You may have probably heard the term, an intelligent contact center quite a lot. It is something whose meaning keeps on changing as time passes and newer technologies come into the market. But what does it mean from the perspective of the customers who interact with the contact centers? Let’s find out.

Intelligent contact centers allow the customers to connect in whichever way they find suitable and convenient

Each individual has their own likes and preferences. Especially when it comes to technology different people have different preferences and comfort zones. Some may find it convenient to use chat while others may prefer to talk with an agent who lives on the phone. Being an intelligent contact center means that you are providing the customers with different options to communicate. No matter what channel the customers choose to communicate, be it voice, video, email, or chat, they expect to have an easy and smooth interaction without having to wait too long. Thus the contact centers that are able to provide multiple easy ways of communication in a flawless manner tend to keep their customers more happy and satisfied. This is the one way that makes contact center software intelligent, catering to the needs of the people according to their choice and delivering seamless service via all the methods.

Focusing on individualized communication

With so much advancement in technology, it is nowadays very basic to have personalized communication with the customers through the cloud based contact center solution. However, with advancing times and technology it is always not enough. You need to do something else to deliver your customers a better service than others. Customers these days expect individualized communication and want a one-to-one experience from the contact centers. They wanted to be treated as individuals with the agents addressing them particularly and serving them according to their specific needs. Setting up an individualized approach requires all the omnichannel activities to be synthesized and integrated into one single platform for customer records that can be easily accessed by agents whenever they require them. This will lead to them being able to deliver an individualized approach towards each customer and improving your overall contact center services efficiently.

Empowering agents to access all the up-to-date information about the customers

It is important to give the agents access to the customer data, anytime to help them handle the customers in a more individualized and detailed manner. This has been a common complaint of several agents across call centers, that the lack of data at the right time leaves them unable to deal with the customer’s inquiry fully. This makes the customer dissatisfied and increases their chances of submitting another inquiry in the recent future. Intelligent contact centers would provide full access of the customer information to the agents helping them to deliver the optimum solution to the clients making them satisfied and happy. An intelligent contact center also provides real-time call analytics which helps improve the team’s success. Also, another advantage of real-time analytics is that you can always keep an up to date data on your customers.

Use of all the latest technology

Technology is everything today. Access to cutting-edge technology can help any contact center become highly efficient and satisfy customers quickly. The evaluation and deployment of the latest technology should be a top priority for intelligent contact centers. 

Also due to various emerging trends in contact center technology, productivity, and employee performance have significantly improved.


Technology Implemented by Intelligent Contact Centers

Let’s take a look at some of the leading technologies that intelligent contact centers and call centers are implementing these days to get an edge.

  1. Predictive and descriptive analytics: Data analytics has changed the way we see the world today. It can influence everything today. Many call center software is implementing predictive and descriptive analytics to anticipate the needs of the customers and deliver a more personalized solution.
  2. Advanced Analytics: Advanced analytics can greatly help in streamlining the workflows and extracting various insights that can be used to deliver a better and faster service.
  3. Behavioral analytics: Behavioural analytics can be used to understand the behavior of customers allowing the agents to deal with them in a more individualized manner.
  4. Speech recognition: Speech recognition is a great way to deliver effective and fast responses to customers. Even though it is an automated process, it sounds pretty natural which is why a lot of intelligent call centers are using this technology.
  5. Speech/sentiment/text analytics: It is a great technology to analyze and understand the words and sentiments of the customers. Understanding them better helps in effectively improving sales, marketing strategies and making better-informed decisions regarding products and operations. 
  6. Social analytics: Social analytics is a great way to monitor and manage the reputation and brand of the company. It is very important to maintain a positive reputation in the market which can always be done better with deeper insights.
  7. Virtual agents and AI bots: They greatly help the agents to locate the right answers to complex questions quickly and solve other needs. This greatly reduces the waiting time for the customer thereby making them happy and satisfied.

There are several other technologies that are being implemented and tried out to make the processes even faster and better. The use of technology is important for a contact center to be considered intelligent and gain an edge over competitors.

Proper training of agents from time to time

  • Just implementing some new technology from time to time won’t make the contact center better equipped and smarter unless the people using these tools are trained properly. 
  • Training the call center agents at regular intervals is very important to keep them updated about the technology so that they can reap the full benefits from them and deliver faster and better customer service. 
  • Intelligent contact centers regularly train their agents in the most informative way possible so that they use the tools efficiently. Also, contact centers regularly conduct assessments to improve their customer support team’s performance. 

As we can see, these are some of the basic prerequisites to becoming an intelligent contact center and delivering better solutions to the customers in a faster and more efficient way. There can be several other ways to do this depending on the skillset of your people, the resources of the company, and the needs of their customers. Proper research and analysis is a key part of any industry and the same goes for this as well. 

For call centers that haven’t yet started adapting new methods, it is best to start implementing things slowly and steadily until everything falls in place. Proper planning is very important to turn your call center into an intelligent contact center. So take help from the necessary people and advisors and make a concrete plan of the methods you are going to implement and in what fashion.

Bottom line

Once you have done it, you will see your business rise along with the businesses of your clients. It will be a win-win situation for everybody.

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