If you are a small business owner or a new entrepreneur, chances are pretty high that you have your hands full at the moment. Running a successful business involves doing a million tasks at the same time. If there is one domain that you simply can’t afford to neglect, it is definitely business communication. It can make or break your chances of success.

It is imperative to have a streamlined and agile communication system in place so that your stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, and team members can remain in touch. You will need to open multiple channels of communication so that your clients or customers can call your business freely – if you fail to do this, you can be certain that they will move over to other rivals in the market.

So, just how do you go about your communication requirements? We know for sure that the world is switching over from traditional wired phone systems. What exactly are your options? Your best bet would be to invest in a PBX phone number as it is cost-effective, secure and super functional in all aspects. Let’s find out more about this radical technology, and how it can benefit any business in the 21st century.

What’s The Meaning of PBX and What Does It Do?

PBX is a commonly used acronym in the world of telecommunication and stands for private branch exchange. It means a structured communication system that has the ability to handle call routing and switching of calls between a specific business location and telephone network.

Private in PBX definition refers to the fact that they are not part of PSTN (public switch telephone network), though it is possible for users to connect to it easily. Branch refers to how the communication circuits that are called trunk lines – the endpoints that join the mainline and handle the call traffic are called branches. The exchange explains that all the calls are connected through a switching system, hence allowing a larger number of calls to be routed through a lesser number of phone lines.

Get a PBX phone System

Cloud PBX systems are now extremely popular. This is owing to the fact that they do the same function that was performed by old-fashioned telephone operators such as switching calls through complicated manual circuit boards, and connecting callers to the required departments so that they can get timely assistance. Modern PBX phone systems are speedy and can perform the work of multiple manual phone operators in just a few seconds.

PBX phone systems are a must-have tool for any kind of organization. It is very useful for companies from any industrial sector such as healthcare, retail, e-commerce, banking or real estate. It can enhance the operational efficiency of all departments and is particularly useful for sales teams as it can help them forge genuine long-lasting relationships with their valued clients. PBX phone system boosts accessibility levels in any part of the world. Since they are primarily cloud-based, all that is required is a high-speed internet connection and employees can connect on any device such as a laptop, mobile phone or even a personal desktop computer.

Different Types of PBX Phone Systems:

If you are convinced that getting a PBX cloud solution is the big break that your organization has been waiting for, it is surely time to take the plunge. However, before you take the transformational decision for your organization, it is important to be aware of the various types of virtual PBX phone systems available in the market.

Upgrading from a traditional phone system is a smart move in the current competitive business ecosystem. Find out about the various types of cloud-based PBX platforms so that you can choose the most ideal solution for your business requirements:All-About-PBX-Phone-System

Digital PBX System: A digital PBX system is a highly versatile solution as it has the capability to deploy a traditional analogue PBX network as well as internet protocol (IP) phones. The main advantage of digital PBX phone systems is that they offer superior sound quality, much higher than that of analogue systems that are generally used for small scale home businesses. Most digital systems have basic functions such as extensions and call transfers. They can also be configured for more advanced features such as call forwarding, virtual voice assistants, and voicemail. Digital PBX systems work well for companies that have older wiring, unsecured networks, and erratic internet connections.

On-Site IP PBX System: On-site PBX systems are also known as VoIP PBX systems and require a robust and reliable internet connection for maximum viability. On-site PBX platforms use internal business networks to call stability and better audio quality. They give the users access to all advanced features of unified communication and have essential features such as voicemail, video calling, conferencing and mobile applications. On-site PBX systems are now one of the most common and popular communication forums and the pricing of the PBX systems is economical and highly functional in nature.

Cloud-Based PBX System: One of the most dynamic inventions in the telecommunication field, cloud-based PBX phone service has the ability to store all data in the cloud. In a cloud-based PBX solution, all voice applications, features and calls are billed once a month under one single invoice. Companies need to choose a credible service vendor who will host their system, and provides all-important maintenance service and ongoing software upgrades. It includes many diverse advantages for business organizations such as a collaborative workplace, easy disaster recovery, and a range of novel communication features.

It is high time for all kinds of businesses to make the transition to a cloud-based PBX system. An organization can gain more insights into the back end functioning while outsourcing the function of the hassles of day-to-day routine maintenance. Here are some compelling reasons that will motivate any kind of business organization to invest in a virtual PBX solution:

Low Initial Monetary Outlay:  The basic requirement for a cloud-based PBX system is a strong robust internet connection, and you are set to go! It has no complex physical infrastructure demands and hence needs a very minimal capital expenditure outlay. It also saves a lot of money on calling expenses every month, as most virtual phone system providers customize economical pricing plans for organizations.

Reliability: The best part about cloud-based PBX platforms is that they are highly reliable and do not give any kind of delay or interruption in communication. It provides clear call quality, reception, and there is never any time lag, hence it promotes smooth task flow management.

Cloud Backups: No business organization wants to lose precious data. Hosted PBX solutions have great cloud backups in place that can record all customer conversations and store them effectively for further use. They incorporate timely regular data backups in an automated manner. Hence, there is no chance of data loss, theft, fraud or misappropriation.

Mobility: If your company is looking to boost mobility, a user-friendly cloud-hosted PBX system will work the best in the long run. It encourages mobile and remote work, as all team members can remain in touch, irrespective of the geographical location. It is super easy to share documents and connect with employees or clients at any time of the day through a virtual PBX system, and it is an innovative tool that increases mobility to the highest possible level.

Cloud telephony is the upcoming future of the telecommunication field. Do not waste time on a traditional copper wired system – drive productivity sky-high by choosing the best VoIP phone service provider to customize a communication system for your organization.

Remain aware of all the various types of PBX solutions in the market. Assess your long term objectives and find out what works for your business model. It will surely be a life-changing decision that will enhance all bottom-line results!

Updated : July 21, 2021


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