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What Are Canadian Toll Free Numbers?

A Canada toll free number literally means a number that does not extract any toll from the caller. In simpler terms, it means that the caller does not have to pay to make the call. Standard calling rates like 60p per minute are usually applicable to any calls made by a number. However, a Canadian toll free numbers is exempt from this payment. Canadian Toll Free Numbers are different from Canadian Virtual Numbers.

canada toll free number

A Canada toll free number  do not serve many purposes in a household but are an essential part of any business. Why? Most Canadian customers are not willing to pay for calling a business, especially when the call involves long periods of waiting on hold. A business may turn away potential clients due to the lack of toll free calls . And all businesses aim to attract clients, not to lose them!

And what’s more, customers can even send text messages to your Canada toll free number without paying a penny. You just need to make sure that your number is text-enabled. Your customers can now chat with you via text messages, absolutely free of charge!

What Are Toll Free Numbers?

Why Canada Toll Free Numbers Are Necessary For Your Business?

I could go on and on about the advantages of toll-free numbers and how it can positively impact your business. However, I’ll sum it up in a few simple points for you.

Improves Customer Experience

Firstly, we can all agree on the fact that businesses make it big not by selling the best product, but by taking a little extra care of their customers. Canada toll free numbers go a long way in providing improved customer service.

canada toll free number benefits

It enables customers to freely approach the company with any doubts or queries that they might have, without worrying about the call cost and duration. Thus, it not only makes your business more approachable but also enhances the customer service experience of your clients with toll free business phone numbers.

Easy To Remember

Second of all, Canadian toll free numbers are extremely easy to remember. A simple Canada toll free number example or format like 844-22-22-22 is much more likely to stick around in a customer’s memory than a complex ten digit number like 729-461-8893. This will ensure more number of calls rolling in everyday, thus offering more potential for lead generation and conversion.

Looks Professional

It gives your business a professional touch. As soon as we dial a Canada toll free numbers and get received by an IVR, we know that the business is legitimate and professional in its ways. This creates a good impression of the company among the people, thereby increasing chances of sales. Having Canadian toll free numbers gives more credibility to one’s business.

International Connectivity and Portability

Last but not the least, you can open a branch or shift your business to any part of the world without worrying about keeping in touch with your old clients. No matter which city or other countries you are in, you can use the same toll free number to represent your business and make long distance calls. Moreover, it allows customer from any part of the globe to call your company without incurring any charges. Taking your business out into the global market has never been easier!

Canada toll free number for international calling

Thus, we can safely conclude that toll free service help your business grow, and grow with your business.

Join us at CallHippo and get a Canada toll free numbers for your company within minutes! You can now get your very own Canada toll free numbers for your business in just 3 simple steps.

CallHippo, one of the leading toll free service provider in the industry, offers business specific and cost effective toll free service in over 50 countries across the globe with all the features like global call forwarding to forward calls, call recordings and much more advance features. We don’t just sell a phone number, we sell a phone system that can change the face of your business. Sign up and get started in just a few minutes!

What are The Different Types of Canada Toll Free Numbers

We are all familiar with the traditional 1-800 toll free Canada number. Unfortunately, all combinations for this prefix have been sold out and no new combinations are available for upcoming businesses. This is why the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has recently launched a set of new toll free codes to be used by businesses. Let us have a closer look at them.

833 Toll Free Canada

The 833 prefix is among the few toll-free numbers that are available for use today. It is nothing significantly different from the 800 prefixes and carries out all the same operations. Since getting a toll free services with the old 800 prefix is no longer an option due to the unavailability of any new combinations, the 833 prefix is preferred.

If your business is based in Canada or the Caribbean, this is the perfect toll-free prefix for your business number. It is easily accessible and aims to help you provide a better customer experience by using a toll-free number. All your customers residing in these areas can call you without any hesitation on 833 Canada numbers.

Among the newest toll free area codes in the game, the 833 toll free prefix can be used for any Canada based local number. You can now get a premium and unique toll free number for your business in just minutes!

855 Toll Free Canada 

Just like all other toll free Canadian numbers , the 855 prefix also lets callers call your number without letting any money loose from their wallets. What sets this prefix apart from the rest is that it is location specific. This means that this toll free prefix targets a particular geographical location, the Northern part of America.

Getting toll free Canadian numbers online is undoubtedly the easiest way to boost your business and customer relations. Though the standard 800 prefix has been around much longer and is now almost ingrained in the minds of the people, it has unfortunately run out of new phone number combinations.

On the other hand, the 855 toll free prefix is new in the market and has plenty of new vanity names and numbers available for your business.

