Know why companies want to use a wireless business phone system only? This is because all companies want to get more leads, retain customers and provide better support. Their importance has massively increased in 2021 as they allow organizations to provide continued assistance and reach out to more people even during the looming pandemic. Without these systems in place, several global business operations would have come to a standstill and many brands would have been out of business.

Though there are multiple business phone solutions available in the market today, each of them comes with a set of unique features and functionalities. This makes picking the right solution quite difficult, especially since each of them has its pros and cons. 

To make your choice easier, we have compiled a list of the 7 best business phone service (BPS) providers for different business types and needs below. So let’s have a look at the top business phone systems that can help you scale up in 2021 and beyond.

1. CallHippo

One of the leading business phone solution providers in the APAC region, CallHippo has had a great run in the past few years given the flexibility, support, and control it offers to both big and small businesses. With advanced call tracking, monitoring, and forwarding functionalities, it has created a league of its own and supported several business domains.

Best Features of CallHippo:

  • Customizable caller IDs for different countries and cities
  • Easy collaboration with real-time data visibility
  • Cloud & app-based support
  • Easy integrations with 100+ business applications
  • CallHippo Coach makes learning easy & fun
  • IVR & Voicemail support


2. RingCentral

Another established name in best business office phone systems for small businesses, RingCentral has been a favorite of large and distributed organizations in need of quick collaborations. The solution offers a high degree of scalability along with sophisticated call administration and management functionalities.

Best Features of RingCentral:

  • Toll-free calling
  • Document sharing and team messaging
  • Video voicemails
  • Unlimited texting


3. 8×8

Previously known as Virtual Office, 8×8 has an impressive track record for offering stellar video, audio, and chat-based connectivity for different organizational needs. 8×8 offers flexible SaaS-based solutions at affordable prices and offers businesses advanced insights about changing employee and customer behavior.

Top Features of 8×8:

  • 3-way calling
  • Role-based access
  • Hold music
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Local number porting


4. Verizon VoIP

Perhaps the most well-known BPS solution in this list, Verizon offers several advanced features for its premier global clientele. Although it falls on the expensive side, their solutions are robust, flexible, and highly reliable.

Top Features of Verizon:

  • A virtual assistant to help users select who they need to speak to
  • Automatic call forwarding to pre-set numbers in the event of an outage
  • Easy call transfers between your mobile phone & IP


5. Avoxi Genius

Created specifically for better customer service and marketing operations, Avoxi’s BPS software is ideal for tracking inbound calls and marketing activities. Its centralized dashboard makes managing remote teams and integrating business applications elementary.

Top Features of Avoxi Genius:

  • Secure call routing
  • Great voice quality
  • Ability to send missed-call voicemails directly to email with a message transcription
  • Call-routing based on prompts


6. Bitrix24

One of the most compact and feature-packed entries on our list, Bitrix24 provides a multi-channel call center support tool in the form of a dedicated BPS, messengers for social media, and live chat for websites. It also features a built-in CRM system along with marketing automation tools.

Top Features of Bitrix24:

  • Highly customizable (Source code access)
  • Create personalized integrations with API & REST API
  • Cloud & On-premise deployment
  • Integrated platform for email marketing, invoicing, quote generation, etc.


7. Vonage

 The last BPS solution on this list is a powerful tool designed for small and medium enterprises. Vonage helps you connect seamlessly with customers over video, voice, and chat. Its advanced features ensure that you have minimal business downtimes and optimal productivity, even under the most pressing situations.

Top Features of Vonage:

  • Call monitoring and tracking
  • Whispering and call-barging
  • Automatic call rerouting
  • Easy follow-up call scheduling
  • Connect multiple devices through a single extension


Through the above list, we have described some of the best business phone system solutions that can help transform your business in the near future. Do you agree with our views, or did you have a different experience with any of the above solutions? Let us know in the comments section below.


Updated : July 30, 2021


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