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green tickDate: November 30, 2022

The world is rapidly changing and becoming extremely tech-savvy with each passing day. Getting the latest technology on your side is probably the only way to stay ahead of the competition. A number is another such powerful tool.

The communication sector is at the forefront of change and transformation. It is incorrect to say that traditional phone communication is dying and that texting has become the new normal. However, the focus has shifted from the bulky and expensive traditional phone systems to cost-efficient virtual ones.

What is virtual phone number

How To Get A Virtual Phone Number?

Step 1) Visit virtual phone number provider’s website [Ex: CallHippo]

Step 2) Sign up with your individual or business details [Ex: Name, Email Address]

Step 3) Then Purchase virtual phone number and start customizing the virtual phone number settings according to your use case

Step 4) Once you get the virtual number , a product expert from virtual phone number service provider will contact you and help you to set up the number and will answer your questions.

Step 5) You can also call the service provider directly or fill out the demo form on their website to get a virtual phone number.

Note: By following the above process, you can get a Finnish phone number, a UK phone number, a Singapore phone number and more than 50+ countries.

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Features of a Virtual Phone Number and why they are useful

Now that we have a basic idea of what a virtual phone number is, let us look at some of the features that give it an edge over traditional phone systems. 

1. Automatic call queuing and forwarding

When a receptionist manually attends and forwards calls, it may so happen that several calls are queued up on one employee’s line while another employee is sitting idle. Using traditional phone systems, it is difficult to even distribute incoming calls among employees.

A virtual phone system has the perfect solution for this! Incoming calls are automatically forwarded to the next employee if one is busy. Moreover, if there are a large number of incoming calls, then they are systematically queued and distributed among the employees.

2. Call recording

A virtual phone system enables you to record all calls. These recordings can be used to train new employees on how to handle difficult conversations with customers. These recordings also come in handy in case any misunderstanding arises or a customer files a complaint. 

3. IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Imagine your receptionist calls in sick on a busy workday? Or if he/she becomes frazzled by the huge incoming call volume and forwards the wrong call to the wrong department? Not only does this form a poor impression on a potential or existing customer, but it also disrupts the workflow and creates chaos.

This is where an IVR comes in. It acts as a virtual receptionist and handles the entire virtual phone system. It receives incoming calls, interacts with clients to find out their requirements, and then forwards the call to the correct department. This entire process is fast, efficient, smooth, and error-free.

4. Call barging

Call barging is like a spy feature that allows you to drop in on live calls and listen. The caller and agent will not be informed of your presence. Moreover, if you feel like you need to intervene in the conversation, you can speak to only the agent without the caller getting to know, or both of them together. 

This silent call monitoring feature goes a long way in ensuring high-quality customer service. It keeps the agents in check because they know that they are being monitored. It also lets you guide an agent out of a tough situation and prevent it from spinning out of control. 

5. Call conference

Another significant feature that you can use is call conference. This means that more than one person can talk together at the same time on one call. This comes in handy when the opinion of more than one person is required. 

Post the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of businesses have gone virtual. In such cases, physical meetings have been replaced with video or call conferencing. Using this feature, one doesn’t need to consult with various people one by one. Everyone can join in on a single call and put forth their views. 

6. Voicemail

Sometimes, you may miss out on an important call. The caller can now leave a voicemail for you. You can access the voicemail from your email or any other sources which are convenient for you. This ensures that you always get important messages and voicemails and never miss out on an opportunity.

There are several other features that you can use. These were just a few of them. 

Why should you opt for Virtual Phone Numbers?

By now, it must be obvious why getting a phone number could prove to be a huge advantage for your business. However, it still has some more benefits to offer you apart from the features it provides.

1. No hardware or infrastructure

The biggest advantage of a virtual phone system is that it does not require any physical components. It does not need any hardware or infrastructure. No more dealing with bulky phone systems, entangled with wires!

A virtual phone number can be used from any device with a working internet connection. Since it is completely virtual, it does not demand periodic maintenance. You do not need any physical space to store and operate it. 

2. Easily scalable

Scaling a virtual phone system up or down is extremely simple. You do not need to purchase expensive hardware or set up any infrastructure. You can simply add users to your existing system. Thus, a virtual phone system grows with your business.

If for any reason, you want to scale down your system, then you don’t need to worry about storing any hardware. You can simply remove some users from your system and adjust it according to your requirements.

3. Global connectivity

Using traditional phone systems to make international calls can prove to be very expensive. Companies rack up huge phone bills every week due to international calling. However, you can connect with people across the globe using a phone number at just a nominal rate.

