organization will gain an edge over business rivals as it will have a seamless communication network over multiple geographical offices.

Higher Customer Service:

Keeping your valued customers happy and delighted is essential in today’s cut-throat business environment. Office phone numbers for financial institutions enable clients to self-direct themselves to required departments or extension numbers through automated virtual assistants. Customers receive speedy, agile and flexible service as they can get connected to team members at any point in time. Another useful feature of the VoIP phone system is complete data security, so clients do not have to worry about sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. There is no doubt that virtual phone systems are indeed potent tools for financial services organizations and can escalate their performance parameters!

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Complete Scalability:

Investing in a credible software vendor for your virtual telephone needs can make sure you get the perfect VoIP phone number for the financial services domain. Most virtual phone number service providers offer completely scalable solutions – they are able to grow with your business size and adjust to increased market demands. Your financial organization can also purchase new modules and features as and when needed – so make sure to choose the best VoIP phone system for your diversifying financial business.

Increased Profitability:

Every organization needs to cut down on communication costs so as to benefit from higher business revenues. Organizations in the financial services industry can gain higher profits by getting an office phone number for financial institutions as it has significantly cheaper call rates. This is ideal for companies that have a high volume of daily calls. Another great aspect of virtual phone systems is that pricing packages can be curated to fit your organization’s communication budget- no more extra expenses that eat away into profitability!

Compliance and Flexibility:

Companies in the financial sector need to comply with a host of local rules and regulations. VoIP solutions help you follow them and provide the required call flexibility. You will no longer be disrupted by poor weather conditions as calls can ring on both your office and mobile phone. Thus, making sure you never miss one. You can choose to use VoIP in different sectors and enjoy enhanced ease of access. If you are looking for a viable 8×8 VoIP phone alternative, CallHippo can be your pick. Wait, there is more to it! 

You can empower your employees to work from anywhere, and all they need to have is a good internet connection. They can choose to work at the convenience of their homes, offices, or even cross-borders and enjoy excellent calling quality at all times. Besides, if you work in the financial sector, you can even try out a VoIP for the financial industryMoreover, both fixed and non-fixed VoIP offers huge cost savings and help you save on maintenance costs.

Personalized Client Experience:

Financial services organizations deal with their customers frequently and need to provide them an excellent guest experience. Virtual phone numbers can play pre-recorded greetings for customers and also play music while they are waiting to get connected to team members. It is highly easy to set up and easy to use a VoIP phone system – it is a user-friendly platform that requires no technical know-how and can instantly be adopted by all employees in the organization. So, getting a virtual number for your financial services institution is the best way to keep customer satisfaction super high!

There are many new trends in the financial services industry, however, virtual telephony is definitely the highest ranking on the list. Most financial organizations across the globe have moved on to virtual phone numbers. It is a smart way to capture target audiences in overseas markets, improve team collaboration and boost remote mobility.

VoIP is indeed a highly tempting service for business organizations. Financial companies that deal with heavy data can benefit from detailed call analytics that will lead to strategic decision making. Now that you are fully aware of the benefits of virtual phone systems for financial organizations, make an informed choice and get a top-class solution that will boost your bottom line results!

Updated : July 21, 2021


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