If you own a business and want to have a receptive communication system then you must be aware of VoIP.  30% of the US businesses found it a productivity-booster and cost-cutter. Driven by technology, the VoIP phone number has become the spine for every business. On top of all, its affordability has driven its omnipresence.

Though no one can raise the finger on the efficacy of a virtual phone system, there is an immersed need to have profound knowledge about it to ensure the right implementation.  You will be able to reap the benefit of this cord-cutting technology if you know all its whereabouts.

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Here is some of the detailed information about VoIP and Virtual phone numbers that every business must know beforehand. Read it out and make the most out of this modern, cost-effective, and full-featured technology.

The Modus operandi of VoIP Calling Systems

The VoIP phone system works in a simple manner. If you have chosen a hosted service then all you need is a plug-and-play phone system. After a simple set-up, it will be all ready to take the calls without any hassles.

However, the implementation of a self-hosted on-site business phone number is little tedious job. It will demand an IP-based private branch exchange along with a PSTN gateway.  IP based private branch exchange is basically a simplified version of your old and traditional PBX phone system that you use to route the calls to your phones. PSTN is required to converts calls to and from your telephone network signals.

Depending upon the need of your business, you can pick any virtual phone system offered by CallHippo.

The basic requirements

You should know about the VoIP phone system is its components.

In general, the basic requirements to implement virtual business phone numbers are an internet connection, routers, any data-driven device, and switches. So –

  • If you wish to have a responsive communication point to your business then you need to pay attention to the bandwidth of your broadband connection.
  • If you have a team of agents working using the VoIP Phone numbers, you need more bandwidth.
  • If you are a big enterprise then don’t choose the broadband service provider that puts a cap on the bandwidth consumed as it will restrict the efficacy of your virtual phone number.

Again, check out the load taking the capacity of your routers and switches. Make sure that you are using a high-quality G.711 codec for your VoIP communications.

The positives

Have you ever wonders why businesses have developed so strong affinity towards the VoIP phone numbers?

Well, the answer lies in the cost-effectiveness and multi-facet functionality of the VoIP phone system.  The positive of VoIP communication systems are highly diversified. While the low-cost grabs the first place, you can’t ignore the HD voice quality offered by CallHippo.

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A competent virtual phone number system makes sure that you never miss a call. With its call forwarding and call recording features, it diligently handles high call –traffic. Another major positive of a virtual number is its ability to do intelligent call distribution. If an agent is already busy then it automatically transfers the call to another available agent.

Another boon of a VoIP phone system is the scalability. You can easily integrate with other components like CRM.  The moment it receives a call from a customer it integrates it with the inbuilt CRM to use later. With detailed reporting of calls, you can easily know what tour customers what and how you can cater to their needs.

The Negatives

Just like positives, one should be aware of the negative of a VoIP.  One of the major drawbacks of a VoIP is that it is totally dependent on technology. Whether it the electricity or the internet connection, your virtual business phone number will stop working as soon as any technical failure occurs.

Though hosted services reduce this drawback up to a certain extent by converting the missed calls into voicemails or routing them directly to your mobile phone, it will restrict your functionality.

You will be disappointed with your virtual numbers in case of any emergency calls. Calling to emergency numbers like 911 is not allowed over a virtual phone system. Even if some leading VoIP service providers offer this facility you need to pay extra charges for this.

Reaching to the part of the globe where internet connectivity is not that robust could be highly irksome at times.  A slow internet network directly affects voice quality.

Softphones – A big relief

Your traditional desktop phones might lose significance at certain places like in remote-location working and on-the-go employees.  In this situation, you should start using a softphone. With this technology, you can pick calls from anywhere. You need not sticking with your office desk to work.

In conclusion

As they say, “an informed customer makes the most out of the product”, you should be well-aware about the services you are going to avail. A VoIP phone number by CallHippo is a great way to build an alert communication point. However, it is very important that you should gather some basic information about VoIP in advance.  

Updated : July 6, 2021


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