Contact Centers are the backbone of any business. Contact center software rendering good services can positively impact your bottom line and take your organization to new heights.  

Satisfying a consumer is no piece of cake. Every customer will have a different interaction with you. While dealing with them in real-time, you can’t afford to make mistakes. While there is no one-strategy-works-for-all, you can teach some tricks and tactics to your agents, so that they always deliver an outstanding experience. 

Here are 7 tactics to enhance your customer interactions 

1. Get to know your customer 

Your sales teams already know a lot about your customers — their demographics, age, gender, and so on. But to give what they want, they need to go a step further and learn about them. 

How to do that? 

Strike out a buyer persona that helps envision your sales team who they are communicating with day in and day out. The more information they gather, the more personalized interaction they have. 

For example, if your buyer persona is a female millennial, lives in a city, and loves traveling, you can create a persona like this:

    • Sharon Winget, 30 
    • Single
    • Loves traveling 
    • Lives alone in a studio apartment 

Doing this exercise will help you perceive who they are in person and improve your contact center services. 

2. Minimum call on hold time 

For most customers, the call center is a one-stop destination for all their queries. They don’t see that the organization has different sections; instead, assume it is a single entity where they get solutions to their issues. 


Nobody likes to be on hold during the calls. It portrays either you are not serious for your clients or your agents don’t know how to solve their problems. Whatever the case is, it gives a downright terrible impression of you. 

While you can’t eliminate the wait time, you can use the industry’s best practices to reduce the call hold time. Besides, include IVR with the approximate wait time feature so that your customers don’t have to hang till eternity. 

3. Focus on the customer journey 

A customer goes through the different stages of the sales cycle, and at each stage, he will interact differently. If you want to improve your call center services, you must interact based on the stage of their journey. Also having an intelligent contact center allows seamless delivery via all methods of communication so that you don’t lose your valuable customers.

For example, explain how you can help a potential customer who books a consultation call with you, whereas explaining to an existing customer the additional features you can introduce to help them.  

CRMs help your teams to quickly and easily pinpoint the stage in which the buyer is in.  With the help of CRMs, your teams can serve your clients at every stage. 

4. Efficient flow management

Often in the absence of efficient call flow management, your entire business can go haywire, and this, in turn, jeopardizes your image. Hence, it becomes utmost necessary to have call flow measures in place to manage call traffic and redirect the calls to the dedicated extensions.

Install a robust contact center software to make sure that the calls are forwarded to the right teams. This not only gives your customers a seamless user experience but also helps you measure employee productivity in your contact center.

5. Build an emotional connection with your customer

I have already stated how important it is to know your customer. It helps you understand who they are as a person and the ways to serve them. If you look at the customer side of the story, they want to purchase from the businesses that share their values, care for them, and appreciate them. 

If your sales teams go above and beyond to understand them, they can quickly develop an emotional bond to push your brand forward. And to do that, your calling agents must use templates that evoke emotions. They could implement: 

    • Brand storytelling with a humanistic approach that shows how your brand solves customer problems 
    • Personalized messages or hand-written notes that show you care 
    • A free product or cashback for their relationship with you 
    • Loyalty programs for existing customers

6. Check for the well-being of your agents 

Nobody can work to their best capacity if they aren’t happy with their work. A customer can form a negative impression of your organization if an agent is rude to them. 

Top-5-Tactics-to-Improve-Contact-Center-Services-Middle-2To make sure that your staff is doing well emotionally, mentally, and physically, incept an open door policy. Along with that, do employee engagement activities to make your contact center more proactive. Always remember that a happy agent brings ten times more business than an unhappy and dissatisfied agent. 

7. Ask for feedback from your customers 

The easiest way to realize your customers’ needs is through their feedback. Put up a feedback form, run surveys about what they like, and what they don’t like about your services, call-center representatives, etc. The more you know about your customer experience, the better you serve them. By doing this you can retain your loyal customers and thus reduce the overall churn rate in your industry.

Summing Up

To improve the call center services, you need to know them in and out — their journey, their experiences, and their thoughts about your brand. The best advertisement happens through word of mouth, and that can’t be achieved unless you satisfy your customers with your services and experience.

Make strategies to take care of your employees and your customers. Train your agents regularly to make sure they give optimum experience to your customers. Besides, take care of GDPR and compliance to ensure you follow the best industry practices. Follow the tips mentioned above to give the best to your customers.

Updated : July 21, 2021


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