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March 29, 2024

11 Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android & iPhone

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Call center applications are essential communication hubs promoting business and client relationships. The global market for call centers is expected to grow by US$494.7 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 5.8%. Call center and call forwarding apps have integrated into many industries with their global reach and wide range of abilities, making a substantial contribution to customer service, sales, technical support, and market research.

Call forwarding apps are essential to modern smartphone users, whether managing business calls on the move or ensuring you never fail to receive calls. With the help of these apps, you can easily transfer incoming calls from one number to another, guaranteeing that you are always reachable.

Let’s look at the 11 best call forwarding apps to redefine accessibility, convenience, and seamless communication.

Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android & iPhone

Effectively managing incoming phone calls can be challenging during peak hours. Call forwarding apps provide an easy option by enabling customers to transfer calls from one number to another. Here are some top call divert apps that can improve your communication, whether you use an Android or an iPhone.

1. CallHippo

Callhippo dashboard

CallHippo is an international call forwarding app that enables businesses and professionals to maintain constant contact with their customers and coworkers with the in-built call forwarding app. This adaptable program is designed to meet the requirements of both Android and iPhone users, making it a necessary tool for anyone looking for effective call management while on the go.

Imagine how convenient it would be to easily forward incoming calls to the phone numbers of your choice, wherever you are. It becomes a reality with CallHippo, which enables you to stay connected without boundaries. This app stands out due to its cross-platform compatibility, which guarantees that Android and iPhone users can benefit from its features.

  • Easily forward incoming calls to desired numbers with uninterrupted connectivity
  • Virtual phone numbers from 50+ countries, allowing businesses to establish a global presence without physical limitations
  • Record personalized voicemail greetings to engage callers effectively
  • Custom IVR menus to guide callers to the right department or information
  • Route calls based on time zones, ensuring customers are always connected to the right team
  • Gain insights into call activity, call duration enabling data-driven decisions to improve customer service
  • Record conversations for training, compliance, or quality assurance purposes, promoting transparency and accountability
  • Seamlessly integrate the app with popular CRM and helpdesk tools, enhancing workflow efficiency
  • Manage high call volumes effectively with call queuing, enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Receive voicemails as email attachments, enabling prompt responses even when not logged into the app
  • Transfer calls between team members effortlessly, facilitating collaboration
  • Set specific hours during which calls should not be forwarded, helping users maintain work-life balance
  • Supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse customer base and facilitating global communication
  • Boost outbound call efficiency with the auto-dialer feature, ensuring more meaningful conversations in less time

What People Say About Us

Jagpreet S
When traveling, I can answer calls with ease in any nation. Contacting my customers is much simpler. The customer support I received today about my call forwarding issue was fantastic. It demonstrates the support staff’s concern for every client.


2. Call Forwarding Lite

Call Forwarding Lite Dashboard

Call Forwarding Lite serves Android and iPhone users. You can easily incorporate this call divert app into your communication routine, improving your accessibility and responsiveness, regardless of your preferred device.

Call Forwarding Lite is for people who value remaining connected without sacrificing their space. It is an essential tool in modern communication that enables quick call redirection, ensuring anonymity and providing customization possibilities.

  • Call Forwarding Lite allows users to redirect incoming calls to another number effortlessly.
  • Calls can be sent to a number the user can easily answer to maintain constant availability.
  • Call Forwarding Lite provides an alternative number when you don’t want to share your number or other primary contact information.
  • The user-friendly interface of Call Forwarding Lite makes call redirection simple to set up and manage, especially for beginners.
Calls are smoothly redirected, ensuring I never miss crucial conversations. It is a good app because of its simple setup and reliable functioning.
  • The functioning of Call Forwarding Lite is very network dependent. Call redirection might not function well in locations with poor reception.
  • Call quality can be degraded by being routed to another number, resulting in missed calls or distorted audio.
  • If redirected calls are not properly handled, it gets confusing where to send messages or leave voicemails, which results in missed communication.
It rarely functioned, so I deleted it. However, despite being deleted, it redirects calls at random intervals, which is annoying.

3. DialerHQ

DialerHQ dashboard

The DialerHQ call forwarding app is a comprehensive choice for Android and iPhone consumers looking to simplify their call management process.

