In 2015, Gartner predicted that in the coming years, digital disruptors will render customers experience a primary basis for competition among companies. Well, it’s 2018 and we agree. The rise of customer experience has been gradual but inevitable. Today businesses cannot think of competing in any sector if providing customer experience is not their strong suit. According to Oracle, 86% of buyers would happily pay for a better customer experience. In the same vein, 89% of them will switch to a competitor following a single instance of poor customer service. It’s the company’s choice at the end of the day, to engage in a constructive and helpful manner with their customers, but it’s quite evident which route they should choose.

Where does customer service fit into this? It’s obvious. Customer service is an integral part of the overall customer experience. A buyer may have had a wonderful experience making a purchase from your company, but if your after-sales service and customer support are sub-par, then it will negate the positive buying experience completely, leaving them with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Coming to call centers. One might consider them as being antiquated relics, but they are still flourishing, despite many years that have passed since the initial boom in call center services that started around the time of the dot-com craze. According to A.T. Kearney’s research, in 2017 there were around 3.4 million in-house and outsourced call center workers employed by US companies. Call centers are a significant part of any company’s customer support strategy. Moreover, it’s not just large enterprises that are putting call centers to use for enhanced customer support today. In this tech-driven era, VoIP-based virtual phone systems have been one of the most multi-faceted tools to have emerged in recent memory. Tech developments such as call center software have made setting up and managing call centers easy for a firm of any size. 

So let’s take a deeper look into how you can use a virtual phone system to set up your very own call center. We will also be looking at why call center software is your best bet at getting the most out of your call center. You also need to consider some factors before getting a call center software for your business.  

CRM Integration

Information is key when it comes to successful customer support interactions. Even the most experienced inbound call center customer service rep can’t put his skills to use if he doesn’t have the right information at hand. Many call center software either provide extensive CRM integrations or have inbuilt CRM capabilities. This allows the service representative to have access to the entire history of a particular customer with the organization. His past purchases, complaints, inquiries, etc are all stored in the CRM module. This way even if the representative who was previously handling a particular customer is unavailable, another service rep can easily take his place as there is no loss of information. Also, with the help of a cloud-based virtual phone system, a customer can always reach their preferred service representative, no matter where the latter is.

24/7 Availability

Along with zero information loss, call center software also allows for 24/7 availability, which always makes a great impression on your clients and customers. Call centers have evolved from using only phones to using a variety of other tools such as email and live chat. Moreover, many call center software also gives organizations additional tools such as chatbots, allowing them to deal with many common customer queries in an automated manner. With online phone numbers, 24/7 support can be available at an inbound call center. This is key in today’s scenario where even a slight delay in the response might put the customer off.

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Call Analytics

An excellent tool for any inbound call center, a virtual phone number from top-notch providers will include advanced features such as call recording and call analytics. These features are awesome for a number of reasons. Firstly, these act as great training tools for new customer support reps. Secondly, they help even experienced inbound call center employees to learn from their mistakes. Analytics gives them accurate and actionable insights into how successful they’ve been on a support call based on the tone of the customer, their words, etc. With good quality call center software, you can expect your customer support reps to learn a lot and to actually put the insights to use in subsequent support calls.

Multi-Channel Engagement

Just like retailers are looking at multiple channels of sales, businesses have to look for multiple avenues to connect with customers and engage them. Social media has become a popular platform for customers not only to give their reviews and feedback but also to get instant support for any issue they might be facing. It is common for many customers to get their issues resolved with a customer support rep guiding them on a social media platform. Your inbound call center could definitely do with an online phone number. Most call center software will provide your customer service team with a variety of inbuilt social media plugins, thus allowing them to pay requisite attention to alternative mediums of customer engagement beyond phone systems.

Faster Resolution and Happier Customers

The use of virtual phone systems powered by call center software allows your organization to build its reputation through the faster resolution of queries and issues. All the aforementioned perks of using a call center software ensure that your customer service representatives are able to give their best to customers, wherever they are. Virtual phone numbers help them stay connected to customers and fosters trust, which is always good for the company.

Bottom Line

With advanced capabilities such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning, which are slowly making their way into various industries, expect customer support to get even more efficient. For now, using a virtual phone system in tandem with call center software will revolutionize customer experience, and give your company a definite edge over its competitors.

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