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Best Cloud Hosted PBX System For Business

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Hosted PBX

What Is Hosted PBX System?

A hosted PBX system is a cloud-based VoIP phone system operated entirely by a cloud service provider. The structure enables companies to be free from the expenses or space limitations associated with on-site PBX telephone systems.

A third-party provider specializing in the distribution of VoIP services buys, manages, and operates both the software and hardware required for a hosted telephone system.

Hosted PBX solutions allow companies to monitor their phone systems through a user-friendly control panel. They are entirely controlled off-site, resulting in no infrastructure or installation costs.

How Does A Hosted PBX Work?

A hosted PBX provider transfers your calls to a reliable VoIP system. The VoIP desk phone will replace your company’s regular landlines.

Calls take place securely over the same network. Information that travels to cloud-hosted PBX via IP networks reaches scalable data centers. The company will need to access an online voice portal in their web browser to adjust various settings and other advanced call features.

How Many Types Of Hosted PBX Platforms Should You Consider?

Hosted PBX solutions are of two types. They are as follows:

1. Cloud-based PBX

Cloud-hosted PBX links up with an external VoIP cloud server where phones are configured with a single username.

2. PBX SIP Trunking

If a company already has an IP PBX, it can receive support from SIP trunking because of its reduced costs and robustness. In this PBX system, the company will keep its existing PBX, but they will need the edge routers for all outside lines.

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Features Of Hosted PBX System

Hosted PBX solutions come with numerous features that can benefit businesses:

Voicemail Box
Voicemail Box

Voicemail box has become an integral part of a company telephone network. If someone cannot reach the company, a voicemail box ensures that they do not go unaddressed. This feature allows them to leave a voicemail message.

Direct Inward Dialing
Direct Inward Dialing

Direct inward dialing is a hosted telephone system, which allows multiple extensions for a single phone number. A company will only have to buy one phone number for the whole office and then create separate extensions for everybody so that they have a direct line to their phone.

Conference Bridge
Conference Bridge

A conference bridge lets multiple people join a call at the same time. Users will only need to dial a number to join the group call. Most providers can accommodate 10-15 people at a time, seamlessly.

Ring Group
Ring Group

A ring group helps multiple users to answer calls to a single line or extension. Ring group functionalities include a synchronized ring, which means that the call rings for everyone in the group before someone picks it up. It also includes the search party feature, where each phone rings in a predetermined order for a specific amount of time before someone answers it.

Business Hour Rule
Business Hour Rule

This is a simple hosted VoIP feature that enables callers to redirect calls differently at various times. With this feature, the company can welcome callers and help them proceed with the call by setting up a simple guide, based on the day of the week.

Benefits Of Hosted Pbx System

1. Unconditional Support to Remote Employees

Hosted VoIP lets companies use an app to forward calls to any phone number or system instantly. You can forward your calls to your smartphone or your laptop or even a landline through the VoIP.

2. Easy to set up

Hosted PBX can be set up within a day. Since its implementation does not require any on-site maintenance, the entire system is easier to manage.

Unified Communications

3. Unparalleled Flexibility

A company can adjust its call settings with the snap of a finger with hosted PBX. Cloud-based PBX solutions make it easy to access and adjust features, including call forwarding, meeting lines, voicemail, and text message, and more, at any given point in time.

4. Unified Communications

Businesses can merge all communication platforms onto a single dashboard that serves as a unified communications platform. For customer support, marketing, and sales teams, this can be a groundbreaking feature.

5. Single VoIP Phone Number

A cloud VoIP phone network makes it easier to establish relationships with VIP customers. With the feature “Find me Follow me,” messages and calls will find the intended individual, wherever they are.

Advantages Of Hosted PBX System

A hosted PBX system delivers a lot with minimal capital expenditure. With cloud hosted pbx, a company needs to pay for only the features that they choose. This eliminates unnecessary, expensive maintenance procedures.

Migrating to a cloud-based voice system might seem like a complicated process, but in reality, it is a more straightforward transformation that takes less time and is more cost-effective. With a traditional PBX, you end up investing an immense amount of workforce and time to ensure that the company yields effective throughput and depreciation. Cloud telephony delivers the same connectivity but also saves time and resources that you would otherwise spend on a traditional PBX system.

What Infrastructure Do You Need For a PBX System?

To get started with a hosted PBX system, all you need is a computer and a stable internet connection. Additional software or hardware is not required. hosted PBX providers will take care of all the other needs.

What Is The Setup Process Of A Virtual PBX System?

A company has to sign up for the service with a trusted VoIP service provider that usually charges a monthly subscription fee, depending on the package, lines, and other value-added services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the hosted PBX system operate?
A PBX system based on a hosted VoIP system digitizes your voice and transmits the digital packets to the receiver’s phone, decoding it and turning it into sound again.
What are the benefits of using hosted PBX solutions?
A hosted PBX system helps you manage your company phone requirements without investing in as many phone numbers. It is a perfect solution for remote workers and home offices.
How do you guarantee high voice quality with a cloud-hosted PBX?
CallHippo performs ample testing before installing a hosted PBX system in your enterprise or home office. Our engineers deliver VoIP traffic analysis to let you know whether you will need to upgrade your bandwidth for better voice clarity.
How long does it take to install a hosted PBX solution?
CallHippo can set up a PBX system within a week in your office once you arrange the VoIP phones or choose to get it delivered from us.

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