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Remote employment (telecommuting) is a quickly growing trend within the modern business environment. It is considered a “win-win” strategy for company owners and employees alike: the companies benefit from reduced overheads and increased productivity, while workers enjoy a comfortable stress-free environment, flexibility, and comparative freedom.

However, admittedly not all employers agree with these sentiments. In 2013 Yahoo! notoriously banned remote collaboration within the company and Reddit followed suit by closing its two branch offices (the employees got 2 months to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area, where the company’s HQ is situated). Best Buy and HP have also decided to return to a traditional centralized working environment with regular hours. Obviously, the named companies are deeply involved with internet technology and innovative communication services. Yet, the top-level management deemed the decision to limit remote work justified.

So, what are the pros and cons of telecommuting? What can a company do to negate the drawbacks? This article provides an insight into these issues.

Remote work appears to be the wave of the future. According to a report from Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs, there has been a whopping 115% increase in the number of telecommuting workers in the US within a decade. In fact,

The report states that 3.9 million U.S. employees work from home at least half of the time.

As every change has a cause. Thus, this rapid expansion beyond cubicles is also a consequence of better productivity at home with a reduction in commuting time, lesser distraction of co-workers, escape from mundane routine, flexibility in working methods, and a comfortable environment.

But what has truly made remote working possible is the presence of cloud technology that brings the office to your doorstep. Amongst all the multiple cloud technologies, the one thing that a home office cannot do without is a Cloud-Based Virtual Phone System. The most obvious reason to have it is to draw a line between your professional and personal life. The other benefits that follow are:

1. Maintains Professional Touch

Even if you’re working from home, your client cannot know about it. Thus, Virtual Phone Numbers allow you to display the professional phone number on the client’s screen. Besides, professional features such as a hold option or calls being sent directly to the voicemail on off-duty hours not only keep the phone from ringing in the middle of the night but also assists your client about the working hours.

2. Increases Productivity

With a Cloud-Based Virtual Phone System, you can answer the calls anywhere using any smart device, be it a mobile phone or even a computer. You can also send voicemails in the form of audio files or set up the fax and have them delivered as a document to your email.

3. Ensures Quality Conversations

It is mandatory to have a flawless communication system to ensure quality services. Thus, by using Virtual PBX Phone systems you can keep a track of phone calls, record the calls, filter out the selection of callers such as those blacklisted or spam callers. This brings in accountability and ensures quality dealings with the clients.

4. Affordable

Cloud-Based Virtual Phone System uses cloud servers to save money on expensive hardware, IT services, and repairs for businesses. Moreover, you don’t have to create any additional space in your house office for its setup or hardware.

5. Meets the Growing Demands

You don’t need massive investments to grow your systems with a Cloud-Based Virtual Phone System. To meet the growing demands, all you have to do is add new employees to the system and make extensions that can be redirected to their mobile phones and voicemail rerouted to the mail.

Being a flawless and hassle-free communication system is not its only benefit. Virtual PBX Phone systems also contribute to value-addition in your home business to a large extent. It resolves big entrepreneurial problems with its simple and innovative features, such as:

1.Customized Professional Greetings

Even when you’re away from your device or busy on another call, get all the incoming calls attended with the aid of re-routing it through all the phones till someone picks it up; meanwhile, Personalized greetings keep customers engaged.

2. Tackle any complex situation in-between the calls

There are situations when a supervisor or manager may need to intervene on a call to stop false information accidentally being told or assist the call handler with a difficult customer. So, to avoid any panicky situation and avoid delay in handling such a situation, your Cloud-Based Virtual Phone System comes to you as your savior. 

3. International Calling at no extra costs

International calls through domestic numbers can seriously harm the cost sheet of a company. This is where international virtual phone numbers come to your rescue as instead of whiplashing the call durations, it allows you to freely entertain all your customer queries without incurring any extra costs on incoming or outgoing calls.

4. Don’t fear missing out on any calls

Every single call is important to a business; therefore, Virtual PBX Phone systems allow your customers to leave you a message in the voicemail, which you can later listen to through the dashboard or designated email address. This way, neither you miss any of your important client calls nor do they feel ignored.

5. Call forwarding

When at home, there are chances that you’re not in front of the computer. So, for those times, you must use the call forwarding option wherein you can specify your personal or business phone number that you would like to forward your call to. With this option, roam around the house, handle the chores and also manage all your clients at the same time without dedicating hours in one place.

Now that you know how incredible cloud telephony really is, you must welcome this new best friend to solve all your remote business problems soon! Let CallHippo help you change your business fortunes with the best Virtual phone systems at friendly prices.

Updated : August 5, 2021


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