A call center is an official department of an enterprise that handles incoming and outgoing calls in the daily course of business. A lot of growing businesses dedicate a significant chunk of their limited resources in call centers, and rightly so because call centers are absolutely needed in today’s business environment. 

Call centers basically handle telephonic communication between the business and new & existing customers. However, one could say that call centers are becoming more of “contact centers”, due to their handling of various communication channels, including social media but not only limited to it. However, contact centers could take you on the road to profitability. 

Businesses that can afford to, usually have call centers software to provide the following services: 

  1. Telemarketing. 
  2. Market research & surveys to test upcoming products and to check customer satisfaction levels. 
  3. Answering Customer Queries: A lot of potential customers call the business to inquire about the business – their decision on whether or not to buy depends a lot on how the first call goes. Larger firms usually dedicate an inbound call center to handle inquiries. This reduces waiting periods and ensures the customer is hooked right from the beginning.
  4. Customer Support: Timely and convenient customer support is one of the most important components of after-sales service.

Gone are the days when businesses had to pull up records manually to service a customer’s needs. Today’s call centers or contact centers are powered by highly sophisticated call center software solutions which, provides the foundation to build great communication.  

Call Center Software – An Overview

Call centers today are powered by cloud-based servers. This throws a lot of flexibility in the mix, thus allowing you to customize your software to the minutest detail. 

Call center software adds that last detail of professionalism and gives the business a broader professional outlook. Not only does a virtual call center software make the business look good, but it also cleans up the bottlenecks in your communication chain.

What You Should Look for in Call Center Softwares

Different businesses have different needs when it comes to calling center software. Some businesses only need incoming calls, and thus set up an inbound call center. Other businesses may need both incoming and outgoing features, including a few others, such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), on-hold music, call analytics, etc. 

The following are some of the most important features of good call center software: 

how to get a call center software -CallHippo

Significant Improvement in Voice Quality

A good call center software should make voice calls clearer as well as nullify call drops completely. Depending on the level of automation involved, a good virtual call center software can accurately connect calls to agents who are likely to have knowledge of the customer’s issue with the product/service.  

More Productive & Efficient Agents

Virtual call center software usually comes with an intelligent routing system that allows agents to be much more productive in solving issues and closing tickets. 

When the call center has specialized agents and a decent level of automation involved, this software can free up agents as and when required by transferring the call to another agent with the entire call transcript on their screen. 

This achieves two things – one, it frees up the required agent and puts them on a more important task. Two, the call transcript being displayed on the new agent’s screen ensures that the customer doesn’t have to repeat anything. 


Ability to Draw Data from CRM and Other Databases

A good call center software automates most of the information seeking and readily displays all the information that an agent requires right away. To do so, the call center software should be able to integrate with your existing CRM (customer relationship management) software, etc.

CallHippo’s virtual call center software allows integration with standardized industry software such as Zoho, Pipedrive, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Slack, Zapier, Hubspot, etc.

This gives the customer, convenience to access an individual who knows about their history with the company – something that is the cornerstone of good customer service.

Displays Customer History and Previous Interactions Upfront

With the right kind of customization, call center software can be programmed to pull up caller data such as their history with the company, as well as any other relevant information.

Such information can be displayed on the agent’s desktop when they receive a call. Not only customer history, but good software can also pull up previous voice recordings, chat or email transcripts, etc.which can be highly useful in an inbound call center.

This saves both parties’ time – the customer is happy because of shorter resolution periods, while the company is happy because the customer is satisfied.

The Key Takeaway

Virtual call center software use is on the rise today, many large companies have started using the call center software. Smaller companies are often doubtful about whether or not to go for call center software, and in some cases, rightly so.

However, if you’re a growing business and struggling to keep up with your customers’ queries or complaints, it is time to upgrade to a dedicated inbound call center and get a virtual call center software.

CallHippo provides call center solutions, with many happy customers such as DropBox, Adobe, Accenture, Paytm, Citibank, Amazon, Wipro, among many others.

CallHippo provides call center software for all levels of business operations. Our software also gives the business a lot of flexibility and provides the business with a lot of options.

For example, CallHippo provides features such as Efficient Call Distribution, Call Queuing, Call Forwarding, IVR, etc. Apart from this, it can also be used for call analytics wherein the business can train their agents on what works and what doesn’t with information drawn from analyzing call data.

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