Even when we move towards the age of social media and instant messaging, business phone systems are still relevant. 64% of people prefer to contact a company by phone.

Having a business phone system can help you streamline your communication efforts. Also, companies save 50-75% on communication costs using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or business phone systems instead of landline services.

Top Phone System for Businesses

1- CallHippo

CallHippo is one of the leading providers of virtual phone systems for businesses of all sizes. Whether you want to deliver a smooth customer experience or improve your agents’ sales capabilities, CallHippo has specific features for each of your goals.


Why Choose CallHippo?

  • Provides different numbers for different countries and departments
  • Seamless collaboration with team members
  • Smart call forwarding ensures there are no missed calls by routing the call to your cell phone
  • CallHippo integrates with 100+ apps, including Shopify, Zapier, Freshdesk, and HubSpot
  • Its IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system allows you to share important and relevant messages with the customers while they wait in the queue

2- Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the best small business phone system providers. If you are a freelancer or a startup looking to run an office from home, Grasshopper is the perfect option for you.


Why Choose Grasshopper?

  • It has a great voicemail system to collect messages from callers
  • Grasshopper has a mobile and desktop app to keep you updated with callers on the go
  • Its key features include business texting, custom greetings, call forwarding, and Ruby receptionist (US-based receptionists who help answer your calls)

3- 8×8

Formerly known as Virtual Office, 8×8 has an excellent record for connectivity. It offers one solution for voice, video, and chat across devices, making it easier for you to handle customer queries. 8×8 combines call recording, call conferencing, and self-attendance features to meet the needs of small and medium businesses with a business phone system.

Why Choose 8×8?

  • Allows you to forward your office calls to your cell phone
  • Resolve customer queries with inter-company chat
  • Collaborate with your team with web, video, and audio conferencing
  • Equip your teams with all the tools they need to handle inbound and outbound calls like caller ID, blocking, and parking

4- Vonage

Ideal for small and midsize companies, Vonage business phone systems allow you to seamlessly connect with your customers over voice, video, and messaging. Vonage offers a 99.999% uptime reliability, ensuring maximum productivity for your business.


Why Choose Vonage?

  • Enables team members to communicate with each other
  • Lets you set up follow up calls, so you don’t forget any important (and scheduled) calls
  • Connects multiple devices on one extension
  • Allows you to monitor calls, whisper to employees, or barge in to help
  • Automatic call rerouting in the event of an emergency

5- Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one call center system provider. With Bitrix24, you will get a phone system, messengers for social networks, and free live chat for your website. It also has in-built CRM and marketing automation tools.


Why Choose Bitrix24?

  • It is available in both cloud and on-premise with source code access. You can customize the software as you find necessary
  • API and REST API available so you can create your own integrations
  • Flexibility to You can create quotes, invoices and do email marketing from the platform itself

6- Verizon VoIP

Verizon VoIP lets businesses manage calls with features like call forwarding, voicemail, on-hold music, and mobile capabilities. However, it is one of the most expensive business phone systems on this list.

Verizon VoIP

Why Choose Verizon VoIP?

  • It has a virtual assistant that allows customers to self-select who they need to talk to
  • Automatically forwards calls to a pre-set number to help you maintain service during a power outage
  • Lets you seamlessly transfer calls between your IP and mobile phones

7- Avoxi Genius

Avoxi Genius helps small, medium, and large enterprises streamline their customer service and sales operations. It has a centralized dashboard that allows you to track inbound calls and sales activities using KPIs (key performance indicators).

Avoxi Genius

Why Choose Avoxi Genius?

  • Allows you to route calls to the right recipient through automated prompts and dialpad
  • Sends the voicemails for missed calls to your email inbox along with a transcription of the message
  • Avoxi’s SIP trunking feature ensures secure call routing, amazing voice quality, and affordable SIP termination
  • Its live coaching feature enables you to coach agents during calls


Business phone systems have become necessary, mostly because customers prefer talking over the call to any other channel. Besides, they are cost-effective, convenient, and help streamline call center operations.

Do you use a business phone system in your company? Which one? Does it fulfill all your business needs? Let us know in the comments.

Updated : July 30, 2021


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