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Witness the impact of CallHippo Ai on your business by getting valuable insights. Enhance the efficiency of sales and customer support teams and improve the customer experience in real-time.

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How CallHippo Ai Transforms the Operations Of Your Business?

Get optimum efficiency and customer satisfaction with tailored Ai-powered solutions.

Close more deals

With Talk-to-listen Ratio, you can optimize communication dynamics and understand customer needs.

Personalize your sales strategies, address pain points, and foster stronger connections with prospects by analyzing customer sentiments.


Better assistance

Decipher the needs and wants of your customers by leveraging sentiment analysis to improve customer satisfaction.

Further, coach your agents with the help of call summaries to enhance customer support quality and satisfaction. Empower your customer support to address inquiries efficiently by understanding the customer’s sentiments.

Better assistance

Improve team efficiency

Enhance your operational effectiveness and call quality evaluation by transforming your operations with CallHippo Ai.

Use call performance scores to provide better team feedback and improve CSAT. Elevate the call quality and performance with precision and excellence in every interaction.

Improve team efficiency

Connect better

Gain invaluable insights into customer preferences and interests by using topic extraction.

Extract key topics for creating precise marketing campaigns, connecting better with your audience, and improving engagement to drive higher conversion rates.

Connect better

Leverage Deep Tech Ai To Optimize Performance

Use Ai to automatically extract hidden insights and opportunities from customer
conversations for more intelligent decision-making

Personalize Interactions

Sentiment Analysis

Evaluate the sentiment of the caller during a conversation, analyzing the voice patterns.

Personalize the interaction with the caller based on their needs and wants, creating a more empathetic and humanized experience.

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Identify User Preferences

Topic Extraction

Extract any topic discussed during the call to identify recurring themes and concerns, providing valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and trends.

Analyze volumes of call data and automatically categorize conversations, extract key topics, and highlight areas of interest.

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Stabilize Your Communication

Talk-To-Listen Ratio

Keep an eye on the conversation ratio between the callers to maximize communication dynamics. Drive loyalty and retention by tailoring offers to meet customer needs.

Co-relate communication dynamics with customer satisfaction metrics and refine your service strategies.

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Improve Call Quality

Call Performance Rating

It assigns each call a score based on various factors, such as call duration and CSAT, allowing for more efficient identification of trends and patterns in call performance.

Quickly pinpoint calls that deviate from expected benchmarks and take corrective action, addressing issues such as excessively long call durations or consistently low CSAT scores.

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Integrate with Your Preferred Apps

Integrate all the necessary tools from the CallHippo App Marketplace to further streamline your communication processes.

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