The hospitality industry is highly reliant on communication for ensuring customer satisfaction and efficient business operations. Many brands, unfortunately, fail to grasp the major necessity of this and focus on other viewpoints instead. 

While the Hotel phone system remains an essential vehicle for customer service. Clients use it to make their reservations, call the front office for services, and get notifications for room availability. 

However, statistics show that 64% of millennials currently make their hotel room reservations through their smartphones instead of conventional phone systems. Therefore, to retain and gain more customers in your hotel business, you should switch to modern solutions like VoIP phone systems. In this article, we shall discuss some of the main reasons why.

Why to get a Hotel Phone System

What is a Hotel Phone System?

“An organization with excellent internal communication will run smoothly, allowing its members to progress toward a mutual goal, which will ultimately affect the quality of external communication.”


Hotel phone systems help streamline the communication channels in hospitality establishments. In addition, stakeholders like contractors, suppliers, and employees utilize it for running their respective operations productively. 

Overall, hotel brands focus on their users, including internal staff, associate stakeholders, and customers, while designing their telephone systems. 

Some of the leading players involved and their interest points in leveraging a centralized phone system include:

  • The owner: The entrepreneur needs an intelligent phone system to keep in touch with their managers about their business regulatory and financial matters. 
  • The operator: This professional focuses on the functionality of the telephone system; they commandeer the interaction between guests and staff. 
  • The guests: In the hospitality sector, the guests and their needs come first. The hotel telephone system can make service requests like housekeeping, room service, and concierge. Currently, guests in hotels and B&Bs utilize this for WiFi connection and internal communications primarily. 

To note, the traditional PBX phone systems are cumbersome for hospitality giants. This is because of the higher expenses for system maintenance, service bills, and extensive wiring risks involved. 

Comparatively, VoIP phone systems are more efficient for hotels, with lesser cost, higher reliability, and a range of integrated features. The VoIP phone system is a popular internalized communication medium in other industries as well. This has benefits like a 90% decrease in telecommunications setup costs + international call costs and 40% lowered local call expenses. 

Reasons to depend on Hotel Phone Systems

Any issues in the phone system performance and connectivity can cause a decline in your business operations. Bad guest experience is collateral damage, and hotels begin losing customers. 

Here are ten top advantages of a hotel phone system for hotels to improve their work quality and retain customers.

1.Fewer costs 

The most significant benefit of VoIP systems is the reduction of overall costs that they ensure. While adding traditional wire PBX systems, there are extra costs involved in setting up the telephone lines throughout the hotel. 

In contrast, you have to pay less to VoIP service providers since there is no need for complex logistics and wiring altogether.

Additionally, you can avoid maintenance and upkeep costs too. Notably, VoIP phone systems can integrate with conventional hotel desk phones. Thus, you do not have to spend any extra funds if you already have a traditional phone system in place. 

A VoIP infrastructure can run with both the phone lines and mobile technology apps.

2.Operational efficiency 

Hotel phone systems with VoIP technology integrate with business management software and CRM models. Currently, most hotels utilize CRMs for their operations, with Google Workforce, Salesforce, and even Microsoft 365 integration. 

Here, utilizing a cloud-based hotel phone system is valuable for staff to manage their multiple tasks simultaneously. VoIP-based systems give features like booking, file management, data, processing, and customer information management. 

Not to mention, most of these tasks complete automatically with this technology. 

3.Customer service initiatives

Phone systems in hotels are mainly used for room service or toiletry orders. However, how fast the staff responds and completes the customer requests determine the success of the hotel. 

Advanced phone systems are vital here. The hotel staff can systematically organize their services and ensure a top-range user experience daily. 

For example, with the help of VoIP phone systems, the employees can provide customer services like automated wake-up calls. They can track if the guests received the call. If not, they can personally make a follow-up call later. Efforts like these improve the customer service experience for the guests. 

4.Better suited for brand expansion 

The scope of VoIP phone systems is vast. Not only is it useful for front-desk phone communication management but also room-to-room phone system management. Therefore, hotel executives can add more phone lines and connections if they are expanding their hotel services. 

Since there is no need for wiring and logistics concerns with VoIP solutions, the process would complete smoothly. 

5.Simple usability 

There are many uses of VoIP phone systems, and most of them simplify the overall work performance of the staff. According to 97% of professionals across multiple industries, communication affects workplace tasks highly.

With VoIP phone systems, the staff can complete a wide range of outbound and inbound communications smoothly. Some examples include:

  • Consumers can utilize mobile-based VoIP apps and softphones for constant communications with staff even while they are traveling. 
  • The process of booking and managing reservations is more straightforward with connection to both computer and phone systems. 
  • Hotel guest requests like room service are more streamlined. 
  • Receptionists can hold and transfer their calls more easily; this reduces the waiting period and connection-related issues for prospective clients and current guests. 

6.Better check-in process 

A significant point in favor of VoIP hotel phone systems is that it has a unified structure. It runs on cloud-based technology, making it easier for hotel staff to manage multiple responsibilities, including hotel check-ins. They can reference customer details and check room availability quicker through this system. 

With Cloud phone system features like activity feed helps employees track call logs like caller name, call status, and missed calls. As a result, they can ensure better customer request resolutions overall.  

7.Safer information management and communication 

Hotel phone systems that run with VoIP technology allow hotel staff to guarantee higher information security to their guests. For example, they use features such as the auto-delete option to get rid of information after customers check out. 

Since many travelers worry about their personal details spreading, offering this added security would increase their trust in your hotel service. 

8.Better call management 

“There is only one boss. The customer.”

– Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart

For customer service, VoIP phone systems are a significant boon. Guests call up the front desk often for their queries. However, due to the backlog of calls to the front desk from different guests, which happens frequently, not every customer can get through.

Hotel Phone System

VoIP phone systems offer a more straightforward user interface than unclear dial plans standard with regular hotel telephone systems. This is useful for both the guests and employees to track and monitor internal calls and their timings. 

9.Multi-business compatible 

Cloud phone systems are useful for different types of hospitality industries. So, when you are running a small-scale B&B venue or a large-scale luxury hotel, these advanced phone systems are simple to adapt to for different business models. 

10.Good call quality 

Unlike traditional PBX phone systems, hotel staff that uses VoIP phone systems can offer better call quality. This is because the network connections are faster, and voices sound less static during calls. 

Improved call quality results in improved overall customer experience. And improved customer experience results in increased revenues. So lets very important for hotels to switch to better VoIP Phone Sytems


Overall, there are multiple features of VoIP phone systems enabling brands to adopt them for their operations. For example, in the hotel business, this technology can improve customer engagement and experience highly. So, research and choose a reliable service provider for your hotel business.

Updated : September 2, 2021


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