This is because virtual phone systems route calls over the internet. You don’t need a service provider to establish connections abroad. Thus, you will only need to pay for a high-speed internet connection to make as many seamless international calls as you want.

4. Remote access

Earlier, you needed to be present in the office to take calls made to your office number. However, now you can work on the go It doesn’t matter where you are, you can attend to work calls as long as you have a device with a working internet connection!

This significantly improves the workflow and prevents any backlogs from occurring. It also goes a long way in promoting the work from home culture, which enables companies to hire talented individuals from all across the globe. 

In a survey conducted by Owl Labs, it was found that remote workers put in 40 hours/week of work, which is an astonishing 43% more than on-site workers. 

How to Make and Receive a Virtual Call?

Using a virtual phone call is similar to using a regular phone number. Here’s how to make a virtual phone call. 

  • Log in to your virtual phone number provider’s account. 
  • Enter the number you want to call. 
  • Make sure to use the right extensions (country and local code). 

Here’s how to receive a virtual phone call:

  • Keep yourself logged in. 
  • Keep your internet connection on. 
  • Pick the phone just like you would pick a regular call. 

You can even set up call forwarding to redirect all the incoming calls to your phone number. 

Note: Use your provider’s web or mobile app to make and receive calls easily.

infographic on how to get virtual phone number

How Does a Virtual Number Works?

This phone numbers are based on the cloud. Hence they don’t need a SIM card or a physical address. Instead, it uses the internet to enable telephone calls, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). 

Virtual phone numbers use packet switching as opposed to traditional phone lines that use circuit switching. 

This means that this phone numbers first convert your analog voice signals into digital packets using VoIP Codecs. These packets are then transmitted to the receiver’s system over the internet. The recipient’s device then decrypts and converts the packets into analog voice signals. 

And, all of this happens within seconds, facilitating real-time communications.

While that was the technical explanation of how virtual numbers work. Here’s how it works in non-technical terms:

  • Suppose you’re based in the US, and you want to call your friend in Sydney, Australia. 
  • The phone number area code of Sydney is +61 02. 
  • You then buy an Australian phone number with the Sydney area code. 
  • When you dial your friend’s number, the call is forwarded from your Australian number, and you don’t have to pay for long-distance charges. 
  • The same goes for your friend. When they call your virtual number, the call is forwarded to your VoIP phone line in the US. 

This happens because phone number providers usually partner with carriers around the world. When a phone number is called in a particular city, their partners in that region send the call to your provider’s network over the internet. They then forward the call to your phone.

Differences Between Virtual and Regular Phone Numbers

As mentioned above, virtual phone numbers are just like regular phone numbers but with some differences. So what are those differences? How do you decide which one is better?

Let’s begin with traditional phone numbers. Regular phone numbers usually require you to install the telephone lines throughout the building to each desk phone. It is owned and managed by local telephone companies. 

A virtual phone number, on the other hand, is not bound to one location or desk. You can use your smartphone or desktop to manage business calls. This means your team can pick calls using the virtual number from their desks, at home, or while traveling.


Other differences include maintenance and reliability. Traditional phone numbers often require you to pay the maintenance charges. Plus, they are prone to disruption, especially during disasters (earthquake, flood, short circuit, etc.).

Virtual numbers eliminate all these issues. Your VoIP system provider maintains them. Moreover, the providers have multiple data centers across the globe. This means even if your primary data center is affected, your calls will be routed from another one, thereby preventing disruptions.

And, this phone numbers support remote work! ?

Top 20 Virtual Number Service Providers In World

1. CallHippo


The first in our list of virtual phone number providers is CallHippo All it takes is 3 minutes to set up a virtual phone system with CallHippo. 

Besides, you can use it to integrate with 100+ tools and get access to local numbers from 50+ countries. What’s more? 

It offers an easy-to-use interface, a robust backend facility, and 24/7 customer support. 


  • 50+ third-party integrations on all plans
  • Set up an account within three minutes


  • No free text messaging

Features of CallHippo

  • It lets you make calls from the browser
  • Purchase local phone numbers at the drop of the hat
  • Supports call forwarding, analytics, tracking recording, and queuing
  • Facilitates easy collaboration with your team
  • It helps you interact with callers, gather information, and route calls to the right agent

2. Grasshopper


Ideal for small businesses, Grasshopper is one of the best phone number providers for china. Gor with grasshopper if you are planning to get Chinese phone number. It provides you with one professional phone number that you can use on your existing cell phone or landline. 

