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What Are Toll Free 888 Numbers?

In simple words, toll free number is a telephone number with a unique three-digit code. These numbers are predominant in customer service calling as it does not charge the person making the call. It is very effective as it enables an individual or customer to place a long-distance call without getting charged for it.

Toll free numbers or well known as 1800 number has been very productive for enterprises worldwide. The seamless communication and prompt support rendered by the number has significantly contributed to capturing global attention.

What is Toll free 888 number?

When in the late 60’s toll free number originated, agencies started using it to book the reservations. With time, there was a hype created around toll free numbers as it allowed the customers to make the call without any remuneration. As more and more businesses began implementing 800 numbers for customer services, it became saturated. It created a demand for more prefixes, and that is when 888 area code came into existence.

An outstanding toll free number for you

888 area code can be an asset to your enterprise. Its extensive reach allows the customers to reach the service desk or help desk without any charges incurred. The best part about 888 toll free number is that you own it, not the carrier services.

888 toll free number is consequential in defining your credibility in the market. It will aid you to look more established and professional. Some markets prefer a business with a local/national presence. The 888 area code USA is a toll free number that specially targets the customers in North America. It further enhances your business reliability in the consumer market. Using 888 area code USA will give you a local presence in the US even if you are operating the business from another country.

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Buy An Toll Free 888 Number For Your Business

Decide the need of 888 number for your business

Analyze the current scenario in the market. Numerous companies are operating in the same domain as that of yours. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to devise a strategy that will give an edge to your business. What better than providing an excellent support to your customers can be?

Determine how you are going to use this toll free number

Companies adopt toll free number for various purposes. Primarily used for customer service, but you can also utilize it for a marketing tool or for your clients to connect with you. Based on the compatibility of the toll free number with your business, you can opt for any of the services.

Register the number for your Business

With CallHippo, you can easily employ toll free services. In three steps, you can activate your account. Sign up to create an account, fill the form, get a confirmation mail on the email provided. After verification of the same, you can start the services.

Choose a country for which you want toll free numbers

Select the country for which you want to activate the toll free number. After determining the country, CallHippo will conveniently provide you with a variety of unique codes to choose from like 800, 888, 866, 855, 844, 877.

Set up a call forwarding number

Once you have activated the toll free number, you don’t have to establish more phone lines. It will reduce your expenses and will impart you with a call forwarding feature. You can easily redirect the calls from your customers on your business phones or landlines.

Think about the utilization of the number

Once you have engaged the toll free number like 888 toll free, determine how you can deploy it to its full potential. Integrate it to the video ads of your company, add it to your business cards and website.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Toll Free Number

What is 888 toll free phone number?
The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) introduced a new area code (commonly known as toll free number) after the saturation of 1-800 number, which was 888 toll free number. 888 area code is a distinctive three-digit code that works like any other toll free number. The reason for its introduction was to give nationwide presence and instant credibility to the enterprises.
Is going for 888 area code a wise decision?

You should have an 800 number if:

  • You sell services or products online
  • Your phone number plays a crucial role in your marketing campaigns
  • You want to grow your business internationally
How much does a 888 toll free number cost?
Most of the vendors offer subscription based pricing, and the cost of 888 area code USA varies from vendor to vendor.
What are some additional features that CallHippo offers?
CallHippo provides cloud telephony services to set up a business phone system for companies. As it is cloud-based, no upfront hardware infrastructure is required. It provides you with all the features that an office phone system needs.
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