As the business world constantly undergoes digital transformation, it is imperative for organizations to make rapid changes to gain a competitive edge. Remote work is a worldwide trend that has gained immense popularity in recent times.

People do not want to be restricted by traditional job patterns and prefer a more flexible routine nowadays. Working from home gives them a sense of autonomy, and enhances work-life balance.

Companies need to take vital measures to promote remote work – it’s the need of the hour!

If you are planning to introduce work-from-home measures for your workforce, communication is one area that you simply can’t afford to ignore. Unified communications as a service serves as a cloud delivery mechanism for a range of collaborative enterprise communication platforms. 

New research has revealed that remote working arrangements will equal or probably even surpass fixed office locations worldwide by the year 2025. A paradigm shift of this scale means that companies need to respond proactively, and adopt a flexible and agile communication network that supports remote work. 

Nothing beats the UCaaS approach as it can boost productivity and end results in a cost-effective manner. United communications as a service is based on virtual telephony, which has already taken over the business world by storm. 

Organizations across the globe are leveraging the power of business VoIP phone services to reduce communication expenses and build up revenues. It is the latest buzzing trend in town, so it’s definitely time to make the switch and discontinue outdated traditional phone systems.

Unified Communications Empower Remote Work Teams

Remote work depends on reliable communication between team members, external stakeholders, vendors, and senior management. You can’t tend to slip up – ineffective communication, or lack of it could lead to disastrous results! 

That’s the prime reason companies are moving towards Unified Communications as a Service – it not only facilitates smooth remote work, but also gives teams access to a wide range of collaboration tools. Here are six ways that unified communications can empower remote job arrangements and build up productivity:

1. Provides Real-Time Data:

If you are a customer-focused organization, chances are high that you have to have access to real-time data. Your support representatives can remotely gain access to real-time data through UCaaS tools, and this will help them provide a better customer experience.

Unified communications as a Service makes sure that businesses have full-time access to data repositories that contain important information about client demographics, call records, and service requirements. This enables employees to provide personalized service, and forge a long-lasting bond with clients. 

Since the current era revolves around work-from-home job arrangements, make sure that you leverage the power of real-time data. Provide your workforce with all the data that they require so that they can deliver excellent service in all fields, irrespective of geographical location!

2. Smooth Integration With Business Applications:

Businesses use a number of technological platforms nowadays to ensure better operational efficiency and task flow management. With UCaaS cloud services, your organization will be able to integrate multiple business platforms seamlessly. 

It is important to have business phone systems that can integrate with existing organizational software such as Slack, Google Apps, Zoho, and Microsoft Teams. 

There are various business apps that are very essential for remote workers as they keep them connected; hence it is a big advantage that UCaaS integrates with them. It will enable the smooth transfer of data and your employees will greatly appreciate not having to move back and forth between different software tools.

3. Enhances Team Collaboration:

The reason most companies are skeptical about remote work is due to the fact that they are not sure about how their teams will collaborate for important projects. Well, in such a scenario, Unified Communications as a Service is the best model as it leads to great collaboration without any obstacles.

UCaaS supports remote work as it keeps team members connected on a unified platform even if they are scattered in various locations. Business VoIP phone services enable employees to remain in communication through instant messages, video/audio calls and emails. 

UCaaS solutions give users access to a diverse range of features that allow remote workers to communicate without any hassles or obstacles. It is the ideal way to keep your remote teams engaged and promote a structured communication strategy.

4. Boost Accessibility:

Customers are on the lookout for excellent experiences and do not want to wait endlessly long periods of time in want of service. Hence, remote employees need to remain accessible, so that they can remain in touch with a valued client base throughout the day.

Modern unified communication systems include mobile applications that can be downloaded by employees. It empowers team members to convert their personal handheld device to a work device, and they can receive/make business calls from any place. This supports the trend of BYOD- bring your own device, and enables remote workers to carry their office with them, wherever they move!

5. Consistent and Reliable Voice and Video Calling:

If your organization is taking a series of measures to facilitate remote work, it is imperative to invest in a consistent and credible communication network. You cannot afford to lose out on business deals, client calls, and other marketing opportunities due to poor connections.

6 Ways Unified Communications Empower Remote Work Teams

UCaaS solutions are the perfect investment, as communication remains streamlined through one central hub. It enables companies to make audio or video calls, send instant messages, and set up live chats. Unified Communications as a Service basically provides an integrated suite of tools that bring out mobility and result in a more productive remote workforce.

6. Reduces Downtime:

A high amount of downtime results in losing clients to faster rival companies, hence it is important for companies to maintain speed and flexibility in customer service. UCaaS platforms make sure that employees do not get any hindrances that could lead to lower performance and enable business continuity.

Automated systems such as interactive voice response systems make sure to route customers to available call agents so that customers do not waste precious time. This largely reduces downtime, which results in a high level of customer satisfaction.

We live in an era that is marked by dynamic shifts in work trends. Remote jobs are the future of the business world, so it’s high time that companies accept flexible work arrangements. In fact, 70% of professionals are already working remotely at least once a week.

UCaaS is the foundation of building a successful communication structure, and can be easily implemented in businesses of any size. The ideal stack of collaborations that empower offshore teams to work together in harmony and go a long way in boosting productivity.

With Unified Communications as a Service, collaboration and communication move together, hand in hand. So make sure to leverage the power of this dynamic technology, so that your organization can gain an instant competitive advantage!

Updated : April 8, 2021


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