Moreover, you no longer need to worry about porting your virtual number, as Grasshopper lets you do that without any hassle. So go ahead and handle multiple calls simultaneously by leveraging top-class call routing facilities. 

Features of Grasshopper

  • Provides 360-visibility of your business interactions across multiple channels
  • It lets you make/receive calls using mobile or desktop
  • Converts voicemail to text 
  • It helps you record professional messages and welcome your clients


  • User-friendly desktop and mobile apps
  • Fast and easy setup


  • Not recommended for larger businesses


phon is an application that lets you configure your  phone number with ease. You can easily block calls by adding the number to your phone account. 

Besides, it supports forwarding and screening. Interestingly, you can use it to dial any number by name dictionary and play on-hold music to entertain your customers. 


  • Includes video conferencing
  • Plus plan users can get a free phone number.


  • Call analytics is available only in the Pro plan.

Features of

  • Facilitates instant setup 
  • It lets you create custom schedules
  • Sends multiple notifications for incoming calls
  • Supports easy call routing 
  • Syncs your address book with the phone application
  • It helps you personalize your call with greetings, voice notes, messages, and music
  • Send/receive SMS on any local number
  • Create and organize your groups and extensions
  • It lets you set your unique caller ID

4. MightyCall


Designed for small businesses, MightyCall is one of the favorite virtual phone number providers of customers. It lets you decline calls, accept them or send them to voicemail. 

MightyCall  phone numbers help you in many ways in day-to-day activities. It lets you set your flow and have a clear and conversational chart. You also get access to the complete history of your communications and run your company after business hours. 


  • Dial-by-name feature with all plans.
  • It provides unlimited storage.


  • IP phones are supported only above the base plans.

Features of MightyCall

  • Provides unlimited calling
  • It lets you select a tool-free or area code number without extra charges
  • Allows call recording 
  • Listen to voicemails and get instant notifications
  • Make/ receive calls from your PC using a softphone.

5. Hushed


Hushed is a leading virtual phone service provider that lets you make calls, send pictures, and text clients. Moreover, the application is extremely safe and stores your numbers in a secure database. Furthermore, it automatically responds to any text messages sent to your phone number. 


  • Affordable Pricing


  • The App UI/UX needs some improvement
  • Very Bad Customer Service

Features of Hushed

  • Lets you add and manage more than one number
  • Provides access to your number using WiFi/data connection
  • It helps you keep your conversation private and secure
  • Allows you to record and customize voicemail
  • Lets you integrate with third-party apps

6. PhoneBurner


PhoneBurner is one of the best virtual number service providers that lets you make good business sales. Not only does it help with quality conversions, but it helps you integrate with tools like Zapier, Zoho, and Salesforce. Besides, you can use it to dial from any mobile phone without any hassle. 


  • Excellent customer support team to handle issues
  • The phone app is very easy to use.


  • The desktop application sometimes freezes.
  • When you move your connection from wifi to cellular, sometimes disconnect the call.

Features of PhoneBurner

  • Lets you dial numbers from local area codes
  • Offers many inbound phone numbers
  • Allows transferring calls to any number 
  • Offers 24/7 support and helps you set up your account
  • Simplifies the process of remote sales

7. Voxdirect


One of the best virtual phone number providers and text marketing tools, VoxDirect is a must-have if you wish to scale your business. You can use it to make calls from your desktop, track calls, and read through voicemails. 


  • Its has a very good clarity of recording and phone connection with clients.
  • Good Customer Service


  • The admin portal is less user-friendly.

Features of VoxDirect

  • Use virtual receptionists to call 
  • It lets you transcribe voicemails 
  • Transfer calls to the right agent
  • Allows you to connect with actual customers

8. ConXhub


ConXhub is the most user-friendly business phone system in the market. You can use it to create multiple profiles and numbers and even make/ receive calls from various numbers. 


  • A great call quality.
  • Very good Chat feature.


  • Not easy setup
  • UX can be improved for iPhone users.

Features of ConXhub

  • Offers highest HD quality calls
  • Lets you forward calls to mobile phones of any phone in the world 
  • Provides access to toll-free, local, or international phone numbers from the country of your choice

9. YouMail


One of the best and unique virtual phone number service providers in the market, YouMail protects you and your customers from spam calls. You can use it to track missed calls, leave a voicemail and make conference calls. 


  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • Provides good customer support.


  • Not that many useful features.

Features of YouMail

  • Offers custom voicemail greetings
  • Get access to visual voicemail.
  • Protects your privacy with a second phone number
  • Automatically replies to missed callers

10. VirtualPBX


If you wish to monitor your calls in real-time, VirtualPBX can be your pick. It provides automatic call distribution (ACD) and lets you manage the call traffic of a specific department. One of the best virtual phone number providers in the market, VirtualPBX lets you customize your phone number with ease and build a strong brand image in front of your customers. 