DialerHQ aims to reinvent call handling for modern smartphone users. It presently thrives with its outstanding range of features, but it is poised for further development. This free call forwarding app for Android and iPhone is poised to become an invaluable tool for resolving minor issues and improving the user experience, ultimately changing how we navigate the complex web of modern communication.

  • The software has an intuitive layout allowing users to quickly navigate its features without experiencing a steep learning curve.
  • Users can easily create call forwarding settings that divert calls to different lines based on variables like the time of day or the caller’s identity.
  • DialerHQ seamlessly integrates with the smartphone’s dialer, ensuring a smooth transition between the app and regular phone functions.
  • A high degree of customization is available in the app, allowing users to customize call forwarding settings to meet their preferences and needs.
Verified User in Computer Software
1. Simple setup and navigation with an intuitive interface. 2. Complete communication resources for a range of interactions. 3. Complex contact administration for planned networking. 4. End-to-end encryption and strong security. 5. Integrated seamlessly across numerous platforms.
  • Some users have expressed concern that the app’s ongoing background call forwarding activity may result in a modest increase in battery consumption.
  • Ads are present in the app’s free edition, which some users can find bothersome. A premium subscription can be necessary for the ad-free version.
  • While basic call forwarding is easy to set up, some users may need more time to become familiar with the app’s intricacies to use the more advanced functions.
DialerHQ disappoints with frequent crashes and average call quality. Avoid this frustrating experience for your communication needs.

4. Grasshopper

grasshopper dashboard

Grasshopper is an innovative solution to simplify and streamline communication for businesses and professionals. This call forwarding app provides many tools to manage calls effectively, enabling users to maintain seamless contact with clients and coworkers. This call forwarding app serves a diverse user base because it is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

It guarantees that app users can take advantage of its features and benefits across many platforms without limitations, making it a flexible option for individuals and organizations.

  • By providing features like toll-free numbers, personalized greetings, and extensions, the Grasshopper app is a virtual phone system, giving users a professional image.
  • Users can smoothly divert calls to their selected numbers with its advanced call forwarding capabilities, ensuring they never miss an important call.
  • By turning voicemails into text, the software allows users to read their messages rather than listen to them, which improves accessibility and saves time.
  • Users of Grasshopper can manage their calls from any location, doing away with the need to be tied to an office phone. This software is especially useful for remote work scenarios.
It has been easy to use and has helped us save a lot of money by eliminating the requirement for a phone operator when no one is required to be on site. The price is relatively affordable, and buyers are given full disclosure.
  • The Grasshopper app requires a subscription, which can be prohibitive for smaller companies or people on tighter budgets.
  • The app’s functionality may initially seem overwhelming to non-tech users, necessitating a learning curve to fully comprehend its powers and settings.
  • Although the app is compatible with Android and iPhone, there can be issues with specific device models or operating system versions.
Greg P.
Zero security. Your credit card details are all required for someone to hijack your account and phone number. They won’t give you your service or business phone number back without a court order. They never sent an email before authorization, but they did send one to inform you that your information and account email was updated. While you can, move your number!

5. Nextiva

Nextiva dashboard

Nextiva is a reputable provider of business communication solutions, and it simplifies call handling. The Nextiva international call forwarding app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, serving a diverse user base. You can easily incorporate this program into your smartphone for improved call management.

The app serves workers from various industries, emphasizing boosting accessibility, flexibility, and productivity. It makes sure that no call goes unanswered, regardless of one’s actual location. It adapts to the changing requirements of modern enterprises by effortlessly integrating customization, multi-device interoperability, and advanced capabilities like voicemail transcription and call analytics.

  • Users can easily pass calls to different numbers or extensions, ensuring constant communication even when not at their office.
  • Users can create custom call routing rules to route calls to specific numbers or voicemails depending on the time of day, caller ID, and other factors.
  • The software allows users to connect many devices, making it an ideal solution for remote work conditions, as calls can be attended to on any linked device.
  • Even non-technical can easily utilize the app due to its user-friendly and intuitive UI.
Michello O.
I hate to admit it, but I was quite pleased that my issues were addressed quickly and with a complete grasp of how business is done here. I am a fan of outstanding customer service regardless of the nation my agent is from.
  • Although the software has useful features, there is a monthly fee that consumers may want to take into account.
  • It could take some time for users unfamiliar with call forwarding techniques to grasp the app’s technicality.
  • The application often encounters bugs or technical issues that can impair its functionality.
David R.
C grade for a mobile app due to difficulty managing call volumes and voicemails. The desktop app receives a C- because it falls short of all the requirements for a contemporary, software-first VOIP system. a challenge to use. For instance, when I receive a call, my phone, mobile app, and desktop app all ring simultaneously, yet my mobile app continues to ring when I pick up the desk phone.

