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5 Minutes Guide to New Zealand Phone Number Format

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Rohit Rajpal

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: January 18, 2024

If you’re considering starting a business in New Zealand, then you’re off to the right path. With its strong purchase power parity, thriving economy, and booming tourism industry, New Zealand provides a fertile ground for entrepreneurial ventures, it was voted 1st out of 189 economies for ease of doing business. The country’s stable economic environment, coupled with its strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region, offers tremendous opportunities for business growth and expansion.

However, as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, one crucial aspect you need to consider is establishing effective communication channels with your potential customers in New Zealand. Building solid connections and maintaining professional relationships rely heavily on reliable and efficient communication.

In this guide, we’ll explore the New Zealand phone number format, equipping you with the knowledge to connect seamlessly with your target market. So, let’s dive into the world of New Zealand phone numbers and ensure that your business communication is smooth and successful.

What Is the New Zealand Phone Number Format?

The New Zealand phone number format comprises several components that work together to establish a complete phone number. Here’s a breakdown of the NZ phone number format:

definition of New Zealand Phone Number Format

  • Country Code: The New Zealand country code is +64. It is used when making international calls to New Zealand.
  • Area Code: Following the country code, New Zealand has a variety of area codes that correspond to different regions within the country. Area codes are typically two digits long and help identify the specific geographic location of the phone number.
  • Local Number: The local number is the unique number assigned to an individual or business within a specific area. It generally consists of six to seven digits.

To dial a New Zealand phone number, you would typically combine the country, area, and local codes.

The full format for a New Zealand phone number is +64 [Area Code] [Local Number].

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New Zealand Phone Number Example

To provide a clearer understanding, let’s take a look at a New Zealand phone number example in the correct format:

Phone number: +64 9 1234567

In this example, “+64” is the country code for New Zealand. “9” is the single-digit area code corresponding to the Auckland region. “1234567” represents the seven-digit phone number unique to the specific individual or business.

When dialing this number from outside New Zealand, you would start with the international dialing prefix of your country, followed by the New Zealand country code (+64), the area code (9), and finally, the local number (1234567).

Remember, the area code and local number may vary depending on the specific region or city within New Zealand. It’s always important to include the country code and follow the correct format when dialing a New Zealand phone number.

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How To Dial a New Zealand Phone Number?

To dial a New Zealand phone number correctly, follow these steps:

1. From Within New Zealand:

    • Dial the local number directly for local calls within the same area code (e.g., 1234567).
    • For calls to a different area code within New Zealand, dial the area code (including the leading zero) followed by the local number (e.g., 03 1234567).

2. From Outside New Zealand:

    • Start with the international access code of your country (e.g., 011 in the United States, 00 in most European countries).
    • Dial the New Zealand country code, which is +64.
    • If you know the specific area code for the region you’re calling, include it (including the leading zero) after the country code.
    • Finally, dial the local number, typically six to seven digits long.

Here’s an example of dialing a New Zealand phone number from the United States:

  • Dial 011 (international prefix for the U.S.).
  • Dial +64 (New Zealand country code).
  • Dial the area code (e.g., 9 for Auckland) if applicable.
  • Dial the local number (e.g., 1234567).

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Types of New Zealand Phone Numbers

New Zealand offers three types of virtual numbers that businesses can leverage to enhance their communication capabilities. Let’s delve into each type in detail:

1. Local Numbers

Local numbers are New Zealand phone numbers with specific area codes representing different geographic locations or cities. By getting a local number, you can establish a strong local presence, making it easier for customers within a specific area to reach them. Local numbers foster familiarity and trust, as callers perceive the business to be nearby. They are especially beneficial for companies targeting specific regions or cities within New Zealand, allowing them to build local connections and cater to local customer needs.