  • Easy to use and easy to set-up.


  • Poor call quality.
  • Too many additional charges.

Features of VirtualPBX

  • Lets you set phone availability 
  • Supports audio conferencing
  • Forward calls to unlimited devices 
  • Provides Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration
  • It lets you make calls from your web browser
  • Provides a status indicator that helps you to analyze the status of the VirtualPBX platform

11. TalkRoute


Talkroute lets you make/receive business calls with minimum effort. You get access to a variety of your numbers to fulfill your business needs. Talkroute lets you forward or route calls anywhere, send messages to your customers, and manage voicemails. 


  • Available for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, & browser
  • 24-hour video meetings


  • Can’t purchase DID international number.

Features of Talkroute

  • Provides detailed call history
  • It lets you customize your welcome message
  • Offers 3 or 4 digit direct-dial extensions
  • Lets you set your phone availability
  • It helps you manage user accounts and permissions
  • It is easily accessible from Android or iOS phones

12. RingCentral


RingCentral offers virtual number collaboration solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. You can use it for team messaging, video conferencing needs, and calling. 

Besides, you need not install any hardware with it, and it is very easy to install it. RingCentral virtual phone is one of the best options when it comes to HD quality calling. 


  • Unlimited calls within the U.S. and Canada 
  • HigherPlans include 10,000 toll-free minutes


  • The base plan is limited to only 20 users
  • Expensive for startups.

Features of RingCentral 

  • Provides call forwarding facilities
  • Lets you host a maximum of 100 participants in an online meeting
  • Facilitates management of both incoming/ outgoing faxes online
  • It is available in 100+ countries with a local dialing plan and international virtual numbers
  • It lets you share file tasks and files online

13. Nextiva


Nextiva is one of the leading virtual number providers in the market and offers superb quality audio and video conferencing. Using Nextiva virtual phone, you can easily send/receive SMS and text messages from your mobile app. It even offers you a local toll-free number so that you can build credibility with local audiences. 


  • All plans include video calling
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • Limited integrations with the base plan

Features of Nextiva

  • Provides access to customer’s information when they call
  • Get automatic feedback from your clients.
  • Facilitates centralized information storage 
  • It lets you track customer interactions and provides a real-time view of clients 
  • Send online fax, text message, and SMS
  • Supports unlimited conference calling

14. Google Voice


Google Voice is a virtual number service provider that offers call forwarding, text and voice messaging, and call termination facilities. It works perfectly on the web and smartphones. Thus, letting you make calls from anywhere. Besides, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to filter spam calls. 


  • Offers free numbers
  • Porting in existing numbers.


  • Works only with other Google apps

Features of Google Voice

  • It offers excellent customization capabilities 
  • Automatically transcribes your voicemail.
  • It lets you connect with other people and organize your tasks 
  • GoogleVoice lets you configure your PBX(Private Branch eXchange)
  • Can easily be integrated with Google Meet and Calendar

15. eVoice


eVoice is one of the best free virtual phone number providers in the market. It offers call forwarding and lets you welcome your customers with studio-recorded greetings. You can even use it to read voicemails with ease. Moreover, eVoice lets you get a local number in your city and forward it to existing phone lines.  


  • Every type of virtual number available: local, toll-free, vanity, and international
  • The mobile app comes with complete business phone features


  • Vanity numbers take over 72 hours to be activated.

Features of eVoice

  • Facilitates remote working by providing video conferencing facilities
  • It lets you make/ receive calls from mobile or your desktop
  • Offers call recording and call tracking facilities 
  • Supports speed dialing
  • It lets you block phone numbers easily

16. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is one of the best virtual phone number providers that offers IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and automatic dialers. It lets you greet your customers through a welcome message. Bitrix24 lets you rent numbers in 43+ countries. Besides, it offers an automatic call distribution (ACD) facility. 


  • Bitrix24 is an outstanding CRM meant for social collaboration


  • Plans are very Expensive
  • Custom support is sometimes hard to reach.

Features of Bitrix24

  • It lets you work with any equipment, including computers, iOS, and Android
  • It offers a fully featured phone system
  • Lets you transfer calls to other departments of your organization

17. Ooma Office Phone


Ooma Office Phone is a web-based virtual number service provider that offers call recording, voicemail, and automatic call distribution facilities. You can set it up in less than 5 minutes and even port your number with ease. 


