Cloud-based telephony systems have become dominant among businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic and a shift to remote work. If your business has particularly unique or complex business requirements or needs to use specific services, you need to understand the differences, benefits, and risks of both systems. 

In the constantly innovating telecommunications industry, the great disruptor is the cloud-based telephone solution. The cloud services offer features on-premise telephony can’t compete with and they bring business advantage the old tools could never deliver.

What is better: on-premises or cloud?

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What is better: on-premises or cloud? Many established companies wonder if it’s worth it to transition out of their on-premises phone systems and move on to cloud-based telephony. In contrast, several newer companies wonder if they should invest their early capital in on-premises systems. To choose which option is right for your company, you need to be aware of the differences between on-premises and cloud-based phone systems. 

Completely Integrated Business Communication System:

Integrating a business’ communications with its everyday applications for business processes and workflows helps increase efficiency. Using business tools that operate in the cloud is not only easy to deploy but also helps the employees to remain connected whether located in the office or in some remote location.

Extensive Mobility & Flexibility:

Today’s workplace is increasingly mobile, and businesses especially need to be able to operate from multiple locations. The power of flexibility can improve your reachability to customers meaning you can connect virtual or toll-free numbers easily to your cloud-based telephone system.

Lower Costs:

Cloud-based telephone systems are much cheaper than on-premises telephone systems. These solutions do not clutter the office space either and serve as a rescue strategy when your employees have to make the switch to a remote working model.

Better Control over Business Communications:

Traditional landline phones do not allow you to keep track of all business conversations. With the cloud-based telephone, you can record every incoming and outgoing call. The feature helps your team improve overall business communication. Moreover, the recorded calls may be used for training purposes and future reference for issue redressal.

Improved Efficiency in Sales and Support Processes:

The auto-dialer feature of cloud telephone solutions facilitates sales and support reps to make calls, send messages and voicemails automatically. With manual work reduced to the minimum, the efficiency and productivity of your employees increase in a sustainable manner.

Increased Redundancy and Disaster Recovery:

Natural disasters like cyclones, floods, and earthquakes can cause extensive damage to on-premise telephone systems, but cloud systems are the least affected. Cloud storage keeps the information safe and makes it accessible from anywhere, you can be assured about the continuity of your business.

Access to Rich Business Features:

A cloud telephone system is business-friendly and loaded with rich features. Apart from real-time analytics, the solution offers call schedulers, post-call surveys, IVRS, missed call services, voicemail drops, bulk SMS automation, and more.

Real-time monitoring and Report Analysis:

Cloud-based telephone systems give you access to real-time statistics and monitoring of all the activities including ongoing or missed calls, active or available agents, call rates, subscription costs through a web portal accessible on a desktop or mobile. As a manager, you can analyse employees by performance, view instant call recordings and make an informed decision by viewing the various reporting tools.

CallHippo’s cloud-based telephony solution offers several benefits to a business compared to an on-premise communication system. Not only does a cloud-based system increase efficiency, but it is also reliable and reduces operating costs, which leads ultimately to increased profitability. To know more about CallHippo, request a demo by visiting our website

Updated : August 11, 2021


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