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What Is A Call Center Setup?

Now a days, Call centers predominantly rely on internet-based phone services. It not only streamlines customer service but also enables the agents to access customer data to provide excellent support. The induction of a cloud-hosted call center has given an edge to the call centers as the agents don’t have to be in the same building or at the same place to solve the queries of the customer.

In the recent past, the investment on call center setup was hefty and time-consuming. All the agents needed to be at the same place to redirect the call to the other agents. Since the arrival of the VoIP call center setup, these centers are now experiencing a high degree of flexibility and advancement. These Cloud-hosted VoIP Call Centers can now devise different strategies, designs, and systems befitting the needs of their very organization.

Why Does Your Business Need Call Center Setup?

The Call Center industry is growing at a striking rate. Every business, whether it’s small, medium, or large, needs a call center set up for customer service or lead acquisition. If the existing clientele is happy with your services, they will provide your recommendations to others. It will strengthen your relationship with the customer. Your agents can receive calls directly on their computers or phones irrespective of their work location. It will make sure that no calls go unnoticed. The managers or the designated official can log in to the call center software to observe the performance, call recordings, customer satisfaction, etc. Setting up a call center will ensure your long run in the market.

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Setting Up A Call Center In 4 Simple Steps

A SaaS cloud-hosted call centers can be set up in a matter of minutes.

1. Define the type of call center you need

  • Inbound call center setup
  • Outbound call center setup
  • Blended call center setup

2. Callers approach towards your agents

  • Once you have decided which cloud-hosted call center setup to go for, the next step is setting up your Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It will determine how your callers will reach your agents.
  • IVR:
  • It will determine whether your callers get connected to the agent directly or via an IVR. You can also add a welcome message and offer a menu of choices. Also, it will allow customers to choose from single-level or multi-level options.

  • Self-service:
  • Your IVR can handle necessary inquiries or connect with other applications to create or cancel reservations, bookings, and more.

3. Skill-oriented grouping of the agents

A call center consists of agents specializing in various domains. Call center software connects the call of the customer to different Skill Groups. You can create different skilled groups based on the skillset of the agents. Staff with the specialized expertise of a product will answer queries for that product. The team exclusively handling operational problems like shipping, and delivery issues may be authorized to process refunds. Thereby, each agent gets assigned to separate skill groups.

4. Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

It will allow prominent customers to connect with the call center official or agent with the required skillset when the call volume is high.

The total number of incoming calls get equally divided in a round-robin manner. This system is preferable for sales call centers or where the staff does not exclusively handle requests alone

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Advantages Of Cloud-Hosted Call Center Setup:

1. Reduced costs

Setting up a call center reduces the cost associated with staffing of call center agents and infrastructure. It also eliminates overhead costs as external service providers use their own call center software. Consequently, all these aspects add up to huge savings and improve your bottom line eventually.

Know call center setup cost here.

2. Improved call quality

Excellently trained and proficient call center agents can handle calls within a moment’s notice, which significantly enhances the service quality during peak hours. Overflow calls, if redirected to them, reduce wait times and customer frustration. It will ensure that both your in-house agents as well as your outsourced agents won’t feel rushed. As they would know that there are numerous qualified agents in the field to take care of the calls. It will drastically improve the quality of customer service and minimize turnaround time.

3. Business continuity

In case of any adversity, external service providers can play a significant role. If the system of your call center goes down or there is a power outage, they can take care of calls till the time you get entirely settled. It is a cost-effective solution to ensure business continuity. It will make sure that you don’t lose a call due to factors beyond your anticipation.

4. Enhanced consumer satisfaction

Cloud-hosted VoIP call centers will provide improved customer satisfaction when your agents can handle peak call volume more effectively and spend time meeting the customer’s needs. Shorter wait times and excellent customer support can translate into more satisfied clientele.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: May 12, 2021