  • For startups, an entry-level plan is affordable
  • Usable with existing analog phones.


  • Toll-free service costs extra
  • Call duration is not trackable.

Features of Ooma Office Phone

  • No need to install hardware
  • Offers a cloud voice and business app
  • Provides local and toll-free numbers 
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Lets you block any calls
  • Manage your phone calls from a smartphone

18. Virtualphone


Virtualphone offers numbers in 120+ countries and lets you record incoming and outgoing calls. You can even use it to send SMS to your phone number. Besides, it gives detailed information of callers like local time, operating system, web browser, and geolocation.


  • Call scheduling
  • Live chat with voice


  • The web version lacks advanced features.
  • Limited support channels
  • UI/UX needs to be enhanced

Features of Virtualphone

  • Supports live chat with voice
  • It lets you forward calls with ease
  • Send voicemail and fax
  • It lets you schedule calls with ease 
  • It lets you place international calls with ease

19. Exotel


Exotel is one of the best virtual phone number systems for small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and enterprises. It lets you record and forward calls. 

Moreover, it lets you identify calling patterns according to the volume of calls. In this way, you can reduce instances of missed calls. Besides, it can be completely customized to suit your business requirements. 


  • Very easy to use and monitor your calls
  • Affordable rates for small businesses


  • The contact Management Feature is missing
  • After Sales Service is bad

Features of Exotel

  • Provides real-time notifications when you miss a call
  • Offers unlimited channels of communication
  • Includes a visual drag and drop dashboard
  • It offers a visual API that works 
  • It lets you track your productivity through call statistics
  • Provides automated call distribution functionality that redirects call to the right agents
  • Offers detailed analytics of each call

20. Vonage 


Vonage virtual phone provides you with a scalable, flexible voice message and video calling facility. It even offers a telephone keypad for dialing numbers. You can use it to make international calls and block/unblock numbers with your online account. 


  • Easy and rich interface
  • Reliable customer support


  • Can be on the expensive side

Features of Vonage

  • It lets you link any mobile phone with your virtual phone
  • Lets you change voicemail PIN with ease
  • Supports customization of voicemail
  • It lets you turn on/off caller ID or call waiting for facilities with ease 
  • Vonage virtual phone lets you easily set up the system
  • It helps you quickly turn on/off the call forwarding feature


1. What is a Virtual Phone Number?

It is a telephone number that lets you make calls without a directly connected telephone line. Such numbers are designed to forward incoming calls to other numbers. 

2. What are some of the factors you should consider while choosing a virtual phone number?

Here are some important factors you must consider before investing in a virtual phone number.

  • Its pricing and what features it offers.
  • Is it convenient to set up the virtual phone system?
  • Does it offer services like call forwarding, call recording, and screening? 
  • Does it let you keep your business and personal phone separate?
  • How is the quality of phone calls?
  • Do they offer automated attendants, or does it route callers to the appropriate line?

3. Which are the best Virtual Phone Number Providers in the US & Canada?

Some of the best virtual phone number providers in the US and Canada include: 

  • Voxdirect
  • RingCentral
  • Google Voice
  • Bitrix24
  • Exotel
  • Avoxi
  • Grasshopper
  • MightyCall
  • Nextiva
  • VirtualPBX

4. Why do you need a virtual business phone number?

Virtual phone numbers are very helpful while running an eCommerce store or other any business. It is one of the best ways for customers to connect with you and grow your business. 

5. What is a VoIP Number?

VoIP number is a phone system that helps you communicate with other people over the internet. These applications also let you make conference calls, send text messages and SMS and even send online faxes. 

6. Are virtual phone numbers legal?

Yes, virtual phone numbers are completely legal, and you can use them in all countries. 

7. How to get a virtual phone number in India?

Here is how you can get a virtual phone number. 

  • Visit the virtual phone number service provider’s website
  • Sign up with your individual/ business details
  • Choose and purchase any virtual phone number and start customizing the business number settings
  • Once you purchase the number, the vendor will help you set up the number and will answer your questions

8. How to get a free virtual phone number in the USA?

Follow these steps to get a free virtual phone number in the USA. 

  • Sign up with any of the virtual us phone number service providers mentioned above
  • Enter your details and complete the Signup process
  • Once you are done, you will be able to use all their features for the trial period
  • Choose your business location and the major consumer hotspot
  • Once it is done, your virtual phone number will get activated 

Wrapping Up 

So, this was all about the best virtual phone number providers in the market. Using them can help you simplify your business operations and serve your customers better. Still not sure about buying a virtual phone number.


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