Australia has been using eight-digit phone numbers locally, which is preceded by an STD area code of two digits.

Australia Telephone Code

For international access, the code 0011 is used within Australia, and its International Country Code is 61.

If you’re new in Australia and looking for a public phone, the best places where you can find it is at a bar, a service station or outside a post office. The payphones in Australia are such that the red-colored is only used for local calls while the green, gold, and blue-colored ones can be used for international calls.

Area codes to be used with Australia phone number for some of its main cities are:

1.Brisbane: 07

2.Canberra: 02

3.Hobart: 03

4.Melbourne: 03


Australia Country Code

The country code for Australia is 61. When the caller is present somewhere outside Australia, the ‘0’ lying ahead of the STD area code is eliminated, and then 61 is added, followed by Australia’s phone number.

Toll-Free Australian Phone Number

The country uses 18/1800 as a prefix to make calls from a landline. Also, 13/1300 and 18/1800 both are the Australian toll-free phone number. Charges for both the numbers are different – free calls to 18/1800 for mobiles is not yet entirely introduced while calls to 13/1300 have the same charges as that of local calls and are different for landlines and mobiles. 

Emergency Calls In Australia

Australia provides an emergency call service for its citizens. The emergency number is 000 for any urgency in Australia – police, fire ambulance. This emergency number can be called from any of Australia’s phone numbers and Australia’s virtual phone number.

Another emergency number is 112, which can be called using any GSM mobile phones. The number gets translated automatically to Australia’s emergency number.

106 is another emergency number for Australia. This is a text-based number provided for people with certain disabilities like speech impairment and the ones who are deaf. They can connect with the authorities as soon as the text is received.

Australia Mobile Number

Before you enter Australia, make sure that your mobile phone works in that country too. To do this, check if your mobile phone can work in 900MHz and 1800MHz GSM bands as Australia uses these bands for mobile phones. If your phone can normally work on these bands, you can use it for making and receiving calls in Australia either by using your current SIM card or by getting an international travel SIM card.

In case you are using your current SIM card in Australia, check if your service operator allows roaming. This way, you will be able to use the networks in Australia with your own SIM.

Roaming charges can be quite hefty. So, if you purchase an international travel SIM card before leaving your country, no such high call rates will be charged. It can be inexpensive if you are planning to travel to multiple countries.

Australia Virtual Phone Number

Australia, being a big name in terms of businesses and business opportunities, opting for a virtual phone system, has become an active choice of every business person. Since the virtual phone system provides mobility and flexibility to an organization and sets them free from the hold of a traditional on-premise phone system, the virtual phone number has become the priority of these organizations.

If you are yet to start your own business in Australia, here’s a list of some of the benefits you get on using virtual phone number:


  • Toll-free numbers: 

By getting Australia’s virtual number, you get access to your own toll-free number, which attracts most of the clients. Toll-free numbers make it easier for the customers to get connected without much hassle. The more clients you attract, the greater the advantage you get.


  • Business-related services: 

Gone are the days when every business had to struggle before setting up their own customer support call centers. The task has become much easier with the usage of virtual phone numbers as it lets you set up the call centers within a few minutes. This way, you can settle your business easily and without facing inconvenience.


  • Off-premise accessibility: 

Australia’s virtual phone system makes it possible for you to access your work even when you are outside the office. It lets you be in touch with other employees and colleagues all the time. The virtual phone system keeps the team members, clients, and employees internally connected, and hence, promotes integrity. 


  • Customizations: 

The virtual phone system in Australia comes with a wide range of customizing options. The facilities provided by them can be personalized according to business requirements.




Getting An Australian Virtual Phone Number

After knowing some of the benefits of having virtual phone number if you are considering to get one for your business, here are a few ways on how you can have it:


  • For a local virtual number:

The steps you need to take for getting a virtual phone system in Australia is choosing your country, your company’s location, and then a number as per your convenience. 


  • For a toll-free number:  

There are several platforms to provide you with a toll-free number for your business. To activate it, you need to visit such platforms and register your company and its location. Once the registration is completed successfully, you can select a number for your business.

This is all about telephone numbers in Australia. Whether you are on tour or going to settle in Australia permanently or start a business in Australia, these details are going to help you anyway. 

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