Selling even the simplest product can be a challenging ordeal if you’re not using the right strategies and tools while selling a relatively complex one can be made simple by strategizing smartly. Sometimes all you have to do is rephrase a feature of your product in order to make it attractive to your present and potential customers. You’d be surprised to know that 90% of customers have actually not made up their mind about a brand before they start their search. So, the ball is completely in your park, all you have to do is make the right impression on the prospective buyer.

With a majority of the marketing processes moving online, your sales strategy becomes all the more important, as it brings all the competitors on a level field. So, here are some tried-and-tested sales strategies and tricks guaranteed to give your sales that much-needed spike.

Go for a Personalized Message

Most successful salespeople will tell you that customers love businesses/products that they feel a personal connection with. In the digital, faceless age of communication, especially when it comes to sales, personalization is a game-changer. Something like a personalized voice message to welcome a customer can brighten up their day. This can easily be accomplished if you’re using the services of one of the best VoIP phone system service providers. With a VoIP phone, you can reach out to prospective clients across the world easily without spending a fortune.

Once you have identified your target customers, you know what their exact pain-points and grievances are. You can tailor your message in order to address those pain points specifically, and it will almost definitely stand out to the customer. Not only that, you will successfully be on your way to building a relationship with your clients by effectively engaging with them. From a VoIP phone to various social media websites, the avenues of customer engagement are endless today.

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Tap into the Buyer’s Emotions

Most buyers are not cold, calculating machines who meticulously plan and analyze each aspect of a purchase. In fact, a major percentage of them are impulse buyers. Whichever kind of buyer you encounter, you can always make an attempt to put the buyer’s emotions in focus by using the right words. When making a buying decision, it is very likely that the buyer relies more on how he feels about a product than what logic dictates. When your sales rep is on a call with the customer on the VoIP phone system, he should try and emphasize how the product has made previous buyers feel.

The best Virtual phone system service providers will usually make available such features as call recording and analytics. When these features are available on your VoIP phone, you can actually monitor interactions to see which one received the best responses. Accordingly, you can train your sales reps to interact in a manner that involves getting to the heart of the customer’s emotions, which is where she’s operating from when making a purchase.

Encourage your Sales Reps to be the Brand Ambassadors

Brand experience has truly caught on in the digital age. And with tools like social media, it has become so much easier to capitalize on it. Companies are doing it for recruitment, by making their own employees their brand ambassadors on social media. It does wonders for their trust factor. It can be the same for your product, no matter how big or small your company is.

Your sales reps can conjure a positive image of your brand or organization simply by professing the same over a VoIP phone. By showcasing their courtesy, empathy, and problem-solving abilities in conversation, your sales representatives truly ‘represent’ your brand/product. With the help of the best VoIP Phone System Service Providers, you ensure that you give your sales reps a chance to shine and to reflect a desirable image to potential clients.

Highlight Benefits, Not Features

Understand that any marketing or sales strategy that your company decides to go for, it is flawed if you decide to highlight the features alone. By themselves, features of a product don’t count for much. This is true not just for strategy but for any marketing, promotional, or other such material that is being used by your company. Define the sales strategy of your product/service from the perspective of the customer.

Say you’ve got a product brochure. Let’s take an example of one of the best VoIP phone system service providers. They sell VoIP phone systems. Simply highlighting the features is not enough. If they say they provide Virtual phone numbers with features such as call recording, voicemail, analytics, etc then it’s not news. Every VoIP phone system provides these features. The brochure should highlight the unique benefits that a buyer would get if he decided to buy a VoIP phone from the best VoIP phone system service providers such as RingCentral, CallHippo, Grasshopper, etc. Do so in a manner that even someone who’s relatively unfamiliar with what is VoIP phone systems can easily understand the advantages and disadvantages of investing in your VoIP system.

Map out Sales Calls in Advance

It might be a good idea to give structure to your sales calls. Often, even experienced sales reps might struggle with selling on the phone because of a lack of structure to the conversation. Be it a high stakes sales call involving a deal worth millions of dollars, or a simple one to convince a single customer to buy an item. Every call, starting from the cold call to the final closing call, should try and stick to a tried and tested roadmap/structure which optimizes the desired outcome. Of course, this does not mean that your sales rep will parrot the same old script every time they talk to a prospect. In fact, doing so will prove counterintuitive. Simply make sure that your sales reps are attending to calls in a structured manner. It helps instill assurance in the mind of the customer about the product/service they are looking to buy from your company.

Updated : July 5, 2021


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