Here’s where CallHippo ranks among Top Call Center Software

A business expanding its foot across the globe brings in heaps of challenges. One of them is handling phone support communications. Though call support is a great way to deal with or help customers, it is time-consuming and least cost-effective at the same time. Perhaps, deploying good call center software can support your service team to a great extent.

There is a mystifying variety of best call center software out there, and which one is appropriate for your business depends on the degree to which you need to manage customer support. However, by beating its competitors, CallHippo ranks among the leading call center software available on the market.

SoftwareSuggest places CallHippo in its list of Top 10 Call Center Software in 2019

With a plethora of call features, CallHippo has succeeded to provide paramount business telephony tool. It enables businesses and enterprises to connect and communicate with their clients using local phone numbers. CallHippo offers companies to buy local business phone numbers in over 50 countries. Besides,  its VoIP phone system steps up your business’ productivity and sales engagement.

“CallHippo is one of the top 100 Communication Software products” –FinancesOnline

As CallHippo offers centralized call management system, your employees do not need to have a desktop phone to utilize its functionalities. It enables you and your team to make and receive calls all over the world right from your web browser. Besides handling clients via a virtual phone system, it allows you to communicate with your team members and management personnel and vice versa.

Here’s a roundup of its features that keeps it ahead of the competition and makes it rank among the top call center software.


Virtual Phone Number – Connect globally at minimal rates

If your business revolves around calling international clients, CallHippo has the best solution for your business – Virtual Phone Number. Virtual phone number is a regular telephone number that makes use of the internet instead of SIM card for making and receiving calls. CallHippo offers virtual phone system in more than 50 countries with calling rates starting from as low as 1 cent.

Ring All – Never lose a client

Losing a client while you are busy attending other clients may cost you in the long run. What if we say it is possible to attend any number of your clients simultaneously? Well, CallHippo makes this possible with its Ring All feature. You can forward an incoming call to an alternate number without even letting your client know what’s going in the background. You can customize the call forwarding conditions as per your requirement so that your client never returns unanswered. This may include situations like being in a poor or no internet connectivity area.

CallHippo- top call center software

CallHippo received Great User Experience 2017 Award from FinancesOnline

Call Analytics & Advanced Reporting – Stay ahead of the curve

There is no point in accumulating tons of customer data if you can’t use it to improve your business. With CallHippo’s Call Analytics feature, you can determine if your marketing policy is working and if your clients are happy with your services. Its advanced reporting feature offers you to keep track of call volume, duration of calls, and to route incoming and outgoing calls. This helps you know whether your team is working in the right direction. You can thus comprehend your client base and propose new strategies to profess your business.

Voicemail – Never miss a single call

Voicemail system is an integral part of a business. CallHippo provides virtual unlimited voicemail boxes, i.e., each number has a different voicemail. As a result, you will never miss a call. Moreover, the voicemail gets delivered directly to your email. Thus, you can access it from your email irrespective of where you are. You can also awe your clients with a voicemail greeting in the form of speech or customized music.

CallHippo ranks in VoIP Software category of FinancesOnline

Interactive Voice Response – Help Clients reach the Right Information

IVR is a pre-recorded voice system that helps clientele contact the right person, department, or avail correct information. CallHippo allows you to integrate an IVR system with no extra efforts. You can also implement multi-level IVR system so that customer queries are forwarded to a specific person or team handling that kind of issues. Further, you can even deploy multilingual IVR system to provide services on a global platform in different languages. This can entice your clients as well as help your business cope with such challenges.

Cloud-based Platform – A Hassle-free solution

With CallHippo, you can be free from the hassles of implementing an on-premise call center. As it offers a cloud-based platform, any of your team members can access the software from anywhere and at any time. The only thing you require is an active internet connection. It enables you to communicate with your employees through any medium – phone, email, web, chat, or social media. Moreover, CallHippo’s intelligent routing ensures that every interaction gets delivered to the right resource at the right time.

CallHippo rewarded as Rising Star 2017 Award by FinancesOnline

CRM Integration – A combined approach

Customer Relationship Management is essential for a business to strengthen ties with the customers and generate revenue. CallHippo lets you integrate it with leading CRM solutions like Zoho CRM plus, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Slack, and more. This helps your team to fetch all information of the clients and serve them accordingly. If you are using a different CRM, you can integrate with us via Zapier integration. Integrating your CRM with CallHippo will enable your staff to make and receive calls directly from the CRM. Thus, it helps you increase your employees’ productivity and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Cost-Effective Solution to your Business’ Communication Needs

Unlike other virtual phone service providers, CallHippo charges you only for the features you use. Besides, it works on a recurring model basis. So, you can stop using CallHippo’s services whenever you want. Any contracts do not bind you. Depending on your business’ needs, you can choose any of the following CallHippo’s pricing plans:


(For an entrepreneur, single user)


(For outbound calling teams)


(For sales, marketing, and small teams)


(For power users)


(2 users per month)


(1 user per month)


(1 user per month)


(1 user per month)


These are the likely reasons why CallHippo ranks among the top call center software. If you want your business to sound more professional while staying in budget, CallHippo is the best choice to make.

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