One of the greatest inventions of the Human Race, the humble ’wired’ telephone has probably run its course and it might now be time to consider using the ever growing internet for Voice Communication as well. In this article, we will discuss why more and more people are increasingly ditching their long serving landlines and adopting VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) as their preferred means of communication. Read on and find out whether you too should consider this option and what are the Pros and Cons of doing so.

Difference Between Landline And VoIP

The Landlines generally come with specific features since the phone is suited only for the particular use of making and receiving calls. VoIP or Virtual Phone Systems, on the other hand, offers many more features along with all of those offered by a typical landline. One particular difference between the two is that landline is a fixed system where the phone line itself doesn’t move much and the phone number is attached to the physical location of the phone. While in the case of VoIP, the phone number is completely independent of the location and can be used from anywhere and through any device such as a Smartphone, a Computer or a Tablet!

The traditional wired phone connects through the phone jack to the public telephone switch network through phone lines/wires and connects the calls by interconnecting along the circuits. VoIP, on the other hand, works on the principle of converting the sound into data packets and transmitting those through the Internet.

Pros of VoIP Over Landline

Mobility: Whereas a Landline is impossible to move around, VoIP allows users to make calls from anywhere without the physical boundaries. This feature is great for people who travel a lot and want to be continuously connected.

Use of Multiple Devices: As opposed to a Landline, a VoIP system will allow for the use of any compatible device, and in any number. This is a great feature and allows for much greater flexibility.

Cheaper Calls: VoIP being an internet-based calling system, is extremely cheap, especially for International/Long distance calls compared to the charges incurred on a Landline phone. Also, there is no separate infrastructure requirement for a VoIP phone system since it uses the existing data/ broadband functionalities.

Inter-Operability: Whereas the traditional landline phone operates in itself and is not a part of other forms of communication such as Emails or File Transfer, the VoIP has succeeded in bringing the phone calls to the same network as other widely used forms of communication such as Emails, File Sharing, etc. and makes the communication process seamless and more efficient.

How The Change From Landline To VoIP Can Help Your Business

If the above arguments are any indication, it is an obvious fact that the world is moving away from the Landline-based phone systems to the VoIP-based systems. A study shows that 89% of the businesses will ditch landlines in about 2 years from now. The change can have multiple effects on a business, most of them advantageous.

Most PC-to-PC calls are free and have features for visual exchange as well. These, combined with various other factors go on to indicate that it is indeed a beneficial option for businesses, especially the ones with good internet connectivity to switch to VoIP-based telephony and do away with Landlines altogether. The current technology enables the user to keep the existing fixed line phone numbers and through the process of porting, transfer the number to a VoIP provider. This eliminates a major hurdle of communicating the change in contact numbers to the clients.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is for individual businesses to make a decision regarding their choice of communication and connectivity, but the growing trend the world over is to optimally use the digital technology, such as virtual phone systems, and leverage maximum profit out of it. Apart from simplifying the workflow, the use of VoIP also helps in increasing the overall productivity of the business organization. And yes, when it comes to VoIP, the icing on the cake is that it is extremely cost-effective!!


Updated : February 16, 2021


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