6. Ooma

Ooma office dashboard

Ooma is a communication tool allowing users to intuitively manage their calls. You can stay connected when traveling with this software’s help, ensuring you never miss an important call. Ooma’s use of VoIP technology, which harnesses the power of the internet to assure excellent sound quality and seamless data transmission, demonstrates its commitment to providing reliable connectivity.

By utilizing the internet’s skills, Ooma has been able to transcend geographical barriers, provide inexpensive international calling, and do away with the limitations of conventional landlines.

Ooma continues to influence how people connect and communicate in the digital era, focusing on delivering reliable connectivity, commitment to customer satisfaction, and eco-friendly efforts.

  • The app simplifies call management by allowing users to redirect calls conveniently.
  • Caller ID personalization and voicemail transcription boost accessibility and let users give priority to critical calls.
  • Users can choose whether to accept or reroute calls using the call screening tool, which gives them a sense of control.
  • The software gives business users flexibility by enabling calls to be directed to team members, ensuring client inquiries are handled rapidly.
Paka M.
When I was looking into VoIP phone systems, Ooma caught my attention. I dismissed them because I thought the price was too low, but a few days later, I got a call from a company representing them. I had a lot of questions, and they were all answered in great detail. Even better, they matched a local membership store’s hardware sale pricing. I placed my order, and I’m already saving hundreds of dollars yearly! No one could tell the difference between this digital system and an analog system due to the excellent quality of the VoIP service.
  • The app consumes more battery when it runs continuously in the background.
  • Concerns about call content and personal information privacy may arise during call screening and voicemail transcribing.
  • Technical problems or errors might limit the ability to forward calls for users.
William R.
There is no customer service. When faced with a difficult situation, high management will say anything and regret it afterward. Their assistance is inaccurate in its information. When told that phones may be relocated if removed from the Ooma account, the answer was, “No, you cannot move the phones.” Choose Ooma if frustration is what you want!

7. Line2

Line2 Dashboard

Line2 call forwarding app has emerged as a versatile solution to bridge the communication gap. This robust app is available for Android and iPhone users, making it a versatile choice for private users and companies.

Line2’s interoperability with various operating systems demonstrates its dedication to equality and accessibility. The tool is designed to provide an uninterrupted flow of communication.

Regardless of their preferred mobile device, this cross-platform support enables users to connect with their connections easily, generating a sense of connectivity that transcends technological limitations.

Line2’s remarkable feature set extends beyond smartphones. Users can seamlessly switch between communicating on their smartphones, tablets, and even desktops with multi-device connectivity. This versatility guarantees continuous dialogues on many platforms.

  • Users can easily forward calls from their primary number to Line2 using the company’s user-friendly interface, ensuring crucial calls are never missed.
  • Users can use Line2 simultaneously on many platforms, keeping them connected, whether using their desktops, tablets, or cellphones.
  • The software enables users to tailor their communication experience to suit their unique needs by allowing them to define personalized greetings, call routing policies, and calendars.
  • The voicemail-to-text feature on Line2 turns voicemails into texts or emails, improving accessibility and convenience.
Jim W.
The call quality is excellent and simple to use and maintain. Both desktop and mobile devices are compatible. Extension configurations are simple. Overall, I had a wonderful time.
  • The internet connection quality may affect call quality, occasionally causing dropouts or less audible clarity.
  • The Line2 app cannot be used without internet access, which limits communication without a reliable connection.
  • Some users can experience problems integrating Line2 with specific other apps or services or compatibility issues.
Verified User in Staffing and Recruiting
My phone doesn’t ring when someone calls me, and I frequently get dropped calls and poor call quality. Customer service is quick to respond, but there is never a “workaround” for the problems I continue to encounter.

