4 Advantages of an International Calling App

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Every year approximately 6.2 billion international calls are made totaling a staggering 490 billion minutes. Making international calls can cost you arms and legs if not properly taken care of. This is why a lot of people rely on international calling apps to save money while traveling.

Many of you must have gone through the nightmare of opening the bill and seeing hundreds and thousands of dollars charged on international calls due to roaming charges. Although you pledge not to use the smartphones while traveling, the needs, circumstances, and temptation always arise which makes you place international calls and empties your pocket. Therefore it is advisable to use an international calling app because it comes with a lot of benefits.

4 Advantages of an International Calling App

1. Save money on business calls.

A smaller business communication is different than the larger entties. Instead of conducting internal meetings every now and then they prefer to spend more time in reaching out to customers, prospects, and partners so as to increase the business sales. To keep in touch with these customers while you are traveling can be costly, especially when you are connecting with them through mobile phones. Keeping the cost to a minimum should be your topmost priority as these will improve your bottom line result. An international calling app will help you do that without compromising the quality of your service.

2. Save the traveling costs

Communication Platform is the advanced solution and the success key of every business, and traveling to achieve that can cause a big dent in your planned budget. It’s not just the cost incurred in fighting tickets, fuel, and hotel bills but also the time you are wasting while traveling. This means you are spending less time in the office which can drastically hurt productivity.

An international calling app can help you and your employee eliminates the non-essential business travel costs. It is a perfect replacement for a face-to-face traditional meeting. In addition to this, you can schedule it during the regular working hours at the office, which will save you time as well as money.

Some international calling apps also come with group video calling which will enable up to 10 people to join the meeting. These enable you to conduct board meetings, Fortnightly meetings, client meeting etc while sitting in the a.c room of your office.

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3. Stay in touch with your colleagues

A business can run more effectively if everyone involved in a particular task is kept in the loop. An international calling app will help you do that. The instant messaging feature that these apps are equipped with, is the perfect tool to keep in touch with your colleagues. You can use it to check on what others are doing, ask questions about the ongoing projects and some even allow to send documents instantly.

The affordable international audio and video calling apps will provide you with a range of cost-effective ways to speak with your colleagues, no matter where they are located.

4. 24* 7 connectivity

The international calling app provides flexibility to call anytime anywhere and to any cellular device. You can very easily place calls to landlines, cellular phones and VOIP phones for business independent of what telecom services they are subscribed too. This is extremely beneficial to business owners who have to remain in touch with their business partners, customers, and clients living in different countries. The international Calling apps are also useful to people who are making constant visits to different countries either for official or personal work.

How do the International Calling Apps works?

If you have a smartphone you can download an international calling app easily from the android or apple play store. Most of the apps require a strong internet connection to make and receive calls.

According to your calling needs, you can either go with a phone card or an international calling app, the final choice is yours. In some situation, you can use both of them simultaneously for greater benefits. This way you will no longer need a local telecommunication provider. All you need is the internet connection, the international calling app, and your smartphone.

A more enhanced version for international calling- Virtual Phone Number apps.

Applications that are equipped with Virtual Phone numbers can work as a powerful Virtual Phone system, especially for small businesses. This is because unlike other options they don’t require any hardware to get started.

You should take care of features before choosing an app that comes with international or virtual Phone number. Also, consider the factors such as the buying rate and the countries you can place and receive calls too. There are a lot of countries that block messengers so be very attentive! So these are certain things that should be kept in mind and then you are good to go.!!

Updated : June 23, 2022

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