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What Is An International Calling App?

Those who travel often can understand how International Calling can spike up their billing charges for long distances. With CallHippo Virtual phone calling app, you can avoid these unnecessary charges by getting a virtual number starting from just $6. The process is easy and quick, which only requires Internet connectivity. You can easily make and receive calls on your laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone using this VoIP Calling App.

Benefits Of International Calling App

business and personal communication
Organize your business and personal communication on one device

Split your singular device to act as act as two mobile phones: one for personal use and the other for official contacts. While placing a call using Virtual phone calling app, the clients will see a different number on caller ID as compared to your family and friends.

mobile phone number
Features better than a mobile phone number

Add features to International Calling App such as Call Forwarding, Call Distribution, IVR, On Hold Music and various other advanced customizations for International Calling.

expensive hardware
No need to pay for expensive hardware

International Calling App is compatible with your mobile phone, desktop, tablet etc, which means you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware or any kind of hefty setups.

VoIP Calling App
Build your brand with VoIP Calling App

Consistency is the key to business branding, which means that you need to have a professional outlook on all your communication systems. Be it voicemail, IVR or other welcome messages, these changes on International Calling App can radically improve the productivity of your business.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: May 7, 2021