8. dashboard

The free call forwarding app is a flexible tool for users to simplify call management. This app enables users to effortlessly redirect calls, control communication settings, and stay connected. The app can be readily downloaded from the appropriate app stores whether you have an Android or iPhone.

The main advantage of the software is its capacity to make call forwarding simple. Users can divert incoming calls to different numbers with just a few touches, providing greater flexibility and effective call management. The app’s call forwarding feature is invaluable, whether managing personal and professional calls or trying to stay connected when traveling.

  • The app simplifies call forwarding by enabling seamless call routing to many numbers. Professionals that need to handle calls across several devices will find this extremely helpful.
  • Users can tailor call handling rules based on specific parameters, such as the time of day or caller ID. It guarantees that individual or corporate preferences handle calls.
  • Reviewing, deleting, and forwarding essential voicemails is simple due to the app’s central area for managing voicemails.
  • The program is user-friendly for users of various technological backgrounds because of its simple design and low learning curve.
Egor U.
I previously used them, tried something else, and am now returning to In addition to offering very reasonable prices, they also offer unparalleled customer assistance! They will take as much time as necessary to set you up and fix any problems, and they are grateful to have you as a customer. They have new apps and a fantastic dashboard! Clean and modern everywhere. The value for the price is tremendous!
  • Although the app is free, some advanced functions need a premium membership, which can be a turnoff for consumers on a tight budget.
  • Some cutting-edge features are only available on certain platforms (Android or iPhone), which could result in inconsistent operation for users of various devices.
  • Although the key features are simple, learning the complex call routing and handling options may take time and effort.
Verified User in Food & Beverages
Customers had a terrible experience. We work with several software suppliers, but this one wins the medal for providing the worst, most impersonal service. Their assistance is mediocre, unresponsive, and dismissive. I was switched to the tech support chat only to wait in queue for the function for 45 minutes before the chat closed and said, “Agents not available.”

9. OpenPhone

openphone dashboard

The OpenPhone forwarding app is a potent tool that will improve communication procedures. It is a revolutionary program that seeks to make call forwarding less complicated while maintaining uninterrupted connectivity and productivity for individuals and companies.

It is a flexible solution available to various customers and compatible with Android and iPhone platforms.

By smoothly rerouting calls from their primary number to any preferred device or number, users can do away with the age-old conflict between personal and business lines. This simple technique enables professionals to maintain uninterrupted communication.

  • OpenPhoneoffers a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily redirect calls from their main phone number to other devices.
  • OpenPhone users can handle personal and professional communication from a single platform by combining various phone numbers into a single app.
  • Users of the app can tailor call routing based on their preferences. To ensure that vital calls are never missed, calls can be routed to certain devices or lines, while less urgent calls can be directed elsewhere.
  • Users don’t need to modify their contact information because their existing phone numbers can be smoothly integrated with OpenPhone.
Andrew B.
The user interface is quite helpful. I can use it like a CRM, keeping notes and categorizing communication by contacts to make it simple to locate each chat. When I first launched my firm, I encountered some difficulties with the authentication procedure, but customer service resolved all of my communication problems.
  • An internet connection can be necessary for certain features, such as voicemail transcription. When connectivity is scarce, users may find this restriction inconvenient.
  • Despite the app’s user-friendly interface, less tech-savvy people might need time to adapt to its features and settings.
  • OpenPhone is a subscription-based business strategy, which may put off people looking for free alternatives. However, the fee is reasonable and aligns with the program’s features.
Zoey J.
Too many bugs exist to identify them. Scheduled messages are not sent, and you must alter the time zone for each message because Arizona is the default setting. Customer service can take days or weeks to respond (and you always speak to a new person, so it feels like you are starting over). Redundant messages. Every contact vanishes.

10. Google Voice

Google voice dashboard

Google Voice is a versatile communication tool that streamlines conversations across different devices. With this software, you can easily relay calls, texts, and voicemails whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

Android and iPhone users can access the Google Voice call divert app, guaranteeing that various smartphone owners can use its capability. This program enables easy communication regardless of your preferred platform.

This application breaks through the limitations of conventional telecommunication by smoothly transmitting calls, messages, and voicemails across devices owing to its user-friendly design and comprehensive functionality.