2. Toll-Free Numbers

toll free numbers

Toll-free numbers enable callers to connect with businesses without incurring any charges. In New Zealand, toll-free numbers usually have the prefixes 0800 or 0833. These numbers serve as a powerful tool for enhancing customer service and communication. By offering a toll-free option, businesses demonstrate their dedication to delivering an easy and handy channel for customers to reach them. Toll-free numbers are invaluable for customer support lines, sales inquiries, and marketing campaigns, ensuring customers can connect without financial barriers.

3. Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers are customized phone numbers incorporating specific words or phrases relevant to a business. These numbers are designed to be easily memorable and recognizable, often utilizing alphanumeric combinations. Vanity numbers serve as potent marketing tools, enabling customers to associate the number directly with a brand or service. They greatly enhance brand recall and help businesses stand out.

Why Should You Get a Virtual Number for New Zealand?

Acquiring a virtual number in New Zealand offers several advantages for businesses. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider getting a virtual number:

1. Establish a Local Presence: If your business operates internationally or outside of New Zealand, having a virtual local number allows you to establish a local presence there. This instills trust and confidence in your local customers, who perceive your business as easily accessible and familiar.

2. Expand Your Reach: By obtaining a New Zealand virtual number, you can reach a broader audience in the country. It enables you to target specific cities in New Zealand, enabling potential customers to contact your company.

3. Enhance Customer Communication: A virtual number provides a dedicated line for customer communication, enabling you to offer seamless customer service and support. Customers can reach out to your business conveniently, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Cost-Effective Solution: Virtual numbers offer cost savings compared to traditional phone systems. They eliminate the need for physical phone lines, hardware, and maintenance expenses. Virtual numbers can be easily managed and routed through cloud-based platforms, reducing operational costs.

5. Track Marketing Campaigns: Virtual numbers can be used to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. By assigning different virtual numbers to different campaigns, you can monitor call volumes and measure the success of your marketing efforts.

6. Professional Image: A virtual number lends a professional image to your business. It demonstrates that you are serious about providing reliable communication channels and establishing customer credibility.

Improves brand image

7. Flexibility and Mobility: Virtual numbers allow redirecting calls to any location or device. You can have calls forwarded to your mobile phone, landline, or virtual phone system, ensuring you never miss an important call, regardless of your physical location.

How to Get a New Zealand Virtual Number?

You can get a New Zealand virtual mobile number from CallHippo and get started within minutes. CallHippo allows you to buy both local and toll-free numbers. The local number is linked with area-specific codes, while the toll-free number has a national access code.

Here’s how you can get a virtual number from CallHippo.

Step 1: Sign up with CallHippo and choose a plan that suits your requirements

Step 2: Choose New Zealand from the list of available countries

Step 3: Select from a local or toll-free number

Step 4: Pick a number of your choice, along with geographic area codes

Step 5: Assign the telephone number to your team

Step 6: Start making and receiving calls

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A New Zealand phone number is a must when running a business there. It allows you to call your customers using a local number and build rapport with them. It also helps build credibility, thereby driving more sales. You can use a virtual phone number to establish a local presence in New Zealand while reducing communication costs. CallHippo lets you select a number of your choice and offers several advanced features like a power dialer, IVR, call recording, call barging, and voicemail.


How many digits is a New Zealand phone number?

A New Zealand phone number typically consists of 10 digits. This includes the country code, area code, and local number, combined to form a complete phone number.

How to identify a New Zealand phone number?

New Zealand phone numbers can be identified by the country code “+64” at the beginning, followed by the area code and local number. The area code helps identify the specific geographic location or region within New Zealand.

What are the top 5 New Zealand phone number providers?

The top 5 New Zealand phone number providers include:

  1. CallHippo: A leading provider offering virtual phone services with customizable plans and features for businesses.
  2. Vodafone New Zealand: One of the largest telecommunications companies providing phone services for businesses and individuals.
  3. DialerHQ: Offers virtual phone number services and advanced communication solutions tailored for businesses in New Zealand.
  4. Voyager Internet: Provides virtual phone number services with options for local, toll-free, and vanity numbers.
  5. 3CX: Offers a cloud-based PBX system that includes virtual phone numbers and communication features.
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