Customers want businesses to hear them, understand them and their problems.

Believe it or not, customer service is an essential part of the customer’s journey as it enables a business to quickly resolve the customer’s queries.

But here is a quick question. What method is the most suitable for providing customer support? Email? Live Chat? Chatbot? Or something else?

Although we are living in a digital age a survey by Deloitte reveals that the majority as in 64% of people still prefer to be assisted by phone.

However to increase efficiency, to be productive, to simplify IT management, and to find a user-friendly solution it is essential for businesses to change with the changing times.

Call center software can be a critical piece of the puzzle that can help businesses to streamline their communication. Unlike complex and expensive on-premise solutions, Virtual Call center services are designed to keep the business users in mind.

No more dependency on IT to set up the system or make changes to it. No more lengthy technological Implementations. You can control your own destiny and invest more time and money to streamline other important Business Functions.

So let us start by decrypting the term Call Centre Software!

Also known as contact center software, this solution provides dedicated features to empower the outbound and inbound call centers. The software provides the tools needed to efficiently make and receive a large volume of calls, route callers, and provide assistance to customers and clients over the phone in the shortest time possible.

1. Inbound call center

It is like a customer helpdesk. Agents receive phone calls from clients and customers and help them with their queries. An inbound call center is available 24*7 and can handle any type of call for businesses, route calls to the right technician thus providing the best customer service possible.

2. Outbound Call center

These are the calls made by the agents to the customer. The outbound call center provides its customers with additional information on existing products and services. These calls are also made to extend the customer base through lead generation, research, and product promotion.

So Why a Call Center Software?

Mostly it is believed that customer service call centers are a thing for million-dollar companies and only they have the bank balance to afford it. Thanks to technology which got the concept of virtual Call center services. It is because of these technologies even small companies with small budgets can now own their own call center and make a large number of calls with high quality and efficiency and at the same time deliver great customer service at low cost.

Call center softwares are used in food industry, real estate, advertising, recruitment, B2B, education, retail etc. These industries have to remain in constant touch with their customers to keep them happy. For these purposes, companies need call centers software.

Call center Software: Going virtual or keeping it onsite?

I think going virtual would be a better option…!!

Have a doubt?

Keep reading and I am sure you will say the same.

A virtual call center is a contact manager whose agents work remotely. Instead of working from the office they can operate from a separate third-party location or can even work from the comfy couch in their bedroom.

Having a virtual call center software work through Voice over internet protocol(VOIP). This means they use a data network to call a number instead of the traditional physical lines. To get the work done all the agents need is a solid internet connection blended with perfect call center software.

These days a lot of people prefer working from home and with the advent of call center software, it has become extremely easy.

Call Center Softwares - CallHippo

How do Virtual Call center services work?

When a customer dials the customer service number provided on your website they are given the impression that their call is directed to a Physical department within a business, in fact, the secret is that it is actually diverted to a virtual Inbound call center.

These calls are then answered by a stay-at-home parent or a freelancer from his home or office on behalf of the business. These people will perform the simple call answering task for your business thus saving your valuable time and overhead costs.

Business benefits of using Virtual Call center services

Virtual Call center software has several advantages in comparison to a traditional Telephone System. Let us take a walk into how it can benefit your business.

1. No Geographical Limitations anymore

If you are using Virtual Call center services you can hire agents from all over the world. You have a wide range of hiring pools that will enable you to select the best talent and will not just limit you to people within commuting distance.

You will have people from different time zones working for you and this will greatly benefit your 24*7 agenda.

This is not a boon for the companies even the applicant gets a chance to work with big names in the business world right from their living room.

2. Saves the Operational Cost

Starting an onsite call center from scratch can burn your pockets. You will have to buy a lot of wires and acquire other IT resources which will be costly upfront and whose value will decrease as the years pass. This is just the tip of the iceberg, besides this, you also have to buy hosting servers, PBX, and phone terminals.

I am not done yet..!! If you are running a traditional Call center you have to pay for the office space, plus provide all your employees with desks, chairs, and other amenities.

A virtual call center software will eliminate almost all the costs associated with the hardware as well as the costs associated with providing five-star services to your employees.

Companies using virtual call center services can represent them with the utmost professionalism. Your customers will not have a little hint when you ring them up.

The bill will be lighter without affecting the happiness of your employees or your staff.

Mobility and Reduced Turnover

Call center software gives the flexibility to your agents to work from anywhere. Simple logic, if they are working from home they won’t need to commute. This means no time wasted in traveling to the office, no getting stuck in a long traffic queue, no lateness, no tiredness, no more inhalation of polluted air. These factors some or other ways help reduce employees’ stress levels.

Studies have shown that work-related pressure is one of the main causes of stress among employees. The call center industry is already very well known for its high employee turnover and attrition rate.

Relaxed, contented staff is the most efficient one. Long story short, inbound call center software will reduce employee turnover, boost employee morale which ultimately results in the best quality of service.

Go Green with Virtual Call center services

Your employees can easily work from home, as a result, they don’t have to commute to the office which contributes to lighter carbon footprints.

Call center software operates on the cloud, which entirely eliminates the use of hardware and paper products. The dematerialization of data and software are all beneficial for business as well as our planet earth.

Wrapping up!!

I think this much information is enough for you to get started..!! So what are you waiting for? Refine your communication system today and you are on your way to provide the best professional customer service like the big boys in the market.

Updated : July 20, 2021


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