We are living in a hyper-digitalized world where technology has permeated every aspect of life. Virtual phone systems are now a significant component of daily corporate communications, and the various features of VoIP platforms have certainly made task management exceptionally simple and structured.

Virtual phone numbers are a massive business asset. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the global VoIP market is expected to reach a peak of $136.76 billion in 2021. This unprecedented growth clearly shows how investing in top cloud-based phone system providers such as CallHippo is an absolute necessity for any growing organization. 

There are a host of innovative and new features in VoIP solutions that ensure team collaboration, data sharing, and apex HD audio quality. Facilities such as call queuing and conference calling promote higher productivity and output.  

The outstanding call transfer feature in VoIP products lets team members step out of the physical office premises without having to worry about missing a call from their customer and let go of any critical opportunities.

Top cloud-based phone system providers offer credible service and also comprehensive after-sales support to organizations. Customizable virtual phone systems have helped businesses save as much as 75% on their phone bills as they are highly affordable and cost-effective in the long run. 

In fact, if your business is operating in overseas markets, virtual business phone numbers can enhance brand recognition and establish its presence amongst local customers. Your global clients will be able to reach you whenever they want to and, thus, will be far more likely to remain engaged with your organization in the long run.

The various new features that come along with VoIP phone systems nowadays have revolutionized the telecommunications sector. They have effectively reduced, if not eliminated, call waiting times for customers and helped businesses offer them uninterrupted superior quality customer support. 

There are many exciting new features in VoIP software tools that you must definitely keep an eye out for in 2021. Most of the top cloud-based phone system providers, such as CallHippo, provide solutions for corporate communication that are highly customizable and come with a wide array of sophisticated features. Here are the top 5 features of virtual phone systems in 2021:

Call Transfer

The customer is undoubtedly a king in today’s competitive market, and organizations need to up their communication game to stay connected with their valuable clients. One of the most beneficial new features in VoIP business tools is the call transfer feature. 

It allows you to forward important phone calls to any mobile number, personal phone number, or landline number. Customers do not have to struggle to contact support staff members as calls are automatically redirected to an available line. 

Call transfer enhances your business’ accessibility round the clock and ensures that your team members can attend calls even when they are on the move.

Video Call Conference

From time to time, organizations need their employees to communicate with partners, clients, customers, and stakeholders who may be scattered in different geographic locations. The conference calling feature in most virtual phone systems seamlessly connects team members in real-time to collaborate on work-related issues. 

Video call conferencing enables employees to communicate freely with various stakeholders, no matter where they are, and make informed decisions for the company’s betterment. Conference calling is a highly advantageous feature as it increases availability, eliminates physical distances, and ensures maximum connectivity.

VOIP Phone number

Call Queuing

Call queueing surely is one of the most significant features in VoIP systems. The call queuing system is especially prevalent amongst organizations with a large customer base. It streamlines caller queues to minimize wait time and ensures that calls are attended by available support staff at the earliest. 

Call queuing systems can also play personalized greetings and music for clients to make the wait more pleasant. An effective call queuing system is the key to providing flexible and proactive support to your valued customers. It is the best way to deal with heavy call traffic and keeps customers satisfied with the power of fast-paced service.

Interactive Voice Response

Most cloud-based phone system providers include interactive voice response as a premium facility in their virtual phone system platforms. This facility vastly reduces dependency on manual staff as automated voice menus can help customers direct themselves to the appropriate departments or extension numbers. 

Automated voice response ensures no delays in your service and enables you to provide excellent support to customers

They save companies the hassle of investing in a front desk for their office to take care of incoming calls. Interactive voice response is a user-friendly option that helps customers solve their issues at any time of the day.

Call Barging

A typical facility that is now provided by most of the top cloud-based phone system service providers is call barging. It allows a third party to overhear conversations and enter a two-way call if required. Call barging is a highly useful feature of virtual phone numbers as it enables companies to monitor the service being provided to clients. 

Call barging is a highly useful tool for training new support team representatives. It is indeed one of the best features in virtual phone systems, especially for organizations that deal with a large volume of daily customer calls.

The Bonus

Easy Data and Device Management

Besides high costs, one of the reasons companies prefer to use VoIP is that it is customizable. In both fixed and non-fixed VoIP, adding and removing extensions is super easy. Besides, traditional phone systems don’t let you add new extensions and add to your programming costs and operational expenses. 

Calling on the go is a regular practice. But, most companies have remote staff taking calls on their personal smartphones or devices. A VoIP system will let you receive calls on multiple devices and replicate in-office presence when you are not close to your handset. A VoIP for financial industry can greatly benefit organizations that deal with huge volumes of data.

Wrapping Up

Virtual telephony is an exciting new buzzword in the business world and for a good reason. The various new features of VoIP tools have opened up a world of opportunities for organizations worldwide. 

Investing in a credible service provider such as CallHippo can help your organization accrue excellent benefits and enjoy a customized communication solution that suits your business model.

So whether you are a start-up, or a small/ medium enterprise, or a large-scale giant corporation, virtual phone numbers have something dynamic and radical to offer everyone! Not only will your communication practices remain structured, but your organization will also save some big bucks through economically priced calling plans. 

A quick way to boost your vital profitability parameters, investing in a virtual phone system is definitely one of the fastest ways to climb up the ladder of success. Reach out to CallHippo and explore your options at the earliest!

Updated : September 24, 2021


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