Why call recording is important?

Tired of taking notes during a call? Missing out on personal and private information? Spoken words are often forgotten but written always remains. Recording business calls can be really effective and productive. With the call recording feature, you can record the calls once and can later review them or even use them to be even more productive. Make your phone calls immortal by just keeping them safe and stored. Save them once, visit them time and time again.

We, as individuals have countless reasons to record calls, some could be really petty but others could be to utter importance. The call recording system not only benefits you to record personal calls but can also be of great help for business-related calls and can actually help you stay in the loop with the conversation you had and act accordingly keeping all the value points in mind. You can archive them, share them, podcast them, and so on. Call recording becomes more pertinent in businesses, which banks a lot on saving information for later managerial and other business needs.

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There are a number of smart and convenient tools offered by Call recording service providers in VoIP. If you are taking full advantage of VoIP they can even do more than just offering free call recording in Virtual phone system. CallHippo is one of the leading call recording service providers in VoIP.

Why your sales team needs call recording, how it works?

Managing sales can be a tough job. Keeping every prospect in mind, acting accordingly, coming up to the expectations is a task in itself. You would not want to stress yourself even more by actually remembering every detail of the conversation you had with another person.

In the current scenario, what happens to the conversation just after the call ends? A major chunk of the information is lost. You try to keep it recorded using various other tools like taking notes, scheduling follow-ups, etc, but the actual conversation is lost. Moreover, you have no evidence of having a conversation. The call recording feature not only provides an affirmation but also helps in documenting it.

Another advantage of having a call recording feature is Adieu to Note-taking – There is a lot happening on a sales calls, you cannot jot down every bit of it. Call record it! With free call recording in virtual phones, you don’t have to worry about anything else but just focus on the prospect. With call recordings in the virtual phone system, meetings can happen hassle-free by simply passing off recordings of the past calls instead of handing off notes — which are full of typos, shorthand and incomplete information. The person receiving the prospect can now listen to those calls and start their first conversation not only with a complete understanding of the conversations that have taken place but also a feel for the emotion and tone of voice that the prospect or customer uses and have a personal connection.

Another edge that calls recording in sales has over other mediums is that when the sales manager looks into the metrics, verbally, the salesperson cannot tell the story. Using call recording as a tool, the whole conversation can be provided to the manager without any chance of missing out on to important points.

Does it have any Benefits?

Having said so much already, a free Call recording in Virtual phone system cent percent has so many benefits, which are as follows-

  • Automated call recording using CallHippo call recording system.
  • Purge the tedious task of taking notes and go tech-friendly.
  • With the automatic transfer of your calls to your CRM using the CallHippo call recording system, you don’t have to worry about saving them manually.
  • You can use the recorded calls for training the new employees and set a more practical example.
  • Since recorded calls can be revisited, they can help in analyzing the business plans and act accordingly and generate more effective policies and strategies.
  • Call Recording service providers in VoIP ensure that this is hassle-free and fulfills the regulatory compliance as per the legal norms.
  • Go infinite with your calls now using CallHippo call recording system as it provides unlimited incoming and outgoing calls without any time hindrance.

How to set call recording in CallHippo?

The free call recording in Virtual phone system offered by Call Recording service providers in VoIP cannot get easier than by using CallHippo call recording system. Just a few simple steps, and Voila! you’re all set to go!

This is no rocket science and can be easily done by following some easy steps which are as follows

  1. Save the person’s number you want to call.
  2. Tap the number, go to settings.
  3. Turn on the call recording.
  4. Get set calling!

It is that easy and simple.

You can also listen to the recording then and there. CallHippo call recording system also provides for the facility of reviewing your call recording just after you hang up. You can do this by going to the tab ‘Activity feed’ where you will find all your call recordings and you can listen to whichever recording you want to.

Get started with CallHippo and make optimum use of free call recording in the Virtual phone system.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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