We are leaving in a digital era where things have been automated up to a level where we need not to even monitor them. With drone delivering the Pizzas and Alexa playing the music of your own choice, businesses are redefining the human intervention to improve the service quality.  One such technology that has granted an upscale hold over the operations is VoIP phone systems.

The cutting-edge technology has set landmarks in the areas where businesses need to have a highly responsive telecommunication system. With low-cost call rates and around the clock availability, Cloud PBX VoIP phone service helps such businesses to stay in touch with their customers.

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Following data can explain what all it can do to a business:

  • It reduces the local call expenditure by 40% while the international expenses for business phone number service can be cut down up to 90%.
  • A VoIP system can easily trim down the telecommunication setup cost by 90%.

Though almost every business can be benefited at large by implementing a virtual phone number service offered by CallHippo, there are some specific sectors where it can be proved highly beneficial.

Customer care service

No matter what sort of business you own, you need to have a ready-at-your-service customer care service center to provide a pleasurable service experience to your customers. In addition, it is also important to build a professional image of a business in the eyes of the customers. Businesses, those who don’t have a customer care service center, are often struggling hard to gain the customers’ trust. So, virtual phone systems should be a part of your communication channels.

If you have a business phone number service by your side, you will be able to solve your customers’ queries, inform them about your services and on-going offers, and help them to pick out the best product.


Well, e-commerce services have grown like mushrooms after the digital revolution. People like to buy the things they need from the comfort of their house instead of visiting the store personally. The need to have an upscale and responsive Virtual Phone System is the most prevailing in this sector as this is the only way via which a customer can contact the service provider.

If you own an e-commerce business then, for easy survival, you need to answer all the calls, reduce waiting time, and provide a quick solution and analysis the call patterns for different business purposes. Doing all this is not at all possible with the traditional phone system.

The implementation of Cloud PBX VoIP Phone Service in the e-commerce industry helps to answer all the calls with prompt assistance. As it works as a unified communication-point, the e-commerce industry can easily handle the call traffic at an affordable cost and improve their sales using VoIP. With its help, an e-commerce service provider can easily:

  •    Records the call for future reference.
  •    Automatically transfer the call to another available agent in case one line busy.
  •    Answer all the voicemails.
  •    Integrate CRM.
  •    Do the call analysis and understand the main concern behind your customer calls.

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The hospitality industry is also one major sector that requires being in constant touch with its customers. Be it a room booking or calling for room service from the room itself, they require a business phone number service by their side. This technology is a must-have tool in this sector to grant a par excellence service experience to its clients. With the help of a CallHippo virtual phone number, this industry can easily:

  •    Build an extension dialing system.
  •    Auto-direct the calls to the concerned department.
  •    Set up On-hold music and welcome greeting.
  •    Allow your employees to make an inter-department with the same number.

Travel Agency

If you are a travel agency, you need to make numerous calls to your existing and future customers for different purposes. Your existing customers need to be updated about their travel plan, the journey route and about many other things. In order to build future customers, you need to do regressive promotion about your travel schemes and discounts using Business Phone Number Service.

By using a cloud PBX VoIP Phone Service, you can easily send bulk promotional SMS to the clients. In fact, you can use it to send personalized SMS about the travel plan of your existing customers.

Doing all this with a virtual phone number is not only cost-effective but also streamlined. You can easily get detailed information about your customer and understand their priorities.  

Health Care

It is very important for any health care industry to attend all the calls at the single ring as calls over there are emergency calls. Using a business phone number helps you to gain this ability as you can get multiple lines over a single phone number.  In addition to this, Cloud PBX VoIP Phone Service by CallHippo is a great help when you aim high to get customized communication points.

VoIP- One for all

VoIP Cloud PBX Phone Service is one such tool that caters business needs to all sorts of industries like financial industries, eCommerce industries, and even you can use VoIP for educational industries as well by a simple implementation. The important thing is you can use your VoIP phone in vacation too.

Updated : July 27, 2021


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