Before we talk about integrating various new tools into our call centers, let us take a moment to consider the following scenario.

You come in for work on a Monday morning. You enter your office and sit in front of your computer. All your agents are busy going through their voicemails and answering customer queries. The workflow is smooth. You know no one is slacking off, because you have all the statistics and data right in front of you!

Your agents are happy as well. They no longer have to scramble for customer histories in order to resolve queries. As soon as they dial a number, the customer history simply pops up on their screen. They are working quickly and efficiently, without wasting any time doing mundane and meticulous tasks. 

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, be prepared to have all your dreams come true! As we advance further into the twenty first century, more and more tools are being developed to ease the working of call centers and make them proactive.

What is the need for integration with new call center tools?

Apart from the obvious reason that it makes the functioning of a call center smooth and efficient, there are a few other reasons why it is wise to integrate with modern call center tools. 

As we all know, the key to a successful business is not how well a product is designed, but how well a product sells. Sales is everything. In order to compete with the other products on the market and reach out better to the people, one needs to improve customer service. 

Tools like the CRM software, can work wonders for your business. It not only helps you provide your customers with a more personalized service, but also helps your agents keep track of all your customers. 

A business only runs as efficiently as the people working in it, don’t you agree? By integrating with new call center tools, you can modernize your call center to suit the needs of your agents better. These tools will not only push your agents to work better, but will also help you keep tabs on their productivity levels. 

In short, integrating your VoIP phone system with new and powerful CRM tools will improve the workflow, help you collect and organize data and improve customer service. What more do you need?

How to choose the right call center tools for your business?

The biggest problem today that business owners come across while integrating their call centers with modern tools is the dilemma of which tools to integrate with. There are a number of good and powerful call center tools available in the market today and it can be a challenging job to handpick the ones most suitable for your business. 

Every business has different needs and different tools are best suited for different purposes. Thus, one must carefully analyze the needs of his business and keep in mind of the important factors to choose the best suited call center software for their business and then move toward choosing the best call center tools he wishes to integrate with on the basis of his analysis. One must also keep in mind that all the tools that he chooses must be compatible with the others. 

Call center tools

Some essential call center tools for your business

Even though there is no ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ tool, there are a couple of tools that are pretty much essential for all kinds of businesses. 

1. Call center tools to integrate your call activity

There are various tools available in the market that let you sync your call logs and organize all your call activity in one place. CallHippo can integrate with several such softwares like Pipedrive, Freshdesk, Slack and more to create the perfect ecosystem for your call center.

What are the benefits of such a tool? These tools will not only organize your call activity, but will also analyze the call activity and draw up important statistics. For example, the on-call times of various agents, call traffic during various times of the day and so on. 

These statistics can be used to identify problem areas in your call center and come up with solutions for the same. Integrating with these tools will improve the workflow in your office and also improve the quality of your customer service.

2. Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) software

The customer relationship management software is rapidly gaining popularity in the market today. Its popularity and demand can be justified by the wide array of useful features that it provides. 

As the name suggests, this tool helps you manage your relationship with the customer. It automatically collects and stores all customer data. “What is the big deal in storing data?”, you may ask. Well, let me tell you.

It is found that majority of agents scribble down important notes and reminders while they are on call. However, that small piece of paper, if not lost, can never be found when one needs it. However, by using a CRM software, you ensure that even the tiniest of details are recorded and no data is lost.

Let us look at another important feature of this tool. Whenever an agent receives or makes a call, a detailed history of the customer will pop up on his screen. This will enable your agents to provide a more personalized customer experience.

The CRM software also easily integrates with all your other call center tools, leading to a synchronized system of tools that significantly improves user experience. 

3. Live Chat

We are living in a digital era. People no longer care for waiting on hold to have their queries answered. To provide better customer service in the modern age of screens, most businesses have introduced the live chat and the chatbot feature in their business. 

The purpose of a live chat feature is to provide instant service to your customers. Your customers can drop in their query in a chat box. An agent will then correspond and communicate with the customer using that very chat box. 

In this busy and fast paced world, most people do not have the time and patience to make numerous calls to have their problem solved. Dropping off a quick text is much more easy and convenient. 

Thus, it has become imperative for every business to introduce this feature as soon as possible. It goes a long way in providing quick service and keeping the customers satisfied.

4. Helpdesk tool

For good customer support, it is important to resolve customer queries as quickly as possible. A helpdesk tool helps you do just that.

Such a tool maintains a record of all the queries raised by a customer through all the different possible channels. It then organizes and lists them so that the agents can access those details easily and provide fast and efficient service to the customers. 

These were the four essential call center tools that are a must have for any modern call center. Integrate with one, or all, of these tools to maximize productivity in the office.

Confused about which tools are best suited for your business? Don’t worry, our agents are available round the clock to help you out! Call us or sign up now to talk to professionals and hand pick the best call center tools for your business.

Updated : July 20, 2021


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