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How To Call Spain From The US? A Step-by-Step Guide

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Supriya Bajaj

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: August 21, 2023

Spain, a country situated in southwestern Europe, is famous for tourism. Besides, it makes up the world’s sixteenth-largest nation by nominal GDP and the sixth-largest in Europe. Spain has around 6 million foreign residents, which is among the highest in Europe due to its economic prowess and high standard of living.

Make international calls to Spain From the US

Given that Spain has a large migrant population, you might find friends and family residing there. You may also have customers and clients living in Spain. 

Luckily, modern technology like VoIP or virtual phone number systems makes it easy and affordable to make international calls to Spain or other countries.

This post will guide how to dial Spain from the US, share the different Spain area codes, and the best virtual calling platform to make international calls.

How To Call Spain From The US [To Mobile Number]

Make unlimited calls to Spain

Dialing Spain from the US is quite simple. All you need to do is dial the country exit code of the US, the area code of the region where you are dialing in Spain, and the cell phone numbers.

Below are the steps you should follow while calling Spain from the US:

Step 1: Enter the US International Exit Code 

Before making any phone calls, make sure you enter the US international exit code. The exit code to dial a phone number outside of the US is ‘011’.

Instead of entering the international exit code, you can also use the ‘+’ symbol.

Step 2: Dial the Country Code for Spain

After you have entered the US international exit code, dial Spain’s country code. Like any other country, Spain also has a country code, which you need to enter before dialing the mobile phone number. The country code for Spain is ‘34’ and should be entered after the US exit code.

Step 3: Enter the Spain Area Code

Once you have entered both the US exit code and the country code, you need to dial the area code for Spain. The Spain area codes are different for each region or city. Thus, you should know in which area where you need to make your business calls. Every city in Spain has a three-digit area code, some of which are listed below:

RegionArea Code

Step 4: Enter the Spain Mobile Number

A mobile number in Spain is nine digits long. After you have entered the US international exit code, country code, and Spain area code, enter the mobile number you want to call. A Spain mobile number starts with either a 6 or 7 and looks like this –




Where ‘011’ is the US international exit code, ‘34’ is the international access code for Spain’, ‘911’ is the area code for Madrid, followed by the nine-digit mobile number.

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How To Dial Spain From The US [Landline Number]

Calling a Spain landline phone number

Let us now look at how to dial a landline number to Spain from the US. 

It’s similar to dialing a mobile number in Spain.

Here are the steps to follow while dialing Spain from the US on a landline number:

Step 1: Enter the US International Exit Code

Before you dial the Spain landline number, do not forget to type the US international exit code first. The exit code for the US is ‘011’. Alternatively, you can use the ‘+’ symbol before entering the landline number.

Step 2: Type the Country Code for Spain

Next, you need to enter the country code for Spain. The Spain country code is a two-digit number, that is, ‘34’.

Step 3: Dial the Spain Area Code

Similar to dialing a Spain mobile number, you need to enter the area code of the city or the region you are calling. The area codes for Spain are the same as those used to call on a mobile number.

Step 4: Enter the Spain Landline Number

Landline numbers in Spain are seven digits long. After you have entered the US exit code, country code, and area code for Spain, here is how the landline number would look like –




What’s The Difference: Mobile Vs. Landline

Calling Spain via mobile number vs. landline

Calling to Spain from the US is not very different while using a mobile phone number versus a landline number. All you need to do is remember the US international exit code, Spain’s country code, the area code of the region you are dialing, and the phone number. 

However, keep in mind that a Spanish mobile number is nine digits long, while a landline number is seven digits long. Moreover, mobile phone numbers usually start either with a 6 or a 7 in Spain.

For dialing Spain from the US using a mobile number, the digits will look either like ‘011-34-9XX-6XXX-XXXXX’ or ‘+34-9XX-6XXX-XXXXX’. On the other hand, if you are calling a landline number in Spain, the digits will be ‘011-34-9XX-XXXX-XXX’ or ‘+34-9XX-XXXX-XXX’. 

Best Time To Call Spain From The US?

Before dialing Spain from the US, it is important to keep in mind the time difference between the two countries. Spain is Central European Standard Time, which is six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). So if it’s 2:02?pm Monday in Madrid, Spain, it’s 8:02?am Monday in Washington, DC, USA.

If you are calling from the US, the best time to call Spain is during their business hours. Typically, their working hours are split into two halves – from 9am until 2pm and then from 5pm to 8pm. 

At this time, you will find most people available to receive your calls. In short, remember to consider the time difference between the two countries. 

Why Invest in a CallHippo Spain Phone Number?

International calls can be expensive. Dialing Spain from the US is no exception. Fortunately, several virtual phone number providers can help you save costs and provide a range of features that are usually not available with traditional phone operators. CallHippo is one of them.

Using CallHippo, you can buy a virtual phone number for Spain within minutes and start making calls instantly. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can create your CallHippo account to start making calls to Spain or anywhere in the world.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose CallHippo:

#1. Global Connectivity

Given that there is a significant time difference between Spain and the US, the global connect feature informs you of the right time to call your clients in Spain.

#2. Call Analytics

The call analytics feature tracks the performance of your phone support, including the call load per team member, percentage of missed calls, etc.

#3. Smart Call Forwarding

With smart call forwarding, you can forward calls to several phones to ensure that they are answered even when you are on the go.

#4. Power Dialing

Power dialer or auto dialer automates the dialing of phone numbers on your contact lists. Once you have ended a call, the power dialer automatically dials the next number on your contacts, saving time and increasing productivity.

#5. Smart Switch

The smart switch tool allows teams to seamlessly switch between multiple telecom operators and select the one that suits them best. This ensures improved call connectivity, reduced costs, and effective communication.



Wrapping Up

Today, you are not bound by physical location to expand your business. By sitting in the US or any other country, you can easily cater to your clients overseas and in an affordable manner. It’s the best time to seize business opportunities in Spain. So make the best use of the virtual phone system, and start growing your business at scale. 


1 ) How much does it cost to call Spain from the US?

There are no fixed costs of calling Spain from the US since each telecom provider has its own international calling rates. The cost can be as low as a few dollars to as high as a hundred dollars, depending upon the call duration and phone operator. However, with virtual phone providers such as CallHippo, you can save costs by getting a local Spain number.

2 ) How to call the US from Spain?

To make a call to the US from Spain, you need to enter the Spain exit code ‘00’, followed by ‘1’, which is the country code for the US, followed by the ten-digit phone number. However, if there is an area code, enter that after the country code, followed by the phone number.



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