  • Using the app, you can forward calls and messages to several devices, ensuring you never miss crucial communication.
  • You can customize voicemail transcriptions and greetings to improve your professional image and ensure you’re always informed.
  • You can maintain continuity and spare your contacts from learning a new number by porting an existing number to Google Voice.
  • The app integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace for businesses, allowing unified communication and collaboration.
Ewan B
I particularly enjoy how easy it is to speak with users and find their contact information due to Google Voice’s user-friendly UI. Additionally, having your contact information in many locations and on various devices is simple, owing to the integration with Google Contacts.
  • Although the program offers affordable international rates, it might not include all nations, which causes international communication restrictions in some instances.
  • The app depends on data or Wi-Fi for calls and messages, which can be problematic in places with low access.
  • Certain companies and services employ short codes for verification or communication, which Google Voice might not completely support.
Verified User in Computer Software
It is no longer possible to use that international calling, at least in Central and Latin America. How do you explain the following: It functions properly for the first 30 seconds, but after that, a recording of the other party’s discussion plays continuously on a loop, and you keep answering until you realize that this is only a recording of the first 30 seconds. How can you explain that? If you have a poor connection, I can understand distorted or sporadic sound, but having a recorded conversation fragment play repeatedly for two years before it becomes unusable is unacceptable.

11.  Talkroute

talkroute dashboard

Talkroute is a reliable solution that can improve accessibility and streamline call forwarding procedures. This software offers a variety of functions to keep you connected whenever and wherever you are, whether you’re a business owner managing a startup or an experienced professional juggling several duties.

It is versatile and widely usable because it works with Android and iPhone smartphones. It is widely available to many people and may be downloaded from the appropriate app stores.

Talkroute’s dedication to customer ease is seen in its Android and iPhone operating systems integration. With its cross-platform compatibility, users can use its capabilities regardless of their preferred device.

  • The software enables users to forward calls from their business line to their mobile phones without additional devices.
  • Users have flexibility and control over their communication strategy owing to the simple customization of call forwarding rules depending on specific variables like the time of day or caller ID.
  • The app offers call analytics, which helps users make informed choices by providing useful information on call traffic, peak hours, and other topics.
  • The app can be linked effectively across different platforms, guaranteeing ongoing connectivity even when users switch between phones and tablets.
Travis T
Regardless of where any team member is at any given time, being able to answer and respond to consumer concerns is crucial for us as an online e-commerce company. We occasionally visit tradeshows in the office, warehouse, or traveling. Before this, we were forced to let these sales leads go to voicemail or have someone leave a message for a callback, which resulted in lost revenue. With Talkroute, we now have the flexibility to respond to consumer calls from any location and increase revenue.
  • Some users, especially less tech-savvy, can encounter a learning curve when configuring and utilizing the app’s numerous capabilities.
  • Despite being accessible for both Android and iPhone, there may be compatibility concerns with some previous models.
  • The program may periodically encounter errors or problems, just like any other piece of technology, which could briefly risk its reliability.
Tylor P
Drops daily calls from various user profiles and hardware, such as different Apple devices, Windows/PC, web apps, desktop apps, and mobile apps. When confronted, the IT department often requests duplicate information from the client. Such as the devices we use, our IP addresses, and our call history.

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The advanced call forwarding apps for Android and iPhone have revolutionized the world of communication. These tools have improved our connectivity while streamlining how we manage our calls.

The call forwarding apps can boost productivity, time management, and connectivity when incorporated into our communication kit. These apps are ready to adapt and offer even more innovative features as technology develops, further reinforcing their position in modern communication.

Users can select the best call forwarding apps that suit their preferences and needs from the wide range of options accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of call forwarding apps?

Call forwarding apps provide ongoing connectivity by diverting calls to predetermined numbers, ensuring accessibility, improving customer service, and optimizing communication, eventually increasing productivity and user experience.

How does a call forwarding app work?

Call forwarding software transfers incoming calls from one number to another when users are unavailable, enabling continuous contact. This enhances accessibility and responsiveness.

Can I forward calls to international numbers with call forwarding apps?

Without a doubt, call forwarding apps can typically send calls to overseas lines. The smooth global call redirection offered by these apps increases communication freedom.


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