Every business wants to go global and enter the big league! Whether a small new enterprise or a mid-sized organization, owners always dream of expanding or diversifying business services on a global level. 

Well, going global from local is not as easy as it sounds. It comes with its own set of challenges and difficulties. However, if you have a business phone number, it will be a breeze. With globalization on the rise, it is easy for business organizations to build a huge audience in any commercial destination, and build genuine long-lasting relationships with their precious clients with cloud phone system.

Communication is one aspect that you would definitely want to focus upon if you are planning to enter an overseas market. A survey conducted by SinglePlatform revealed that over 79% of customers trust local businesses, hence it is important to take strategic measures to break into the market. A toll free number to respond to customer queries, and a local number to forge a distinct identity for your business will go a long way in capturing target audiences.

How Can A Cloud-Based Phone System Turn Your Global Dream To Reality?

The market is flooded with tons of new-age applications and solutions that are geared towards building communication capabilities internally and externally. Since companies that communicate well are 4.5 times more likely to retain their best employees, it is vital to establish a robust system that works well for vendors, clients, team members, and stakeholders.

The advent of business phone numbers fuelled by VoIP technology has changed the modern telecommunications. Virtual telephony gives businesses the roots to expand into diverse markets as they have cost-effective pricing plans and boost the accessibility of team members and manage clients internationally with cloud phone system

For example: If your organization is headquartered in New Delhi, India and you plan to enter the Australian market, all you need to do is purchase an Australia phone number with local area code. Your customers are in the Australian continent will be easily able to call your agents by just dialing a local number on their mobile devices – no delay in communication or trust issues. Your organization can conduct business operations from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane – all that is required is an Australia phone number to gain credibility and build a brand reputation in the Australian market space.

Go Global From Local In A Couple Of Minutes With A Business Phone Number:

Virtual phone numbers are a real boon for any growing business. They can help organizations establish a strong local presence in an unknown overseas market. Your customers do not know whether you are operating from the company headquarters or a contact center is in any part of the world, as they get to view a local number on the screen. Enter-The-Global-Playing-Field-With-A-Cloud-Phone-System-middle

There are many trusted service providers that can help your business go global from local in just a short span of time. You need to be clear about your unique business requirements, and most vendors will be able to customize a package to suit your model. Here are some benefits of using a local virtual PBX system for your organization:

Remote Accessibility: We live in a hyper-digital era where companies all over the work are encouraging flexible work arrangements such as telecommuting and remote working with VoIP phone number which make such options an actual reality, as team members are not restricted to be in a physical office location. Hence, even if your organization is commencing operations in a new destination, you do not need to maintain a huge staff base there – a business phone number can enable you to have a customer contact center in your home location. Even if your managers or support representatives are traveling for personal or official reasons, all they need to do is get connected to the internet, and they can make or receive business calls on the move!

Serve Customers Better: Customer service reigns supreme – if you cannot keep your clients happy, they will surely move on to rival organizations. Toll-free virtual phone numbers with various three-digit codes such as 800,833,844 or 877 allow your clients to call your business free of charge. This ensures that your valued customers do not get interrupted or delayed customer service. They can call at any time of the day or night, and their call will immediately be forwarded to an available customer representative. Your customers will not hesitate to make support calls due to the fear of incurring expensive phone bills. VoIP phone numbers are the fastest medium to increase your customer satisfaction rankings and provide them a meaningful experience.

Wide Variety of Features: Communication is the most crucial component for any business organization. Investing in a VoIP phone system will give you access to a wide range of features that can increase operational efficiency and smoothen task flow management. Call forwarding can ensure that your important client’s calls are forwarded to an available agent so that not even a single opportunity is missed. A call recording is another vital feature as it enables organizations to maintain an electronic log of all conversations. Managers can go through these customer calls, identify areas for improvement, and enhance the standards of customer service. Other useful features include caller ID, planner, interactive voice response, call analytics, and voicemail. They can lead to seamless business processes and go a long way in boosting workplace productivity.

Save Tons of Money: Every business has to be careful about money. If your business is operating from multiple geographical locations, it is essential to keep an eye on your communication budget. Using a traditional copper-wired telephone over cloud phone system would surely prove to be extremely expensive due to high calling rates. Hence, getting a local virtual phone number would be a smart option. Most service providers give very competitive pricing plans and even customize calling options to meet your company requirements. It is a one-time investment, and VoIP phone systems do not require any kind of after-sales maintenance.  A simple installation process and your team members will be ready to start making international calls at a fraction of the cost!

Build A Sense of Trust in Local Clientele: Building a ‘local presence’ in a new business market is imperative to your chances of success. People are more likely to pick up calls from a local phone number and invest time in a local business entity, rather than trying out a company operating from an international location. When clients see a local area code flashing on their screens, they assume that the organization is in the neighborhood, and this helps them trust it blindly. Having a local toll-free number is also highly beneficial, as clients can make calls, reach out and connect with your organization, without spending any money. Once you gain credibility in a new market, you will be able to compete with local businesses and prove your worth by delivering superior service.

In a nutshell, owning a VoIP phone number will not only enhance workplace collaboration but also inspire faith in your global customer base. They will feel as though your organization is located nearby and they can reach out easily, despite the fact that your employees may be working remotely from scattered geographical locations.

Business phone systems are a marvel of modern telecommunications. They do not restrict organizations to any one place and let you move beyond man-made boundaries. Organizations need to look into every small detail if they plan to go global – they cannot ignore the internal communication structure as it will determine how well organizational stakeholders interact with each other.

So, give your communication network an overhaul, and get a VoIP phone system. This will ensure that your organization can build a brand reputation in any international market, and gain a competitive edge that will help it surge ahead of business rivals!

Updated : December 10, 2021

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