Now just imagine that out of all available toll free code, you had an affinity for the 800 prefix and thus you ended up getting a recycled number for your business that once belonged to another business.

You will then end up getting incoming calls from old customers, marketers and business associates of the previous owner of the number. Thus, the toll free number that was supposed to come as a blessing for your company will turn into a burden that wastes the time of your agents and save money.

800 Toll Free Canada

This is the oldest and most widely used prefix among all toll free codes. None of the new codes have really caught on like the 800 prefix had. It was the first code to be released to the public. In fact, whenever someone mentions toll free numbers, the first thing that pops into the minds of the people is the 800 prefix. It is almost as if the 1-800 toll-free code has become synonyms with toll free numbers.

However, such extensive use of the 800 toll free prefix has drained its resources. All the possible number and vanity name combinations that can exist have already been used with the 800 prefix. Due to the lack of availability of new toll free numbers with the 800 prefix, the FCC released several new codes last year.It enables callers from all over the world to call your business without involving any international call charges.

Nonetheless, if you are eager to get nothing but a 800 toll free phone number for your business, there is still a way. Several businesses that has purchased toll free numbers with the 800 number are now shut down or out of business. Hence, old numbers which are no longer in use are being recycled and sold to new clients. However, this has its own drawbacks as already mentioned earlier.

888 Toll Free Number

The 1-888 Canada toll free numbers online is among the newly released toll-free codes. Using this you can add a professional and exclusive touch to your business. .

This 888 toll-free is specifically targeted at North American cities. It doesn’t matter where your business is based or from which part of the world you operate; the 888 toll-free phone number can be used to stay in touch with your North American clients. All you need to do is get a virtual number of the Canada and buy the 888 prefixes along with it. Your customers can now contact you overseas, absolutely free of charge!

844 Toll Free Canada

The 844 toll-free prefix is not much different from your other codes. It covers all states that come under the North American Numbering Plan. It functions the same way as the 800, or any other number.

Toll free phone numbers have rapidly gained popularity and approval all over the globe to receive calls . Ever wondered why? Because toll-free numbers go an extra mile in providing good customer service.

Any business that doesn’t have one will lag behind its competitors and lose a lot of potential customers. Moreover, once you purchase a toll-free number, it stays with your business till the very end. Wherever you move, whichever location you shift to, your 1-844 Canada toll-free phone numbers will travel with you!

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Features of Canada Toll Free Number

Best VoIP Features Included in Your Canada Toll Free Numbers

CallHippo is the first choice of many businesses looking for a Canada Toll Free Number as there is a long list of powerful features.

Frequently Asked Question on Canada Toll Free Number

Why should you get a toll free number for Canada?
There are numerous benefits of Canada toll free number. It helps businesses get into the highly competitive Canada markets despite being located at any corner of the world. The powerful features of the toll-free numbers from CallHippo ensure that businesses get the best out of the virtual telephony technology for Canada numbers.
Should you integrate your toll free number for Canada with your CRM?
It is recommended for businesses to quickly integrate the Canada toll free number to empower teams with the best technology. It becomes easy for the remote working teams to handle all customer data and queries and offer high-end services. There is no need to worry about communication lapses when CRM and virtual telephony harmonize.
Why should you use CallHippo to get a Canada toll free number?
When it comes to CallHippo, it is the first choice of many businesses due to multiple reasons. First, while all the Canada toll free number are easy to set up in less than three minutes, it becomes easy for new businesses to receive calls instantly. Further, the multiple features of toll free numbers from CallHippo ensure that teams can give their best to the customers.
How much does a toll-free Canada number cost?

The cost of a toll-free Canada number can vary depending on the provider and the features you need. Typically, you can expect to pay a monthly fee for the number as well as a per-minute rate for incoming calls. Some providers may also charge additional fees for features like call recording or call forwarding.

CallHippo offers a range of pricing plans that start at $14 per user per month and include various features like call recording, voicemail, and call forwarding.

How do toll-free numbers in Canada work?

Toll-free numbers in Canada work by allowing callers to reach your business without incurring any long-distance charges. When someone dials your toll-free number, the call is routed through the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and forwarded to the destination number of your choice. This destination number can be a landline, a mobile phone, or a VoIP service.

How many toll-free numbers can you buy with CallHippo?

CallHippo allows you to buy an unlimited number of toll-free numbers in Canada. You can choose from various area codes and prefixes to create a custom toll-free number that fits your business needs.

How long does it take to get a toll-free phone number in Canada?

The time it takes to get a toll-free phone number in Canada can vary depending on the provider you choose. Some providers may be able to activate your number within a few minutes, while others may take several business days. Once your number is activated, you can start using it right away to receive incoming calls.

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