Communication is the lifeline of any business and more so in particular when you are trying to set shop in an absolutely new geographical location like Italy in Europe. And this is where things generally get tricky. You have to know every little nitty-gritty packet of information about the consumer’s choices, general cultural leaning of the people and the precise government regulations. Business is trying their best to possess all the necessary vital content of a new market in real time.

So, how would you gain that sharp competitive advantage in your business if you also want to toe the line and follow the often used methods of gaining traction of consumers, their choices, tastes, likes and, preferences?

Well, this is where learning about and using virtual phone number will assist you a lot. Once done, you can then go ahead and invest in this novel and exciting way of reaching clients by using the Virtual phone numbers or the Virtual mobile numbers available in Italy. This way, your business and, the brand will be able to provide that reaffirming local feel to its customers with real ease.

Importance of getting the Italy VoIP number:

A global business hub never sleeps. It is always daytime for that business house in some nook and corner of the world. Thanks to this new technology of Virtual phone numbers available online. Now your business too shall run 24/7.

Virtual Phone Number also is known as Direct Inward Dialling is a telephone number which uses a virtual phone system instead of the age-old routine traditional PBX system. All Italian phone numbers would require an internet connection to receive and make calls.

Getting Italian numbers or Italy virtual mobile numbers will help your business connect directly to the customers without even connecting to any regular telephone line available in Italy. These Italian Phone numbers can be allocated to any mobile phone app or a computer or a laptop or a tablet and it’s cheaper than the usual ISD calls. This will not only provide a highly improved and well-streamlined customer experience but a really satisfying one.

Benefits of choosing CallHippo for local Italy Virtual Phone Number Online:

There are numerous reasons why businesses would love to get CallHippo’s Italy local toll-free numbers. They provide your customers with some exceptional services. They will only be a call or a text or an email away from having their queries solved in a dependable manner since these cloud based virtual phone system work flawlessly everywhere, all the time without any glitches or error. Also, CallHippo works in a very transparent manner without any hidden costs or charges. Consumers only have to pay for what they have bought and can cancel anytime if they are not satisfied with a local Italy virtual phone number online technology approach. And most importantly, this service provided by CallHippo is a real value for money and highly affordable than the other overly-priced Italian virtual phone number service providers.

Advantages for your business on using Italian local toll-free virtual phone numbers online:

Never underestimate the power of an idea whose time has come. And VoIP is one such idea.

Getting local Italian phone numbers online will help you create a local presence for your business. Doing so will help you get a direct reach of all the customers with only one specific line.  This will merge all the other customers who want to connect to Italy via you through a single route. Now, that’s just neat.

Doing so will also help cut costs on roaming calls by sidestepping any international fees imposed on such conversation phone calls.

This Italian numbers will help you to do business without any hassle. Thus the impression created by your brand on the minds of your client/customer will be long-lasting.

Today’s business is all about doing things in one go. Italy phone numbers online will make sure no phone call goes unattended by you since virtual phone numbers aren’t connected to just one phone like in the old times. Italian Phone numbers are connected to a mobile app hence easily downloaded on any device anytime.

So, how to avail Italian phone number online?

CallHippo offers you different numbers to choose from, by following these easy to understand steps:

Sign up with CallHippo.

Give a name to your Italy virtual phone number.

Choose your state/province and Italy as your country.

Select what you want for your business i.e. a toll free number or a virtual number.

Pay up and start calling immediately.

The features and pricing schema of CallHippo:

CallHippo is all about one thing and one thing only – helping its clients to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate. Yes, the 3 Golden C’s of any good conversation.

That is why CallHippo focuses on these following features a lot:

Call recording, a must have a thing for future references. CallHippo’s VoIP phone number in Italy allows you to record every business call you make thus helping you in garnering data to reflect upon in future.

Call forwarding, a system through which no call will ever go unmet since it could be forwarded to any VoIP device of your choice.

Voicemail, wherein the customers themselves will be able to record their own calls and messages for any further usage.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response), this feature of CallHippo’s Italian Phone Numbers will help guide and connect to the umpteen departments present in an organization these days by providing the caller department extensions.

Call analytics, helps you track and analyze your overall phone support system to give you insights and perspectives on how your business is doing.


A nominal monthly rental of 8$

Incoming calls are only 0.02 a minute.

So just don’t wait and get yourself an Italian Virtual phone number as soon as possible from CallHippo. Its exceptional services and features will give more flexibility to your business and will help you reach out to more customers in Italy that too at a very affordable rate.

Note:- Please check our updated pricing plans.

Updated : April 9, 2021


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