‘Data will talk to you if you are willing to listen.’ – Jim Bergeson, President, and CEO of Bridge Marketing Group, Minneapolis.

We live in a data-driven world. If your business is not implementing the latest tools and technologies to leverage the power of raw data, you will lose precious customers and revenue streams.

Call tracking is one such revolutionary tool. As you know, phone calls are critical to your business’s success. They can generate five to ten times more in revenue than a completed web form.

You cannot afford to ignore tracking phone calls. It is the best way to monitor vital performance metrics, monitor call agent performance, and improve customer satisfaction.

If we have caught your attention, read on to know what call tracking is and what metrics you should be monitoring for higher productivity!

What will you learn from this blog?

  • Understand the meaning of call tracking.
  • Learn how call tracking is beneficial for all kinds of business organizations.
  • Find out the crucial metrics that should be measured and monitored through call tracking software.

Sales is a fiercely competitive numbers game! You need to prioritize adopting innovative technology to push up your figures and compete effectively.

As a sales professional, you need to start doing now is tracking key call metrics to know what is working for your team. If you are not tracking your calls, you may be losing out up to 80% of your conversions.

Organizations worldwide rely on call analytics to sift through large volumes of data and prioritize quality over quantity. Make sure to invest in the best call tracking software so that you can evaluate if you are meeting your strategic goals and work to improve agent performance.

What Is Call Tracking And Why Is It Important?

Call tracking is a useful tool that can be used by marketers to measure the impact of phone calls on overall sales and lead generation. It enables you to measure various important parameters to understand how productive your call agents are on the job and how they are satisfying customer queries.

With call tracking, you get to know if you are going wrong somewhere and can take proactive measures to improve customer interactions. It helps you gauge the impact of marketing campaigns and calculate the value of bottom-line results, such as sales conversions and customer retention.

Call tracking can help you craft the perfect inbound calls strategy. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should invest in the best call tracking solution for your organization:

  • It’s a great tool to track multi-channel conversations. You get to monitor customer journeys and know the various channels they use to interact with your team members.
  • With call tracking, you can predict customer intent and personalize your interactions for better results. It aids in intelligent call routing by ensuring you provide the best agent for the job!
  • A call tracking system can give you real-time insight into crucial call metrics that provide information about customer preferences and agent performances. It enables you to make the right data-driven decisions.
  • With call tracking tools, you will never miss a high-intent customer call! It will allow your team to focus on valuable clients, increase conversions, and retain them in the long run.

Important Call Metrics You Should Be Tracking For Increased Revenues

To make the most of your call tracking software, you need to identify the metrics that impact productivity, customer engagement, and online/offline marketing campaigns. Here are some key call metrics that you can focus upon:

1. Call Volume


This is one of the most fundamental metrics that you need to pay attention to as it gives insights into the scale of your inbound calls. Call tracking tools will help you avoid tedious manual calculations as all call data is automatically recorded and stored. You can view call patterns by hour, day, week, month, or year.

2. Call Length

metrics for call tracking

Longer calls do not equal more positive results. Call tracking can help you record the length of each phone interaction. You can analyze whether longer calls are translating into conversions. Call tracking systems also help you identify which campaigns, keywords, or landing pages drive the most effective calls and convert leads.

3. Referral Source

To gauge the effectiveness of various marketing channels, you need to capture the referral source of each incoming call. Most call tracking solutions use dynamic number inserting to display different numbers on websites, landing pages, email newsletters, and social media handles. This enables you to track each phone call’s referral source and attribute it to a specific campaign.

4. Time and Date Information

Call tracking systems can let you analyze time and day calling trends to know when callers are most likely to reach out. It can help you to ensure agent availability and know which calls are more likely to convert based on location, time, and day of the week. Once you observe these patterns, you can leverage them to display PPC ads effectively and increase traffic on slow-moving days.

5. Landing Page Performance

As we know, landing pages are often the first point of contact for potential clients. They are designed to elicit action from qualified prospects and drive conversions. Call tracking software can help you identify calls that have been made by leads following a landing page visit. This way call tracking helps in improving the ROI of marketing campaigns and also acts as a guide for optimizing further marketing campaigns.

6. Keyword Attribution

Keywords are an integral call tracking metric that lets you know what grabs customer attention. When your inbound calls are driven by paid ads, social media posts, website forms, and landing pages, it is essential to find out what relevant keywords motivate your leads to get in touch with you! Call tracking software can help you attribute keywords and phrases to each call so that you can fine-tune your strategy and increase conversions exponentially.

The Final Word

Phone calls matter for your business as they forge human connections and help you build a loyal customer army. 66% of small to medium enterprises report that phone calls are the most valuable medium to generate incoming leads.

You need to get cracking and track your call data. It is the best way to analyze customer behavior and train your agents effectively. Getting the right call tracking tools will make things easier. Track the right metrics to know where your calls are coming from and what is sending traffic your way!

So, you have now got a good idea of important call metrics that you need to be monitoring to enhance efficiency. Get started fast and transform your operations by getting your inbound calling strategy right!

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